Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday 6.15.12

1.  Yoke
Work up to a heavy yoke carry for 50'
Guys should be able to get 500#
Girls should be able to get 350#
If you can't hit these numbers you need to focus on getting stronger now.

2. "Fixed Linda" reps for time of:
Deadlift 305, 205
Bench 175, 115
Squat Clean 145, 100


  1. Hey ben!
    Did the swim workout from tuesday...apparently..i need to work on my swimming...which i already new...just wanted to say thanks for putting it in the program. it is easier for me to do something when i know i dont have an option.

    **what is the female weight for linda?
    **if i dont have a yolk what is a good substitute? should i load a barbell on my back?

  2. swim times...horrible..14 min then 9 then 6 then 3 blah!

  3. Yes, a sub for the yoke would be great! I have a prowler

  4. A sub for a yoke would be to load a barbell and then hang heavy kettlebells off the ends. You can use bands, but a strap or rope would be better.

  5. Lol I will have to get this one on video! Haha

  6. 1. Yoke: 475# 25' out and back, struggled to hold midline and this was hard so definitely need to get stronger

    2. Fixed Linda: 23:22 Rx, BW 175#, the 305# Deadlifts got heavy and low back got real tight which was the limiting factor, Bench felt good got all sets UB and SC's were steady

  7. 1.) Subbed yoke with the barbell, hit 455 going heavier was a little sketch with metal plates

    2.) Fixed Linda: 27:01 Rx, came out too slow, deadlifts got to my back a little bit. bench and sc were good.

  8. Fixed Linda ... Horrible ! Lol 23:35...
    Bench press sucks... But it's getting better! All dead lifts and cleans straight sets ... I didn't have a spotter for the bench which sucks but it was a good wod