Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wednesday 6.6.12

1.  30-20-10
Power Clean (135, 95
Ring Dip

Rest 10 minutes

2.  5 RFT:
15 Hand Release Push ups
30 Calorie Row


  1. Part 1: 7:27
    Rest 10 minutes (with a running clock)

    Part 2: 28:44

    -Rowing became easier towards the end.

  2. Part 1: 9:21

    Rest 10 minutes

    Part 2: 10:54

  3. I think today was the first day I felt like I had any reason to be crossfitting ... Lol ... My confidence in myself has been low because i hate having to scale workouts... Seems like the past week and a half have led me to scale almost everything... I suck at bar muscle uPs ... Suck at heavy power cleans... Although heavy thrusters are good for me... Lol... Today i actually felt like I could bring some intensity... So opinion... Should i scale these workouts to keep intensity high? Or Do them as prescribed even if I spend more time preparing to do the movements rather than actually do them ?

  4. Good question Cheryl.

    For athletes using this site to prep for the Games this summer I would scale the weights down if there are slowing you down excessively.

    However for you Cheryl, as an athlete that just missed the games this year, I would keep the weights up and deal with the slower times. I think you are going to be a force next year Cheryl. Stay committed.

  5. ok thanks ben...excited to see how this year pans out. :)