Friday, June 22, 2012

Saturday 6.23.12

5 RFT:
5 Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Push Jerks
5 Muscle ups
1 minute rest between rounds.
Dudes:  185
Chicks:  135
Who you train with matters.  


  1. Wow! I remember doing this wod in december... Was horrible! Took me almost 30 minutes ( I don't even think I took a non rest because I was going android!) and i don't think that i stayed at 135... Almost positive I dropped to 125 after I failed like 3 power cleans on my second round... Today I am very proud to say I not only finished it.. But I did it faster with a built in rest ... And I stayed consistent!
    20:22 total time
    Splits were as follows:
    1 3:17
    2 3:16
    3. 3:17
    4 3:10
    5. 3:22
    Muscle ups still a big goat and were where I had the most trouble... Did all power cleans touch and go but broke after the 4th one purposely ... Then completed 5 fronts squats and 5 push jerks without rest ! Proud of myself today! No misses on movements but def had to fight for a few muscle ups!

  2. Stupid auto correct! LmAo! That first paragraph should have read " I don't even think I took a rest cuz i was moving so slow *