Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday 6.17.12

Session 1:
1.  Pull ups
3 sets of:  3 weighted + 5 Strict + Max Kipping - rest as needed between sets
These should be performed as one Giant Set.  No rest between movements.  You must stay on the bar for all three variations.  

2.  5 RFT:
3 Elevated HSPU - use parallettes or plates.
6 Box Jumps 36/30"
12 OH Walking Lunge 185, 135

Session 2:
1.  Swim Drills
25 meters of drills, followed by 25 meters of swimming.  Rest as needed between drills.
A.  Strokes for distance,
B.  Finger drag:
C.  Left arm only stroke,
D.  Right arm only stroke
F.  Hypoxic breathing, breathe only every 3rd or 5th stroke

2.  Swim
150 meters easy.


  1. Happy Fathers Day Ben! Thanks again for allowing people like me, who live in Louisiana, to follow your programming and become a much better athlete.

  2. Happy Fathers Day!

    What's recommended weight for pull ups? Do 3 weighted then strip it off for rest of the sets --- strict and kip?