Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday 6.29.12

Session 1
1.  Yoke
work up to a heavy carry for 100'

2.  Snatch Complex
7 sets of: 
Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch,  Climbing.  Rest as needed between sets.

3.  MU to HSPU
Ring muscle up to Handstand Push up
1-3 reps OTM x 6

Session 2
5 RFT:
25 Double unders
200 m Run
In The Sport of Fitness there are NO EXCUSES.  
I know...your judge miscounted, you got "no repped" even though you were meeting the standards, 
you couldn't hear your judge, there was no chalk, your hands ripped, you could have gotten 1 more round but... 
These things happen to everyone, even the athletes that finish first.
It's part of the sport - Accept it - and move on to focusing on what you can control.


  1. am:
    1. Yoke 405#
    2. Snatch Complex: 115,125,135,135,145,145,155
    3. MU 3 OTM for 8, then ring HSPU practice
    burner: 6:14 Rx

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