Friday, June 29, 2012

Saturday 6.30.12

Session 1:
600m Run
60 KBS 70,53
60 HR Push ups
60 Pull ups
60 Cals on Rower
600m Run

Session 2:
Slope Climb
Go to a local ski area and climb As Far As Possible in 10 minutes with a 20# vest.
If you live in Florida or another place without hills put a treadmill on 12% incline and go.


  1. I'm a day behind cuz I rested yesterday
    1. Yoke carry 100 ft ... My homemade yoke.... Stopped at 320# ... I was by myself and got nervous cuz it's not something that would be easy to get off y back without hurting myself lol... Barbell + chains and kbs
    2. Snatch 95/100/105/110/115/120/125f/125f (did re power bur couldn't hold on for the squat snatches
    3. Muscle up practice ( strict) x 10 min the ring hspu transition from muscle up practice ( worked on kicking off floor and coming out of the bottom of a dip Into ring hspu ... Can't do the transition yet rx
    "burner" 5:28 .... Finally realizing I need to kick it up a notch.. Did not feel gassed at all when I was done

  2. Sunday... Doing Saturday's work
    1. 18:50 total time

  3. Ok people post some times... Lol I would like to know how I am doing on these wods

  4. 19:15 Pull-ups at hi rep and fatigued were slow.

  5. Did this wod today, had to use 2 35lb kb for the swings. 18:37 fun one for sure!

    Not sure how i'm going to go about session 2 no access to a treadmill and no hills in the area. I'm thinking Sand Dune Sprints!

  6. Saturday:
    Chipper: 17:59 Rx, didn't have it during this workout everything felt slow