Monday, June 11, 2012

Tuesday 6.12.12


Session 1
1.  Clean and Jerk
3x1 at 95%
2x2 at 80%

2.  Back Squats
10 x 1, OTM across

2.  Thrusters
3 x Max rep unbroken Thrusters 135, 95 - Rest 1 minute between sets
These must be unbroken, that means no pausing anywhere, it must be continuous motion.  Once you start there is no pausing anywhere - not overhead, not on the rack, not at the bottom of the squat.  If you pause even to catch your balance the set is over.

Session 2
1. Swim
200-150-100-50m  - rest :30 between sets

If you are following this site you are part of a small community of dedicated CrossFitters looking to push their potential and compete at the highest levels of our sport.  Let's come together and share our successes, struggles and growth with each other.  
Please send me pictures and YouTube video links of you, your team and your affiliate following this programming.  
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  1. Ok well guess I need to make time to swim tomorrow ;) I ws goingvto do Sunday's swim on Thursday ... Guess I will be swimming tomorrow instead... Should I do Sunday's work or tomorrows?

    1. stay on schedule and do today.

  2. What's the weight for the back squat? %age?

    1. as heavy as you can go for 10x1 across.

  3. that video made me all giddy inside!! love it :)

  4. We here at Sno Valley CrossFit just started following your work outs. WOW! It's been "fun" the swimming with the kettlebell swim, that pushed a lot of us to a place where we haven't been. Great big mind game! Love the variety, love that anyone can follow.

    1. Very cool to have you on board Jenny and Sno Valley CF!

  5. M/22/6'1/193
    1.) 3 x 1 @ 195
    2 x 2 @ 165
    2.) 10 x 1 across @ 275
    3.) Thrusters max effort @135- 13/3/6
    my knee pain (patella Tendons) on the second set was too much
    4.) Subbed Swimming for Strict Arm Rowing, will finish swim workouts this weekend in the ocean

    Clean & Jerks need work, I have video I will post would love some input.


  6. Today ws no bueno.... Lifting session went well ... Did the thrusters but no time to get to the pool ... Going to have to do n e kind of swimming on the weekends or Thursday's ...just too hard during the week.

  7. 1. 3x1 at 240#
    2x2 at 205#
    2. 315# across. Not to heavy
    3. Thrusters: 15,10,7
    4. Swim: 11:06

  8. 1. 3x1 @ 270#
    2x2 @ 230#
    2. 315# across, got kinda gnarly
    3. Thrusters: 11,8,10
    4. Swim: 10:44

  9. Video of my second set of C&J's, would love some critiques if anyone has any