Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wednesday 6.13.12


1.  Power Snatch/Run
18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps of:
Power Snatch 115/80
200m Run between rounds

2.  Handstand Pistols
5 RFT:
40' HS Walk
8 Pistols

As always, Please post scores to comments.

In the overhead position of the Snatch the arms should be 
externally rotated.  The que is, "show me your armpits."


  1. Is there a suggested rest time between wods?

  2. We are following your site as we rv across America! We love it! Thanks for your contribution to our community. Thia snatch workout sucked at the high altitudes of the Tetons! - Logan an Jonathan Aal (crossfit Norfolk)

  3. 1. 10;19 straight sets bt paused in the overhead position a few times
    2. Really took my time to get quality on y handstand walks .. A kind 16;37... Pistols were really easy compared to the hs walking ....

    ... I'll be doing the swim wod tomorrow !

  4. 1.) 22:09...subbed 250m row for the run
    2.) 9:31...HS walking not my best ever but they improved drastically since the last time i did them

  5. 12:04Rx WOD#1 JT .. Shoulder pain is almost all gone . First OH movement in 3 weeks.