Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friday 6.8.12


1.  5 RFT:
15 DL 245, 170
200m Run
15 TTB
1 minute rest between rounds

Rest 10 minutes.

2.  Burner
4 RFT:
15 Wall Balls (20, 14)
15 Box Jumps (24, 20)
15 KBS (53, 35)

This WOD is what I call a Burner.  Burners are all out efforts and one of the best ways to build metcon quickly.  Burners should work fast cycle times and no transitions.  "Helen" and "Christine" are examples of some longer, but well programmed Burners.  
Here is what burners should like:
-Straight sets - if you are breaking or stopping you are not achieving the desired goal.  Shorten up the reps or lighten the load.
-Light Weight  - if you are thinking about the weight you're not trying to increase cycle time.
-Short time domain - 2 to 6 minutes.  We don't exercise in one energetic pathway, but we are trying to max out the Glycolytic Pathway.  Think about a max effort 800m Run.  
-No Pre WOD Stress - These are wods that you should be able to jump into without a lot of physical or emotional preparation.  
-NO DOMS - there should not be any excessive soreness from properly programmed Burners.  We are looking to build you up with these not break you down in anyway.  For that reason I wouldn't classify "Fran" as a Burner.  

Hey Ben i just wanted to thank you. I came across this site just after the regional wods were announced and followed it leading into our regional(Australia and NZ).Your programming was greatand put me in good shape leading in i finished 31st in the open and 10th at regionals which i was so stoked with thanks again for being open with your programming and allowing people like me to follow it from the other side of the world.I wish your team and the rest of your athletes all the best at The Games. 
Thank you, Mark Corrigan (NSW/Australia).


  1. thanks for responding...quick question...on the box jumps...control on top? or rebound? just making sure! I am very excited to be on board...cant wait to see how this year pans out!

  2. Good question, the box jumps are not controlled in this wod but full extension is needed. If they are "controlled" they will say "games style."

  3. Today;
    Lifting session with lifting coach:
    3x1 snatch at 110#
    3x1 clean and jerk 155#
    backsquat 1 rep max at 231#

    Rest about 1 hour:
    Warm up:
    3 rounds
    10 oh squat
    10 strict ring dips
    10 back extensions
    10 ghd sit ups
    5 strict chest to bar pull ups

    WOD 1: deadlifts at 175 ( no 2.5 # plates available)
    14;20 total time ( 1:42, 1:51, 2:03, 2:21, 2:23)
    Runs were too slow and toes to bar got hard... Started to rain bar was getting wet so had to use a different bar... All added to the slower rounds)

    WOD 2:
    All straight sets; rebound box jumps are not y thing so this was good for me... Messed up on a few but got right back to the box... I was definitely remembering that wonderful unbroken wod from camp !

    Good session.. Feel like my performance wasnt the greatest but ah well... Just another day of training!

    Going to work on strict muscle ups in a few and then rest cuz I'm sure tomorrow is going to be tough!

  4. 1. 15:16 Rx, had to break up deadlifts in rounds 4 and 5 and T2B fell apart late

    rest 10

    2. 6:11 Rx, got all UB except some BJs but was slow on transitions

  5. 1.) 19:52, runs were slow

    rest 10min

    2.) 9:52, hamstrings and glutes felt smoked from the deadlifts before.

    question: Should I do a strength program and olympic lift program on top of these wods or will you program these lifts in? right now Im doing wendler and basic oly work

  6. I take back my question after seeing saturdays workout

  7. daniel...i only do he lifting work separate cuz i am trying to fix some technical i am actually doing lifting with a coach that watches them. Ben's programming is really heavy on the lifts..plenty of exposure at heavier weights to get you stronger! Once i get a little more confident with my technique...i will be following only this programming for my lifts.