Monday, November 25, 2013

Tuesday 11.26.13

Conor Murphy.

1. Plyometric
6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops

2.  Pull 
2 Rep Heavy Deadlift from the knees - set bar on plates or pins, so the bar starts at the knee cap.

3.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 Rep Max Snatch

4.  Metcon
Odd:  15 Burpees
Even:  15 Cals on rower

5.  Accessory Partner Pulling
For time:
With a partner, one athlete completes a full set while the other rests:
Each athlete completes 2 sets of 20 Stiff Leg Sumo Dead, 185/135
Each athlete completes 2 sets of 20 Stiff Leg Dead, 185/135
Each athlete completes 2 sets of 20 Romanian Dead, 185/135
Every rep should be as explosive as possible - aggressively bring hips to bar.

1.  Metcon
Odd:  15 Burpees
Even:  15 Cals on rower

2.  Skills
10x10 slow OHS, 45/35 - work positioning and technique.  


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Iron Cross, Back Lever and Front Lever holds EMOM for 2 hours.

    2. Liar ha or at least I hope u are.

    3. Yes, completely false. Dex and I have an inside joke about front and back levers.

    4. The joke is when I do them. everyone laughs

    5. the best joke i've got is my attempts at front and back levers haha

    6. Open 14.1 Max hold back lever.

  2. Open master
    EMOM scaled to 10 calories and 10 burpees
    Finished 300 reps

    10x10 OHS @15kg

  3. 1. Plyometric-Yep

    2. Pull -585, all we could put on the bar, felt like I had at least 600

    3. 20 Rep Benchmark-My shoulders and elbows are still pretty beat up from the weight lifting comp, did a couple reps at 155 and called it.

    4. Metcon-Sarah and I did this as a partner WOD, she started on Burpees and I started on row. I found this to be like a moderately fast trail run, you never get going very fast but you are cooked by the time it's over.

  4. Open.

    1. Completed. That was hard.....Big mental game after 15 rounds when things started to hurt bad...First 10 rounds was about 40/20 work/rest. Last rounds was 0 rest.
    2. Completed.

  5. 1. Done
    2. 525# all the weight that would fit. felt heavy.
    3. 105# 20# more than last time. saw stars at the end. wow.
    4. It sucked. 5 min in the middle I had to scale to 10 and 10
    5 done. and my hamstrings fell on the floor. weird.

  6. Reg:

    1. Done
    2. Not sure weight, but hands felt like they were getting sent through a deli meat slicer. If Alex posts, I did his weight.

    3. 125, all TnG squat. Did 115 last time, good results today.

    4. Done as RX, kept everything steady and had about 10 seconds after burpees and 20 after row every round.

    5. no time, liked what this complex type ting did last time,,,,,need to make time for this maybe later this week.

  7. 1)
    20 Rep Benchmark
    20 Rep Max Snatch

    EMOM - Finished all rounds before 40 seconds in the minute

  8. Open:
    1) burpees: rd 1-3 = 15/ rd 4-15 = 10
    row: rd 1-6 = 15/ rd 7-15 = 10

    Comments: @#&! $#&!!@$ :/

    2) 5×5 OHS w/ #35 kb

    3) bj 24" every 30 sec for 5 min... because I need to work this skill

    1. Jeremy... this was def not a trail run, more like a "running of the bulls" were you lose... repeatedly! :)

    2. Ha ha ok, how about a 5K trail run with a 50lb ruck. Better?

  9. Open:
    1) Done, scaled to 11/12. Paced the row off burpees completed. I.e. 12 burpees = 12 cal., 11=11cal., etc. Ended with 175 cal so Averaged 11/12 per round. Some were more, some were less. Nasty WOD!
    2) Done, exposed some weaknesses. Hip and ankle mobility need to be addressed tomorrow.

  10. No rower here. 200m run a good sub?

  11. OPEN
    Metcon - R1-R6 15/15 | R7-R15 12/12
    Skills - completed (OT2M)

    ... leaky mess.

  12. Open
    1. 12 burpees/10 calories across

  13. Open
    15 burpees every round (about 35 sec) but row started with 13 then dropped to 10 cal per minute
    -definitely a mental grind workout
    OHS- done

  14. Only did conditioning today. I was able to get 15 each round, but it definitely was tough mentally. Had roughly 20 sec left on burpees each time and 15 sec on rows. I tried to recover a bit on the rows and that seemed to help.

  15. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./43

    1. No hurdles at the gym so I did 8 24" box jumps every 0:30 for five minutes.
    2. 442 lbs. Went for 463, but lost my grip on the second rep and called it good.
    3. Skipped. Will do tomorrow.
    4. Oh boy. Not pleasant. After round six, knocked it down to 10 per round. Probably, should of went to 12, but 10 was still no joke. WTH?!?!?
    5. Did the class WOD instead. 5 rounds 6 prowlers 10 thrusters @ 95 10 pull-ups. We were short some prowlers so I didn't really time since there was some waiting around, but went unbroken on everything and kept the butterfly on my pull-ups all the way through.

  16. Open
    1) This was a mental grind the second half. round 13 and 14 of burpees only did 13 burpees for a few seconds extra rest. was disappointed I did that after but during the workout it was all I could do to keep going. 15 cals on the rower across under 45 secs each time.
    2) Done

  17. Regionals -
    1. Plyo - done.
    2. Deads - 505#
    3. 20RM Snatch - 115# Going up to 135# next time. I know I can do it now.
    4. EMOM - done. Fail to complete required reps on one round. That was really tough!!!
    5. No time. Work.....


  18. Open
    1. 1-18 min 15/15
    19-28 13/15
    Last 2 min- 15/15
    Mentally tough, disappointed i.fell off for 10 burpees....i let the voice in my head get the best of me
    2. Done

  19. 1)---
    3) 20reps @135
    4) done 15set @15/15 and 15sets @10/10

  20. 1) check
    2) 505
    3) close!!! Couldn't maintain grip. Bar rolled out of hands.
    4) Done. completed about half of the round completely. this was a killer!
    5) done solo 1:1 rest. hope i can walk normally the rest of the week.

  21. Open
    1. 15 rnds rxd, 15 rnds scaled to 10/10. Felt super exhausted.
    2. Done

  22. 1) done
    2) 405 all hitemp bumpers, others were using most the metal plates. I couldn't fit any more on there. Felt like I had a lot more so did 3x2 instead.
    3) 125 got 19 3/4. All TnG lost the grip on the last rep and bonked my head. I think i quit breathing at rep 13! Hah
    4) only missed 2 rounds of burpees by one (11 & 13) was on the ground when the minute was up
    5) Done. Can hardly walk. Definitely going on a beach jog tomorrow!

  23. Open

    My hat goes off to anyone who did this Rx (my workout partner, Dan did. Congrats dude)

    "What the hell." "Holy crap." "I don't think I can do another set of 15 burpees." "I've gotta stop, my heart's about to explode." "I'd rather be sniffing bags of farts than doing this right now." ...all things running through my head, as well as others that I won't write, as I was beginning to fail on the burpees.

    15 Cal. Rows = no problem
    R1-R8 = 15 Burpees
    R9-R15 = 11 Burpees

    Then made up the 28 burpees I didn't do afterwards as more punishment. But seriously, I thought about quitting CrossFit during and after this workout. I hate burpees!

  24. 30 minute emom - scaled to 10/10 after 18 minutes

  25. 1) This one seriously blowed.

    I suggested that we use this as a punishment in our box to one of our coaches, that's how bad it is.

    Managed RX but just. Needed plenty of water afterwards.

    2) Done

  26. Open
    1) Scaled to 10 burpees on minute 7 and 12 calories minute 12. . Could have definitely kept the 15 calories as time went on row got more efficient. Burpees not so much. Starting to feel better, this is just what I needed.Last round did 15 calories and 15 burpees total 170 burpees and 201 calories

  27. 1. -
    2. 385#, could not get a strong pull going
    3. 115#
    4. 16 rnds 15/15 and ran out of time. Would have had to start scaling within another couple rnds though. Cannot believe how strong my burpees have become.
    5. Out of time, only did a few sets.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Open

    1. Managed to RX this one. The last few rounds got spicy.

    2. Skipped this one. I did OH walking lunges as a warmup to the metcon. After the metcon I did a WOD with Bulgarian split squats then a ton of back squats.

  29. Regionals

    Smoked back after today.

    1. 30" boxes with PVC on top. Landing kills my right knee right now.
    2. 525
    Positions felt great all the way up through 500. Went 525 for last set and back got a little funky but got both reps.
    3. 140
    Underestimated myself. First couple times doing 20 rep stuff. Felt pretty light all the way through and should've dropped after 10 to go up. Tried 160 after but legs and hip drive was gone and I knew it wasn't happening after 10.
    4. 30 min EMOTM - completed.
    Mental battle as to whether I was going to make it for 15 every minute. Fought hard. Made it.
    5. Done. Booty feelin' nice.

    Good day.

  30. Open/Masters 43

    1. EMOM: did 15/15, but had to sit out for 1 minute at 10, and then again at 20 minutes, so went to 32 minutes to get them all in, that's 225 burpees!
    2. Practiced TnG Snatch with 95 lbs, 10, 5,5
    3. 3 x 2 deadlifts of 305,
    Looking forward to another rest day!

  31. Open 2014.
    A) tried de 20 rep snatch benchmark : hit 17 reps @ 135#
    B) metcon done all 30 minnutes rx


    1. Plyometric
    6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops-Done

    2. Pull
    2 Rep Heavy Deadlift from the knees - set bar on plates or pins, so the bar starts at the knee cap.-425lbs.

    3. 20 Rep Benchmark
    20 Rep Max Snatch-105lbs

    4. Metcon- Made it to minute 26 before I met Pukie. Did 15/15 each round until then. This was insane.
    Odd: 15 Burpees
    Even: 15 Cals on rower

    5. Accessory Partner Pulling
    For time: Didn't time. Just did em.
    With a partner, one athlete completes a full set while the other rests:
    Each athlete completes 2 sets of 20 Stiff Leg Sumo Dead, 185/135
    Each athlete completes 2 sets of 20 Stiff Leg Dead, 185/135
    Each athlete completes 2 sets of 20 Romanian Dead, 185/135
    Every rep should be as explosive as possible - aggressively bring hips to bar.

  33. 1. done at 34inches rebounding.
    2. 2rm: 475#, seein everyone elses numbers i guess i'm just a girlscout
    3. 20rm snatch: went after 185#, got to 9 and dropped it.
    4. 30min EMOM: done, hit all 15 burpees and cals every minute. this was a mental war.
    5. done., not for time. didnt have a partner.

  34. 1) done at 30"

    2) 545 x 1, got owned by the jhooks when I went to go for the second rep, bar got stuck on the top of them and didnt go down, lol.

    3) 125 (10# pr from last time, did it touch n go squat snatch)

    4) this was absolutely horrible, made the first 2 rds of burpees at 15 and then had to scale down to 10 and around minute 17 or 18 I dropped the cal on the rower to 10 to have more rest for the burpees, but did the entire 30 mins

    5) did 1 set of each, ran out of time before having to leave to pick my son up from daycare.

    1. I got video of the dl, u'll see the stunned look on my face when the bar didnt go down lol!!!

    2. That was pretty funny. I thought someone pranked you at first...

  35. Open

    1. Done.. Subbed 95# SDHP for calorie rows. Did 15 sdhp until 10 minutes then dropped to 12. Did all the burpees though amazingly. I'd say a few choice words about this wod but y'all have said it for me already lol. It was a grind.

  36. Masters 46
    OMG, it was like getting hit by a truck then being backed over, Ben is sadistic, but great WOD.
    1. Metcon
    Odd: 15 Burpees
    Even: 15 Cals on rower
    ( did rx till min 14 then dropped to 10 burpees but stayed at 15 cal for row, missed one row&burpee)

    2. Skills
    10x10 slow OHS, 45/35 - work positioning and technique.

  37. Open
    1. Did rx'd as long as possible then just went til the minute was up on each.
    2. Done

  38. Open
    1) Did the whole suck bag Rx...Wow... That really kicked my ass. Heard so many voices in my head telling me to "scale back to 10 its ok" "your not in shape to do this yet" so I had to find those voices and slaughter them and their families with a rusty knife. Glad its over.

    Tomorrow I'll make up the squats and oly's from monday

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  40. reg
    6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops @ 30 inches each

    2. Pull
    2 Rep Heavy Deadlift from the knees @ 330#

    3. 20 Rep Max Snatch - 85# for 17

    4. Metcon
    maintained 15 burpees for all but 3 minutes, got 15 calories 4 times, all other minutes were 10+

  41. Open masters
    7x10 OHS @33#
    Met con: 10cal/12 Burpees. Comfy throughout. I'd like to try this again and add +1 to each OTM.

  42. Open
    1. Done felt good over metcon. Final min finished at :47 on burpees and :36 on rower
    2. Done

  43. Open
    1) I had to do this at home so I subbed 15 SDHP for the row (not quite the suck factor of a rower). Was able to complete all Burpees and SDHP.
    2) completed

  44. Open
    1. Wow - that was ridulous! I had to substitute 45# KB SDLHP because it's all I had! I'm pretty sure I had it much easier than the rest of you, and it was still brutal.

    Round 1: 15/15
    Round 2-4: 15/20
    Round 5-15: 10/15

    2. Complete

    Warning: After Round 9 the thought of quitting started to creep into my head...and then I thought - no way, no one else quit, so I'm not going to! Dig in everyone - you can do it - let's go!!!!

  45. Worked up to 48" on hurdles....did two rounds of that. Last round I hit two and had to redo.

    Worked to 515 on the deads from pins. Was harder than I expected.

    Didn't know what to start with on the 20rm as it's first time for that, did 115...should have done higher. Will do 135 next time.

    Metcon: Did 15rounds RX and ran out of time, so came back in the afternoon and did 20 more rounds RX . I know it's not 30 at a time like most, but got all 35rnds total RX, and wasn't absolutely terrible.

    Deadlifts: Done RX at a 1:1 rest ratio as I didn't have a partner but didn't time, class was using timer.

    Good training day....thanks.

  46. 1. Complete (used 24" box's)
    2. 505 x 2 with no hitch, 525 x 2 with hitch
    3. First time doing 20rm snatch. Went to 115
    4. Completed as Rx
    5. Completed , did with partner but didn't time it. Dropped the weight on the last RDL (back was fried)

  47. 1: done
    2:585 all I could put on the bar. Felt like I had more.
    3:135 grip was a pain
    4:R1-R6 15/15
    R7-R15 12/12

  48. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. Didn't have hurdles, used 24" boxes.

    2. 405#. I could have gone heavier but legs were pretty beat up from yesterdays workout.

    3. 95#

    4. Completed*. Completed all 15 burpees w/ between 11-20 seconds to spare every round. Asterisk for rower that is broken and does not display time or calories. Rowed 35-40 seconds at a good pace every round.

    5. Didn't do (no partner, ran out of time). May complete tomorrow earlier in the day then later in the day do an active recovery.

  49. Open:

    Metcon: 15/15x2 12/15x5 10/15x3 shit I blew it, thought it was 20min.

  50. Regionals.

    Had to do this one a day late due to work.

    1) done. Up to 41"
    2) 528
    3) 121 for 15 reps. Started losing grip at 10 reps and just couldn't hang on. And was not going to be able to repeat that one. Felt good though. I'll get it next time for sure.
    4) as rx'd. All 15's except on the 13th rd of rowing only got 14cals. And then only 13 burpees and cals in the last round. Was tough.
    5) out of time.

  51. Mentally challenging day. Humbled.

    1. Worked up to 40"

    2. 435. Apparently I am a little girl.

    3. Did 135 and got 11. Pissed. Immediately did 115 and got 11, got more pissed. Sulked in the corner for a second, picked my head up and went after 115 again and got 14. Oh well, live and learn.

    4. We had to cut it short for time anyway, so we were going to do 15/15 for 20 mins. We got behind at minute 10, and it turned into an amrap and got 9 full rounds. Demorlizing, but whatever. Good workout. Will attack this one again for sure.

    5. Done. My hamstrings don't work anymore

  52. Regionals:
    1. Plyometric

    2. 2 Rep Heavy Deadlift from the knees - set bar on plates or pins, so the bar starts at the knee cap.
    Worked up to 300#, felt pretty solid, this was a new movement for me

    3. 20 Rep Max Snatch
    Done @ 75# (probably had 85# in the tank)

    4. Metcon
    Done... wow am I glad I did this with a partner. Less than 10 minutes in and I thought I was dying

    5. Accessory Partner Pulling
    Done, broke down into 4 sets of 10 reps instead of 2 x 20

  53. Open
    Subbed 95# SDHP for row
    1. 15/15 for the first 8 minutes, 12/12 for the next 4 minutes, 10/10 for the rest until the last minute where I managed 12/12. I definitely improved my mental strength with this one.
    2. Done

  54. Open
    1. Burpees: rounds 1 to 4 - 15, 5 - 12, 6 - 11, 7 to the end - 10.
    Row - all rounds 15 calories.
    2. Done.

  55. Open:

    1. made up squatting - 5/3/1 - PR at 365x1
    2. 30 emom - 200m run in place of rower
    finished all the runs. burpees were 8x15, 7x12

    Obviously miserable, ran in the rain too. did this with a couple partners which made it helped because nobody wanted to quit. Please don't ever post that again ha.

  56. 2). 485
    3). 135
    4). Done. It looked wasn't
    5). Did overhead squat positioning

  57. 1. 30inch box (20inch high)
    2. 255 (set bar on top of two 45# plates... these were not touch and go :/ )
    3. attempt at 65#- 13 reps ( I have a pretty high 1 rep max.. but not much stamina)
    4. & 5. Skipped because of time constraint

  58. 1. Done
    2.190KG . Deadlift is my weakness..
    3.with 50kg made it. it was hard bt could ve gone heavier i think
    4. completed bt missed 4 sets or 5 sets