Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Friday 4.11.14

Katrin Davidsdottir

1.  12-9-6:
Dead Lift, 315/225

Rest 3-4 hours.

2.  "Squatting Elizabeth"
Squat Cleans, 135/95
Ring Dips

1.  "Diane"
Dead Lift, 225/155

Rest 3-4 hours.

2.  "Squatting Elizabeth"
Squat Cleans, 135/95
Ring Dips


  1. I've had to swap my rest day around to tomorrow so I did this today.
    1) Diane - 7:07 - using an ab mat on the HSPU
    About a 10 Minute Rest - I wasn't able to have 3-4 hours rest.
    2) Elizabeth - just did power cleans - 6:19
    Then did the class WOD for a bit of fun which was a variation of Cindy:
    10 Pull Ups, 20 Press Ups, 30 Squats, 15 Pull Ups, 30 Press Ups, 45 Squats
    And so on...ending with 25 Pull Ups, 50 Press Ups, 75 Squats.
    Finished that in 13:40.

    Hope everyone enjoys/enjoyed their rest day!

  2. Similar to Dane, I had to hit this today because of travel

    Diane -6:16 scaled to 185 and abmat plus plate. Felt I over scaled it.
    Elizabeth - 14:10 added red band for dips

  3. Had to go a day early
    225lb DL
    -5 deficit HSPU

    Squatting Elizabeth as Rx

  4. Hi all!
    Diane - 4 : 20
    Two hours rest.
    Squat Clean Elizabeth - 7 : 33

  5. Masters 47

    1. "Diane" 3,48.
    2. "Squatting Elizabeth" 6,56.

    1. As always...Great job! Gearing up & Looking good for next phase of Open Masters!
      Keep it up...

    2. Wow, nice work! You and Steeve are looking to blast the Masters weekend workouts!

  6. 1. "Diane" 3:15
    Going to rest 4 hours

  7. Regional:

    1. 12-9-6 - 6:08 (Learnt ring HSPU today, wasted time getting up, will put on goats list)

    *Rested 2 hours

    2. Squatting Elizabeth - 6:42

  8. Open.

    1) 11.11.

    HSPU decided to take a day off today. This was all about how bad I am at HSPU. Working on them though and I will get this overhead strength goat taken care of. Going to add HSPU into my warmup and add 1-2 extra pieces of overhead strength work each week. If anyone else has some re commendations that worked for them, they would be appreciated.

    Rest this afternoon.

    1. Drew, Feb of 2013 I couldn't finish Diane within 15min (I got "cut-off" in a group Wod, lol). July '13 I was 7:30. Part of it was technique and hand positioning, but a big thing for me was not lowering down slowly. Took some getting used to because 210+# quickly down onto top of head hurts, but it really helped save energy in arms. The other thing that I think really helped was a lot of the jerk work we do here because it translates to tight core while "popping" the legs like in a kipp'd HSPU. Def incorporate HSPU (10-20 reps) into your warm up 2x or 3x per week to help the technique stuff.

    2. Part 2.


      4.36. PR of about 41sec.

      A nice redemption after a terrible Diane.

  9. 12,9,6
    8:15 first time doing in the rings.
    Squatting Elizabeth

  10. Open:
    1) Diane @ 8:32rx, (+23 sec. slower)
    Dead's felt unusually heavy today. HSPU weren't much of a problem.
    Squatting Elizabeth later tonight.

    1. 2) 11:12rx, was way harder than I thought! Nice spin on a already fun workout!

  11. Open
    Diane @ 11:23 RX weight but abmat for HSPU... Tough movement for me.

  12. Diane- 4:11. 4:19 PR!! After the last time I did Diane, I was very upset with my HSPU's. So I went to work on them. Nice to see that work REALLY paid off.

  13. Did the regionals today because Ring HSPU's looked like fun and have never tried them before.
    1. 12-9-6:
    8:42; The deads were done in sets of 3 ring hspu's were fun but took me a little while to get a rhythm.
    2. "Squatting Elizabeth"
    7:11; Hand are burger meat right now so stringing the cleans together was almost impossible. Way to many singles for a decent time should be low 6's for sure

  14. Regionals
    1-9:23 first time doing ring HSPU. Felt awkward, any pointers?
    2-8:17 20 min rest between WODs, too busy today.
    Looking to buy some supplements soon, what have you guys had good results with? I usually just take creatine, protein, multi, and fish oil. Any specific brands recommended?

    1. Haha, this can be worse than a religious or political debate!

      I do same as you, but imo protein is a waste of your money unless you know whether or not you are hitting your macros. If you already hit your protein macro # for the day, that expensive protein supplement turns into expensive urine. At the same time, if you are too far under your macro protein #, your money would be better spent on real high protein food rather than supplement powder.

      For the record, I'm not paleo, zone, or anything. I just make sure I hit my macros most days and keep a 40/40/20 (protein/carb/healthy fat) percentage within my approx calorie allotment. Other than Creatine, I haven't found any supplement to have a noticable effect on my body or performance, including Fish Oil, but take it anyway.

    2. Thanks Chris, I'm a nursing student with about four weeks left till graduation and it eats up a ton of time, so protein shakes are key because I'm always on the go. I agree, once I'm done school I'll eat mostly real food.

  15. Regionals:
    1. 12-9-6:
    5:18Rx...Ring HSPU's weren't easy, need some work.

    2. Squatting Elizabeth

    1. Unreal job on the 12-9-6 today. Those ring HSPUs were gnarly.

  16. Open
    1. "Diane" - 18:44, my usual struggle with HSPUs. Got a bit better with time, managed 3 in a row a couple of times. Deadlifts unbroken, which is pretty good for me.
    2. "Squatting Elizabeth" - 12:30. In the gym at work, so could not drop the barbell, had to lower each time.

  17. I did MU to ring HSPU is that what you meant? Or should I have adjusted the rings to just off of floor. I did it in 13:10. Gnarly and terrifying.

    1. Typically you lower the rings.. But I applaud your MU to hspu effort!

  18. Open:
    1. Diane - 4:32...So awesome to see progress. Two years ago I was in the 8-9 minute range and last summer I PR'd at 5:48. Want to get down into the 3's next!

    Elizabeth in a little

    1. 2. Elizabeth - 8:10

      50 second PR and my previous PR was done with bar dips

  19. Diane ~ 7:28 (PR by 27sec.)
    20 Min Rest...
    Squatting Elizabeth ~ 11:33

  20. Open/Masters:

    Diane: 7:17 (PR by 3 mins!), DL unbroken, HSPU's broken into 3 sets for each
    Probably won't be able to do the 2nd workout today.

    1. Big Time PR!!! Hard work pays off...so does this programing!!! Keep it up!

  21. Open
    1. 3mn54. 22s PR
    3 hours rest
    2. 8:04

  22. Open
    1. 21-15-9 DL/BJ (shoulder issue)

    2. Squatting elizabeth (sub ring dips by pushup on kbs)

  23. Open
    1) 2:33 Diane - been 2 years since I've done it but major PR vs. last time (3:48)
    3 hour rest
    2) 5:48 Squatting Elizabeth - Got 5:31 back in December - I'll take it though considering it was the second WOD of the day.

  24. Open/Masters
    1) Diane rx; 4:54. 10 sec. Pr. Happy with it. Been staying away from jerks and hspu's. Letting shoulder heal. This was the second time in the last two weeks. Feels good.
    2) squatting Elizabeth rx; 5:28. Legs were sending the red signal to stop several times... I found that wod pretty ugly.

    1. Steeve, those are some great times, man you set the bar high for the older fellas! Nice work man!

    2. Steeve, you are are so set for next weekend! Great times!

  25. 1. "Diane"
    =2:56 RX *pr!

    4 hrs later

    2. "Elizabeth"
    =6:26 RX
    All ring dips unbroken

  26. Regionals-

    In Saint Cloud Minnesota to MC the Cold War Throwdown, and had a chance to finish up Wednesday's work (which I did yesterday) at CrossFit Fast Factory. I'll tell you- if you're looking for an awesome spot with the BEST equipment and great people, I recommend dropping in here.

    Went in during their Open Gym today to hit today's stuff.

    1.) 12-9-6 DL's @315/ Ring HSPU- 10:00 flat.
    DL's all unbroken and fast, but had a hard time figuring out ring HSPU. Had to take long rests in between sets, sometimes up to 30-45 seconds so I wouldn't fail. Something to work on.

    About 30 minutes later…

    2.) Squat Clean Elizabeth- 6:52 .. strategic in how I broke up my sets. 6/5/4/3/3 on squat cleans round 1, 6/5/4 on round 2, and 4/3/1/1 on round 3.

  27. Diane = 14.07. On the plus side it proved I can DL without injury following a hamstring strain. Well done to all those hitting good times and PRs today. Diane will be my only date tonight! Liz will have to wait but I'm sure we'll meet again some day soon.

    Stay massive Comp WODers.

  28. Open:
    1. 4:21, 19sec PR from 11/1/13. Video showed my HSPU in rnd 15 took 1:07 while rnd 21 only took :50secs. Also, ame off wall due to balance a few times in rnd of 15 and 9 with fatigue setting in.That shouldn't happen. Can def improve a lot in HSPU to get below 4min!
    2. 6:44, 14sec PR from 12/30/13. Dunno if my ring dips are regressing or Diane just gassed my arms, but they were heavily broken up through all rounds.

  29. Hi Everyone,
    1) 3:44 RX - PR
    2) 7:31 RX -

    Didnt realize the effect Diane had on me until I started the 2nd wod.

  30. Diane 18:30 total HSPU fail. A goat that I don't pay enough time improving.
    2 hour break.
    Elisabeth 9:34 w/ ringdips at 9-7-7 count. My arms were fried.

  31. 1) "Diane" 2:14 Rx almost have sub 2 if I can push my DL to be UB

    2) "Elizabeth" 4:50 Rx should be faster if I can lay off of doing singles on squat cleans

  32. Open/Masters (41)

    1. Diane - 7:18 Went UB on first 21 deads, my low back pumped out from there and had to take several breaks, not too happy with this time, I'll split the deads up next time earlier.

    2. "Squatting" Elizabeth - 7:24 This one felt much better. Dropped every sq. clean then smoked through the ring dips. Dropping saved my back.

    Good job today everybody!

  33. Open
    1. Diane- 4:45- 1:01 PR
    2. Sqt Elisabeth- 7:28

  34. Diane: 5:30 RX. 25 second PR. Happy about that, deads were super fast. Frigin hspu hurt though.

    Squat clean Elizabeth: 6:56. Way worse than I was expecting, I think that's my new least favorite girl.

  35. Open

    Wasn't able to do Diane this morning.

    Elizabeth - 8:18. Didn't feel great but a 17 sec PR

  36. Open
    1) 4:25. This is a 1:01 PR for me on this. 21's UB, 15's went 10/5, 9's UB. Extremely pumped about this.
    2) 9:44 - first time Rx. Went singles the whole way on sqt cln. Only had time for a 30 min break before jumping right into this

  37. Regionals
    Deadlift 315#/Ring HSPU (Head To Ground)
    4:18RX Started With Singles On Deads On First Set, But Realized I Could Do TNG. HSPU, Well Those Was Just Nasty.

    Squatting Elizabeth, will Be Doing Shortly.

    1. Squatting Elizabeth
      4:55Rx This Is A PR By 20+ Seconds I Think.
      Tomorrow and Sundays WODs Look Just Nasty!! Time To Get On The Grind!!

    2. Great times, Brad!! Whew, you were moving on the rings!

  38. Only time to give one wod a fair shake today.
    Diane is one I'm good at - 3:16 is PR so I decided to do Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth 6:57 RX the dips get me every time on that one. Can't do them out of breath.

  39. Diane: 3:29 rx (14s pr) did not have time to do Elizabeth

  40. Open
    1. 6:42 (+2:55 slower) tried working out before work...didn't turn out so well.

    2. 7:26 (54 sec. PR) did this one after work...much better.

  41. Did these wods in reverse order for time purposes for me... and only spent about 8 min warming up.
    1. ELIZABETH- 10:32 Rx... ring dips are a struggle for me and need to work them more often
    2. DIANE- 6:30.. HSPU got me. Deadlifts all UB, but hspu choppy. I felt string to start but had to break them up a lot in set 15/9

  42. Had to do these both in 1 session this morning

    Diane - 11:23 (my hspu suck)

    Took about a 5 min break to set the rings up and put the extra 45's away and then hit

    Elizabeth - 8:12 (pr! :-) ) my ring dips felt really good today, my squat cleans were slower than normal though, core was tired from 1rm snatch yesterday and doing Diane right before, but very happy with the pr!

  43. Open/Masters 48

    1) 7:11. 205 dead lift and 15-10-5 on hspu.

    2) 10:52. 115 squat clean and 15-20-5 ring dips.

  44. Open
    1) 8:24 - Need to keep working on HSPU.
    10 Minute Break
    2) 9:27

  45. Open
    1. Diane - 4:52. I think that's over a 3 min PR!

    Rested about an hour

    2. Squatting Elizabeth - 7:33. Pretty sure this is a PR also..

  46. Open

    I broke my fibula and tore ligaments in my ankle last Sunday and had surgery last Thursday. Doctors said it will be a 6 month recovery time but I'm hoping for less. Anyway, I scaled everything the best I could.

    1. 21-15-9
    Strict press 30#
    Single leg deadlift 35#

    2. 21-15-9
    Hang clean and jerk 30#

  47. 1) 9:38 - reps of 15-10-5 would have served me better for hspu. 165#
    2) 6:54 #95

  48. Only had time for Squatting Elizabeth - 6:58 Rx.
    Then decided to try the flight simulator - 18:41, I had to give myself a few bro reps just because I hit 44 going for 45 and 39 going for 40 twice.
    Half way through I was thinking I should have just did Dianne without the prescribed rest.

  49. Regionals:

    1. 4:45 (6" parallettes)
    2. 6:03

  50. Didn't have time to do both so we attacked our weaknesses and did some DU skill Work:

    1). Diane or Elizabeth
    2) AMRAP 2: Double unders
    rest 1 minute
    AMRAP 2: Double unders

    1) Diane 11:44 (HSPUs are my GOAT!!)
    2) 1569-136

    1) Elizabeth 15:34 (w/ thin red band assisted ring dips)
    2) 83-56

    Josh & Katie

  51. Master/Open

    Diane 2:26rx
    Elizabeth 6:38rx

  52. First time poster here.

    Diane 5:48 rx
    Elizabeth 7:33 rx

  53. Diane: 4:22
    (10 min rest)
    Squatting Elizabeth: 5:59

  54. Replies
    1. Love the use of the axle bar. Keep up the good work, Brandon. You're going to rock regionals!

  55. Open
    Diane - 5:10
    Rested 20 min
    Elizabeth- 8:26
    All cleans were singles. Kept me from blowing up too fast.

  56. 1. 12:40 first round of 12 on 2:30 but exploded on those ring hspu
    2. 6:40 but did it with 20 minutes between each. Couldnt have 2 sesh today.

  57. Well you can't just post all the good days.
    Diane 7:30
    Elizabeth 7:26

  58. Generally follow the regional programming but I've been wanting to do Diane lately.
    1. Diane - 2:13
    2. Elizabeth - 5:46

    1. Was really excited about both of these. Diane was a 4 min pr from August. Elizabeth was a 45 second pr from Great Lakes invitational in January.

    2. Great Job, Ryan....smoking time on Diane!!

    3. Ryan has turned in to a machine. Really proud of his effort to get to where he is.

  59. Open mastets
    Squatting Liz
    8:48 rx (pr)

  60. Regional
    1. 5:21
    2. 5:33PR (best previous time was 6:25)

  61. Open:
    Wow. 1st day doing 5:30AM Workout. Was brutal. Took about 10 mins rest between instead of 3-4 hours. HSPU = major weakness.
    1. Diane- 8:19.
    2. Squatting Elizabeth- 8:36

  62. Open

    1. Diane: 9:21 1st time Rx weight - including 25lb plates and an Ab Mat
    2. Squatting Elizabeth: 11:25 @115#

  63. Combined into a partner workout:
    1. 21-15-9:
    Dead Lift @ 225#
    Paralette HSPU (games standards)

    No rest in between...

    2. "Squatting Elizabeth"
    Squat Cleans @ 95#
    Ring Dips

    Time: 13:18min