Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuesday 6.19.12

The steel is calling...
Session 1
1.  Clean and Jerk
3 x 1 at 90%
2x2 at 80%

2.  Back Squats
work up to a 5 rep heavy
2x2 at 85% of 1rm

3.  Thruster
Max rep of unbroken Thrusters 135/95 x 3, 1 minute rest between sets.  
unbroken for this means no stopping anywhere.  If you pause at the bottom, on the rack or overhead it is a broken set.  

Session 2
4 rft:
15 WB 20, 14
12 BJ 24, 20
6 Burpees
Send pics and vids of your training to


  1. 1. CJ: 225# 3*1 missed one jerk, 2*2 195#
    2. BS: 295#*5, 275# 2*2 still tight from the OH lunges
    3. Thruster: 12,7,0 mental breakdown on the zero did an extra set after
    4. Burner: 6:26 Rx

  2. Part 1... I am working with a lifting coach 3 xs a week so I lift there..this week we r lacing out on thursday so my percentages are much lower today
    Part 2
    Thrusters 15/15/12... Definitely think I could have gotten a few more out on my first set ... Think I was aiming low and shut down cuz i started thinking about the short minute of rest lol

    All straigh sets but some transition time... Please check out my video .. I don't rebound very often ... This is my 3rd wod doing them without resting on top of box... Too long in transition times I think :/

    I'll be resting tomorrow for max day at olyliftiing but will do Wednesday work on Thursday... Trying to send videos :)

    1. Oops! Sent my videos to the wrong address... :/