Thursday, November 14, 2013

Friday 11.15.13

Built By Bergeron:
Ben, Jono Whitehead, Geoff, Bush, Dani Horan, Michele Letendre, Rach, Fred, Max

1.  Metcon
Wall Balls
EMOM complete 5 Deads, 225/155
Start with the wall balls.  Score is number of wall balls complete in 7 minutes.

2.  Pulls
5x1 Snatch Grip Dead

3.  Odd Objects/Movements
100 1-arm DB Snatch for time (70/50)

4.  Core
A.  5x20 Alternating 1-arm Ring Extensions (10/arm)
B.  5x10 Double Ring Extensions
Demo Video of both movements

1.  Metcon
Wall Balls
EMOM complete 5 Deads, 225/155
Start with the wall balls.  Score is number of wall balls complete in 7 minutes.

2.  Skills
3x30 unbroken Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards.
Take as little rest between sets as possible.  If you miss or can't rebound a rep you must start that set over.


  1. Looking forward to the wall balls and dreading the box jumps.

    1. Open

      1. 110 wallballs. Wanted 120, came out the gate too fast, 30 in the first minute then waned. This crushed me, my ass and feet arches were on fire! I'm always lulled into thinking I can keep up with all the monster scores, then humbled when I do it. Makes me work hard, having you all to chase so thank you!

      2. Done. Sloppy but done.

  2. 1. Metcon
    ARMAP 7- 131, was shooting for 150.

    2. Pulls
    5x1 225-315-335-355-375

    3. Odd Objects/Movements- Had a belt on, thought it would help with stability it did not. What it did do was limit my breathing. The first 50 were laborious. Took belt off and cranked out 2 sets of 20 and one set of 10. Really hit a rhythm at the end. 6:40

    4. Core- And my core is cooked.

  3. Reg.

    AMRAP 7 & deads - 140 reps.

    Snatch deads - worked to 295. Really wanted to concentrate on form and not lead with the ass.

    Didn't do because heaviest dumbells we have are 45's. Didn't want to beat the shit out of forearms with KB's. We did the 2x20 deadlift work from the other day.

    Another great day.

  4. Reg:

    1. 144, only dropped the ball once when looking at the clock.

    2. worked up to 315, with straps

    We decided not to do the 100 with our heaviest DB (45) as that would have been silly.

    did the A,B,C,D deadlift thing from tuesday...ouch

    Butt is actually swole, could feel it bouncing around behind me...

  5. This was my 4th day straight. No time on Monday so started Tuesday with Mondays program en didnt take recovery day on Wednesday.
    Tip: Never underestimate the value of that recovery day!!!

    1) 146 I died somewhere in there :)
    2) 240-285
    3) Started and when I got to 20reps I realised I'm going to get hurt here... Body just to fatigued.

    Foam roll and stretch.
    Lots of sleep and good food tonight and going to take tomorrow as it comes. ..
    Still the best programming and all the regulars inspire me daily!!
    Missing Cheryl's posting...

  6. 1) 151
    2) 275
    3) 9:55
    4) done. Note-much harder done with feet on a box than knees on the floor.

    1. Energy is depleted. Planning to take the weekend off. See you all Monday.

  7. Planning to take at least the next week off due to lower back issues. Ever since heavy front squats at the end of last Thursday's workout, my low back has been feeling weak and sketchy, particularly at the bottom of a squat. I was able to PR on DT on Monday, but then went to do the squat cleans after and they felt terrible. Took a couple days off and tried to go yesterday, but the same issue once weights got heavy at all. Pain is really low in my back, right in the center.

    Any suggestions on recovery? Should I just flat-out take some time off, or try to work on other areas and just stay away from things that irritate it? I don't want to lose the gains I've been making over the past several months but also don't want to be set back even more (surely this is a common sentiment).

    1. Anders, my 2c is to take one full rest day doing nothing, then just get in for a general warm-up and foam roll the heck out of the lower back fora few days. Have you ever used a lacrosse ball sitting on a flipped over abmat to peal the lower back away from the spine?'s lovely. I also don't really think a week off will hurt much more than the very first WOD you do coming back to it.

    2. Back flexion exercises help me. Lay face down on the floor, push your chest off the floor keeping your hips on the floor. Do that 15 times at about 2 second intervals, hold the last one for 30 seconds. Do this multiple times a day. Dog/cat stretches are also effective. Key is to get the area flowing and loose. Mashing is also good as Shane suggested.

    3. Went searching through mobilitywod for you and along with rolling out the lower back make sure your hamstrings are getting mobilized along with upper back. maybe creating some slack upstream and downstream will help too. Good luck man!

    4. Thanks for the advice all. Going to take today off, other than some foam rolling/lax ball work. I'll try to just do some warm-up type stuff plus mobilization for the next week and then see how it feels by next weekend.

  8. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 130 Rx
    2. 3x30 UB 24" Box Jumps - Complete

    ... thanks for the C2B tip Mark Tu - I've added butterfly C2B and kipping HSPUs into my warmup - I will get better.

    1. You're welcome Chris! Any advise fr me on rebounding box jumps? Always a struggle for me..

    2. Does it help if I sympathize? cuz I'm no good at them either.

    3. Lol... Guess I'll look forward to some clumsy sets of box jumps later :)

  9. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./43

    1. 121 Rx. I hate wall balls.
    2. 225, 250, 275, 300, 315, 335. 315 and 335 were done with straps. Before today, my 1 RM was 265 without straps so the 300 was a 35 lb. PR. Happy about that.
    3. 9:42. Not great, but a year ago I couldn't even snatch a 70 lb. DB. Did the first 20 in just at a minute. Needless to say, I slowed considerably from there.
    4. Done.

  10. Open

    1) 161
    Stayed steady and went 23 every minute. Maybe "steady" is a poor adjective, because the 6th and 7th rounds I was sucking wind and felt pretty miserable. I then tried the 90 DUs right after like the 13.3 Open workout for kicks, and I actually felt infinitely better than what I remember from when I did that workout, so that's positive.

    2) Done

  11. Open/Master 43

    1) 113, happy with that, also did some DU's after for the feel
    2) 3 x 30 box jumps: done, did 2x 315 DL in between sets
    3) since I missed the snatch and clean work yesterday (did the wod at the local box) did the sets of 2 high snatches and clean and jerks.
    great session all and all

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  13. Open
    1) 160.... Did the 90 dubs ala 13.3 directly at 7:00.... Felt immensely better than during the open.
    2) will do the box jumps in a PM session

  14. 1. 127 wbs
    2. worked up to 335
    3. 5:30, only had 50#
    4. done

  15. 1. 114. Ouch.

    2. 315, 365, 375, 385, 395, 400. I know, that's 6. But that's a bro session for ya.

    3. 5:05 with a 53# KB. We're going to be getting some dumbbells soon.

    4. Done.

  16. 1) 130
    2) worked up to 295
    3) 7:30
    4) done
    Good session again, having my low back tighten up has always been my biggest weakness, I think all the pulls we've been doing is helping to delay it longer into workouts. Before starting this program I avoided deads like the plague for this reason. Anyone have any words of wisdom on that topic or found that their low back has gotten stronger with this program?

  17. Open:

    1.) 105 Wall Balls get me every time!

    2.) Done

  18. Open
    1) 137 @ 14# WB - was happy to hold onto all sets of WB's
    2) complete

  19. 1. metcon: 138 wall balls(30# ball)
    2. 315# across
    3. db snatches: 5:18
    4. done..
    5. done

  20. Open
    1. 121
    . Made up snatch & b.sqt
    2. Sn. Pockets 135-185(has a couple misses @195#, but finally hit it!)
    3. B.s 265/285#

  21. Regional:

    1) Metcon: 137 Rx.
    2) 5 x 1 SG Deads: 275, 315, 315, 315, 315
    3) 100 db snatch @ 70#: 7:21
    4) core: done

  22. 1) Metcon - 110 wbs
    2) Snatch DL - 225 across
    3) DB Snatches - 110 with 65 lb dbs - 12:51
    4) no time for ring rows

  23. Regionals.

    1) 148 (25# wallball)
    2) 264/286/308/339/352
    3) 8.58.
    4a) done
    4b) done.

  24. 141
    245 stayed lighter to really force myself to maintain back angle.
    11:34 with 70# kb. not thrilled about that time not sure what my deal was
    core done.

  25. Open
    1- 109 Im super impressed with some of these scores!

    2-6:25 missed number 25 on 3rd set.

  26. 1. 88 wbs
    2. Snatch DL 225/235/245/255/265
    3. 100 db snatch alt. arms (60#) 11:08

  27. Jason Garrett
    1) 148
    2)245, 265, 285, 305, 325 all with no straps
    3) 9:00 skin on finger tore at the beginning.

  28. Open
    1. 74 - only to an 8' target, going to construct a 10' target this weekend
    2. Done

  29. Regionals

    1. 130 Wall Balls are my BIGGEST weakness since im short... never thought in a million years I would even attempt this workout.

    2. no time for deads

    3. 7:55 db snatch @ RX

    4. done

  30. Open:
    1) 107... humbled again.
    2) I need more of this, BJ = Goat

  31. Open
    1. 83 - deadlifts took about 30 seconds each round.
    2. Done.

  32. Open
    1) 115
    2) Did not do due to tweaked ankle from playing basketball

  33. 1. 137 w.b.s
    2. 275# 275# 295# 295# 315#
    3. 8:46, no DB, so used 70# KB
    4a. done
    4b. done