Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday 6.27.12

1.  Dead Lift
12-9-6 max weight rest 3 minutes between sets - same weight for all three sets.

2. HSPU 
Reverse Tabata
8 x :10 on, :20 off - modify these to address a weakness.  If you have trouble kipping to them kipping.  If you have trouble with strict, do strict.  If you have trouble with elevated/ring/etc...

2.  2 RFT:
30 Wall Balls, 30#
20 TTB
10 BJ 36, 30
rest 1 minute between rounds.

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  1. Max weight to do the 12-9-6? Or is this a certain %age you can provide as reference?

    1. Not to speak for ben ... But assuming heaviest possible on straight sets

  2. 1. DL 12-9-6 @350# w/ 3 min rest between, as a reference my 1RM was 475# last time I tested and my 20 rep was 315#, next time would go a little heavier and try 365#
    2. HSPU reverse tabata did elevated w/ one 45# plate each hand sets were: 4,3,3,2,2,1,2,1
    3. 2 RFT: Total 6:30 Rx, 1st rnd 2:29 UB WB, min rest 2nd rnd 3:01

  3. 1. DL 12-9-6 @235..maybe could have pushed for 240-245...but the last rep on the 12s was hard...other 2 sets were fine
    2. Reverse Tabata...hspu...never tried dumbbells...so i tried that...used 20 # dumbbells and was failing miserably. did them strict 2/2/2/1 then went to regular strict hspu for 4 intervals 4/4/4/3
    3. heavy wall balls...big box jumps...wow....this programming is really making me feel like i am brand new at crossfit again...lol...between movements i struggle with...and scaling things up...my metcon is not feeling quite happy right now...trusting that this will be good...just talking from the heart right now...i feel like i SUCK! lol anyways...enough talk....metcon was...
    8:22 total time including rest 3:40; 3:42 wall balls sucked and i have eaten shit so many times on the 30" box so i know those were slower...

    ...im trying really hard to shut off the mind...and just do the work...think like a bumble bee train like a race horse right? :)

    1. RIght on Cheryl. This is how you get better. You don't improve by continuing to run through wheel house after wheel house.

      Think about the amazing gains that newbies to crossfit make - it's because they are doing new, hard, uncomfortable things.