Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuesday 4.15.14


1.  "Fore"
Max Reps in:
4 minutes of Clean and Jerks, 135/95
4 minutes of Rowing for Calories
4 minutes of Burpees

Rest as long as possible.

2.  For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 Wall Balls, 20/14
25-20-15-10-5 Box Jumps, 24/20"

Rest as long as possible.

3.  3 RFT
10 Bench Press, 205/135
10 Bar MU

1.  Squat Clean and Jerk
Work up to a 3-Rep max, TnG

2.  EMOMx5
5 TnG Squat Snatches, across.

3.  For Time:
30-25-20-15-10-5 of:
Wall Balls, 20/14
Box Jumps, 24/20"

1.  Squat Clean and Jerk
Work up to a 3-Rep max, TnG

2.  EMOMx5
5 TnG Squat Snatches, across.

3.  For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 Wall Balls, 20/14
25-20-15-10-5 Box Jumps, 24/20"

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  1. Ok, everyone... Question on the "Box Jumps". I suck at them (i.e.~ no rebound at the bottom). I can do the "step-up" version and use it as "recovery" during a WOD like this.
    IF it does not say "games standard" does it mean we should be doing box jumps, is the "step-up" always accepted?
    Maybe even more of the question is (knowing this is a GOAT) should I just do BOX JUMPS and suck it up?!?!? Another GOAT is my aerobic capacity, so if I do jumps it tends to take longer for recovery time w/in the workout as well...whereas step-ups force me to keep moving!

  2. One suggestion is to use a 20" box and force yourself to rebound. I did that last week and holy cow was I winded.

    1. Thanks for the advice... I will use this once in a while. I have been adding rebounding Box Jumps to the warm-up at a lower wt.

  3. tb, it's the way to do those BJ: jump up/step down. During last 2 years BJ were my GOAT also. Practice and practice. May be lose weight, it'll help.

    1. Did those today... Didn't lose any weight yet!

  4. Hi all!
    1. Worked up to 90kg (200#)
    2. Done at 135# (Failed last rep, quads on fire)
    3. 13:40. and cooled down

  5. Open.

    Very fatigued today so kept it light.

    1) 90kg and was comfortable...
    2) 50kg
    3) 12.16

  6. Open.
    225 cleans
    145 snatch
    11:00 met con
    Still feeling Sundays comp.
    train hard, dig deep

  7. Did the open today at the house.

    1) 195. Form is starting to feel better. Now just to increase mobility.

    2) 135 across

    3) 8.59 for metcon. Wallballs unbroken. Box jumps slow and controlled. Have a bad habit of jumping too far away from the box when I try to go quick through box jumps.

  8. Masters 2014/47
    1. 90kg
    2. 50kg
    3. 9:04

  9. Open
    1) 185# - PR!
    2) 115# - forgot how shitty this was.
    3) 12:05#

    Been doing Tuesday mornings at 6 am...Tough getting started but feel much better afterwards. Also helps that the weather is getting a little nicer

    1. Congratulations on the PR! I also work out in the wee morning hours. Luckily, I work from home so I can nap on an (almost) daily basis. That helps a lot!

  10. Open
    1. 155lbs
    2. 115lbs (Power Cleans again… Shoulder mobility issues.)
    3. 12:50

  11. #1
    4 mins C+J =50
    4 mins cal =82
    4 mins burpees= 56
    #2 = 8:02
    #3 = 11:42 really working on cycling the bar muscle ups as there a bit of a goat

  12. Regional:

    1. ''Fore'' - C&J (35); Row for cal (66); Burpees (73) - Felt like I eased into it a little bit too much, could have hit 40+C&J and still maintained the rest of the workout.

    2. For Time - 8:18 - First time I have had the balls to do a workout like this unbroken, felt really good, box jumps acted as recovery from wall balls.

    3. 3RFT - 16:20 - Felt so good after last workout...haha then this workout happened:-) My pushing endurance goat killed me here, failed the bench press a few times without a spotter, so a lot of time wasted getting restarted, gonna hit this goat HARD!!!

    1. Way to go on Unbroken Wall Ball & Box Jumps! I would take that endurance as a GOAT in a heartbeat!

  13. Open:

    1. Hit 198 lbs. easy. Failed the third jerk at 209, got some instant critique on my failed jerk (too much dip before the drive), picked the weight back up and nailed the best jerk of my life.
    2. 115 lbs. I hate this so much.
    3. 11:16. Wall balls 50/20-10-10/20-10/12-8/10 Box jumps all unbroken and rebounded except set of 5 I jumped up and stepped down.

    Awesome day! Have a great one everybody.

    1. Great work! Excellent time & wts! Keep working the Snatch!!! Your other wts/times are exceptional...
      Nice to go for and extra rep and get it with perfect form!! Great job on the finish of the Jerk!

    2. Hey Michael! Good to see you're back. Nice numbers. Snatch used to be a movement I didn't particularly like doing. I spent some time working with a weightlifting coach and it really helped. Now, I actually look forward to snatches. It's still a work in progress. But now I can actually measure the progress. Keep up the good work.

    3. The funny thing is I LOVE to snatch because despite of the fact that I am still very inefficient at it, I have improved so much in the last year. However, I don't care how awesome I ever become at snatching I will always dislike that 5 on the minute. Gives me Fran cough!

    4. Good work Michael! I hear you on those snatches, 5 on the minute sometimes feel like a sprint met con in terms of pain!

    5. Way to smack down that last jerk MJ! You got me by 1 second on the Metcon! 50 straight WB right off the bat is impressive, nice work MJ!

  14. Great to see you back posting again Michael. Great work

  15. Open
    1. and 2. - tomorrow
    3. 13:34

  16. Open
    1. 155#, failed second jerk on 175#. Didn't have time to go down.
    2. Done with 95#
    3. 14:19.

  17. Open/Masters
    1) 225#
    2) 145#. Felt really good today.
    3) 7:59 rx.

    1. Steeve, you really just get better and better. It is really fun to see your progress on a daily basis. It really gives me something to aspire to.

    2. Ridiculously impressive performance Steeve...

    3. Awesome Steeve, really looking forward to see you crush it for the masters 200!

    4. Always incredible to see your posted scores/ look to be in prime time for the Master's weekend Steeve. Way to inspire and motivate!

    5. Thanks guys! One of the really cool things about this blog, is that we're all this together. Pushing each other, young and not so young... But not old lol! So, let me take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who is taking their time to post everyday. Great community and proud to be a part of it. And most of all, thanks to Ben Bergeron for making each and everyone of us better, fitter, stronger everyday that goes by.

  18. Open/Masters 2015
    Warm-Up was 5 x BB Court Suicide runs w/ 30sec b/t

    205# / 135# / 20:34 (30# WB / Jump Up & Step Downs-Vadim's suggestion)

    How about getting the same wt. from yesterdays complex...unreal!
    Then the WB/BJ just beat the crap out of me...50 (15-8-7-6-6-8)...all downhill after that! Never a set of more than 8 until the last 10.

    1. Tony, tough stuff going with the 30 pounder! I thought about it for a while and decided that I would give the 20 a try just to measure the progress I have made by using the 30. Big difference! Great work today!

    2. I contemplated the 30 pounder (thinking of both of you), but I just couldn't pull the trigger. It didn't feel like the right WOD to try it for the first time - although I did warm up with it ;o) Nice work Tony - that had to be a killer.

    3. I am curious to see how Tony is walking the next couple of days... :)

    4. Nice work with the 30 pounder Tony! Way to step up on the complex too! Congrats!

    1. 175#
    2. 115#

  20. Master

    1. 3 TnG C&J.. 205
    2. 5TnG Snatch.. 155
    3. Metcon 7:46

  21. Open

    1. 155# 3RM SC&J. My form started to get sloppy so I stopped.
    2. Complete @ 95# which felt like the perfect weight
    3. 12:56 with a 9.5ft target

  22. reg:
    4min c&j: 40
    4min row: 70
    4min burp: 70

    I had to convince myself to do the remaining:\ Felt exhausted


    3. Did 2rnds

  23. Open
    1. 205# (Failed third jerk at 225#)
    2. 115#
    3. 12:53

  24. Regionals-

    Was great to hit this with two of my buddies. Hate training alone. One is STRONG as heck, tall, about 220lbs, with a decent motor, and he'll be competing on our Regional's squad (2RM Power Snatch= 245). We are sitting in 30th in the SE, so I think it's all but locked up. The other is short and stocky, but a fire-fighter- not a ton of time to train, but still pretty darn gymnast.

    1.) Me- 38 C&J/ 66 Cals/ 64 Burpees
    Big guy- 35 (did 1 arm alt. DB snatches @100)/ 71 cals/ 55 burpees
    Short stocky- 41 C&J/ 55 Cals/ 58 burpees

    2.) Me- 9:10 - UB on 50 Wallballs, and from there broke it up a ton.
    Big guy- 9:11
    Shorty stocky- 10:41

    3.) Me- 16:23 - Had to break up the bench press a ton…last round 3/then singles the rest
    Big guy- 14:40 - UB on Round 1 on BP, and then 2 or 3 sets for the rest.
    Short stocky- ~15:00 - Butterfly sit-ups instead of GHD's

    1. I was just about to post. Thanks for the help :) Great session today. Cant wait for more fun to come.

  25. Regionals:

    1. 45/75/65

    Rest 2 hours

    2. 9:39

    Rest 45 minutes

    3. 15:45

  26. Fore
    30 clean and jerk (just wanted to set a new grace time - 3:42
    61 cals
    55 burpees

    12:14 wall ball box jumps

    Benched with 80 had no spot and missed bar MUs had a practice but not competent enough yet.

  27. First time poster, long time follower....

    Open 2015

    1: 215
    2:115, felt great, remember doing this a while ago and feeling like felt heavier
    3: 14:57 awful, no legs today, messed up schedule this weekend, did FGB yesterday along with the clean complex

  28. Open
    1. 225#- 250#F
    2, 135#- ill go up next time
    3. 10:28- went UB on 50 WB's and paid the price for it on the bj's
    Rest day tomorrow, i've been hit Oly stuff on Monday

  29. Make up from not posting Sunday: worked out with two others and turned everything into partner WODs.
    Clean complex- 245
    FS FTG- 225- we just went back and forth for reps of five until we all did sets.
    Metcon- no time, we all hit the row went back and forth for 5-9 unbroken snatches at 135 and then did CTB (20,10,5,5,5,5)

  30. Open

    1) Hit 175, skipped 185 and went straight for 195 twice. Was able to get 2 reps
    2) 125
    3) 11:06

  31. 1-3RM C&J 225, missed last jerk at 235
    2-135C&J-34, Row 55, Burpees 51
    3- MU Bench GHD WOD, no time did with a partner, went back and forth for sets of five for MU and bench and 15 each on GHD.
    4-wall ball and box jumps-10:01

  32. 1. 135 tng cj (failed the 3rd jerk)
    2. 85# 5 tng snatches
    3. 13:57 (slow)

  33. Open

    1. 3RM tng squat clean/jerk 220# could have went higher, started having wrist pain so stopped.

    2. EMOM 5 TNG snatches - Skipped due to the wrist. Some hi volume movements flare up tendonitis and takes few days for it to feel better. Decided against these to rest the wrist.

    3. 50-40-30-20-10 WB's
    25-20-15-10-5 BJ's 11:17

  34. Open

    1. 195 this wasn't pretty, just muscling 'em
    2. 115 this felt like I was finally really getting under the bar
    3. 10:42 WB were broken into 2 sets for the rounds except the last 10

  35. Regional
    1. 41 C&J, 73 Cal, 61 Burpees
    2. 9:47 (10min break from #1)
    3. 15:29 (15min break from #2)

  36. Open
    1. 80KG
    2. 30KG
    3. 13.22
    WOD was tough - had to do box step ups. Wall balls were not very fluent - probably should have started out in smaller sets with shorter breaks.

  37. Open:

    1. 225. Got 245 for 2, missed the third clean forward, pissed, 245 was well within reach, just a technical mistake.

    2. Done at 115. Took a step back and really really worked on good form on every single rep, just hitting all of my spots, making sure I was pulling the bar back into my hips and getting good pop on the bar.

    3. 9:42. Ouch.

  38. Regionals:
    1. 38 C&J/57 cals/58 burpees
    2. 11:46
    3. Scaled to 115# (my 1rm is 140#) and 5 bar MU per round. Got 2 rounds through and hands were going to rip so called it.

  39. 1 and 2 skipped catalyst this am
    3. 9:15
    Also threw in the regionals bench mu ghdsu wod for fun 13:30 ish

  40. Open

    1. 155 (heavy, not max)
    2. 115
    3. 13:37

  41. Quick question - when not specified, should women be using a 9 foot or 10 foot target?

    1. Hey Jamie,
      Since our team is getting ready for regionals we are throwing to the 10' target. We usually do throw to the 10' target regardless, until the open, that way it makes things easier for competition. Just my 2 cents!

  42. Open:
    1. 185
    2. 115
    3. 09:18. It hurt.

  43. Open
    1. Clean complex - worked up to 245! Cleans really coming along lately.

    2. 135. This was tough!

    3. 13:07. Legs were shot. Gasser too.

    1. Thanks Keith! Now if I can just get my conditioning up to your levels....

  44. Open- Game was rained out, so got the opportunity to put some work in.
    1. 225lbs! Really happy with this. Last time we did this I missed the last clean.
    2. 115lbs. Felt fast and smooth. Going to kick it up to 135lbs next time.
    3. 10:42. After all that time over winter with the 30lb ball, 20lber ain't as bad.

    1. Nice job Austin! keep up the great work in baseball too.

  45. Regionals:
    1. 45,66,65
    2. 10:13
    3. Made this a partner wod with a buddy. He would bench, I would bench, he would muscle up, I would... And so on. I rested the time it took him to do a set. Felt pretty decent and was able to go unbroken on each set.

  46. Regionals
    1. 30-40-60 total: 140rx
    2. 11:02rx
    3. Ran out of time

  47. Regionals-
    1) 42-81-54 = 177 total
    2) 8:28
    3) 18:19

  48. 1. 95#. Got 2 @ 100# but failed the 3rd. First time hitting triple digits on a squat clean!
    2. 65#
    3. 10:51 @ 10#wb.

  49. Masters 46
    Open 2015
    1.) 3RM TNG #165
    2.) EMOM 5x5 #95 (still working on the timing and tightness)
    3.) WOD : 11:43 Rx

  50. Open
    1. 3 rds
    10 bench press 105#
    10 strict L-sit pull ups
    30 1 legged ghd


  51. Open
    1) 215# - Hit 2 reps at 230#, failed the third clean.
    2) 125#
    3) 9:28

    1. Here's the video of 230#, any feedback much appreciated!

  52. open
    1) 175#, failed on second jerk at 185#
    2) 95#
    3) 11:00, used 14# ball and 24" box
    I also did Chelsea earlier in the day.

  53. Regionals
    1)40/62/50 Total=152

  54. Regionals
    1. Max C&J/Row/Burpee: 45/72/52--169 total
    (10 min rest)
    2. Wall Ball/Box Jump: 10:56
    (10 min rest)
    3. Bench/BarMU/GHD: 15:40 (did 6 bar MU's per round)

  55. Regionals
    1. 37-50-55 = 142
    2. 11:40
    3. 20:30

  56. Open
    1. 225# felt awesome. 235# felt good but missed #3 clean fwd. 235# is old PR but it didn't feel this good then.
    2. 135#, felt awesome with new positions
    3. 8:34, ub but had a few misses on both WB and bj in there

    1. Wow fast on the metcon man!

    2. Thanks Mark, both in my wheelhouse plus working with the 30# leading up to and through the Open makes a huge difference. BTW, so far so good on taking your and Keith's suggestions for the snatch work. Some carryover to the Cleans too! Hopefully I can catch you soon!

  57. Open
    1) 225-235(failed on 2nd Sqt Clean)
    2) 135# (failed 3rd set)
    3) 9:18

    1) 105-110(failed 2nd Sqt Clan)
    2) 45lbs--working on getting her comfortable in the catch
    3) 14:19

    Josh & Katie

  58. 1.Fore: went out WAY to hard and almost yacked multiple times
    C+J 45
    Cals 57
    Burpees 57

    2. Wallball / BJ : 10:13

    3. Bench/M/U/ GHD: 13:05 - my new fav wod!

  59. OpenMasters 48

    1) failed @ 175. My jerk needs major work and my shoulder is not right either.
    2) done @ 65#. Major work needed as well.
    3) did different metcon first due to schedule issues.

  60. Open:
    1. Squat Clean & Jark- 235 lbs. Felt pretty good actually.
    2. EMOM Squat Snatches- 135 lbs. Felt Good.
    3. METCON- 10:52. All step ups. Did set of 50 WB's unbroken. Wasted my legs.

  61. Open 2015:
    Skipped Squat cleans & Snatches - Did Sunday's work yesterday as our box is closed Sunday!

    WOD: 13:03

  62. 1. First clean and jerks since January, so I took it easy.
    C & J: 30
    Row: 75
    Burpee (fists): 60

    2. 12:14...I did everything unbroken and couldn't figure out why my time was so slow...until I saw that the box jumps were NOT 50-40-30-20-10. Oops. :)

    3. 18:20. Bench press got exposed.

  63. Regional programming
    1. 42/64/64. Went too fast out of the gate on the c&j. Then wasted the first 30 seconds on the row trying to get my feet in.
    2. Don't usually skip components but was short on time today.
    3. Way too long. I guess I've forgotten how to do bar muscle ups in the last few months. So instead of doing 10 I gave 10 attempts.
    -pretty poor day overall, but you can't win em all right? Get back to the grind tomorrow!

  64. On my own today...
    1. "Fore"
    Max Reps in:
    4 minutes of Clean and Jerks @ 95# (31 total, I dislike grace so much... need to work on high rep C&J)
    4 minutes of Rowing for Calories (53cals)
    4 minutes of Burpees (52, was moving so slow)
    Basically all of the movements above are goats. blarggghhhh

    About 15min rest

    2. For Time:
    50-40-30-20-10 Wall Balls, 20/14
    25-20-15-10-5 Box Jumps, 24/20"
    Time: 12:36min

    About 20 min rest

    3. 3 RFT
    10 Bench Press @ 135#
    10 Bar MU
    30 GHDSU
    Time: 25:44min
    Had no spotter on the bench so had to be smart and take large breaks. Breakdown was the following:
    Bench: 5-3-2/4-3-3/4-3-3
    BMU: 4-3-3/4-3-3/4-3-3
    GHDSU: 15-6-5-4/20-5-5/20-5-5

  65. 1. 200 lb
    2. 115 across. Felt good but was scared of 135. I've not done a lot of t&g snatches.
    3. 12:30 RX. I spend too much time spent on box jumps. Rebounding is tough for me.

  66. Open:
    1. 205#
    2. 115# (5-5-4-4-4)
    3. Didn't do because I rested Saturday and Sunday and hit FGB Monday...388 for a 12 rep PR)

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  68. Open - just #3 today. Closed on our house a couple weeks ago. Everything is a little off and i'm limited for time. Doing what i can and switching to mornings.

    14:55 - just moved to slow on wallballs

  69. Regionals
    35 CJ (I also PRed my Grace by almost a minute at 3:22)
    41 Cal (took me a while to get on, and I am a horrible rower-lol)
    60 Burpees

    Rest about 10 min

    14:07 Wall Ball/Box Jumps

    Did Bench Press/Bar MU/GHD next morning (been recovering from the flu)
    105# for the bench
    *first time in my life doing more than 4 bar muscle ups :)

  70. Open
    1. 3RM Squat clean TnG (no jerk, because of shoulder)
    110 kg
    2. Skip
    3. 11:08

  71. This is my first time posting and I am very excited to start following this programming :)
    1. Skipped, been doing a lot of clean and jerks lately
    2. stayed with 65# and focused on technique. The full snatch is a new movement to me (I tend to stick with the power whenever possible)
    3. 13:36 Rx

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