Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monday 11.26.13

1. Snatch
3 x 1 across around 90%

2.  Clean and Jerk Ladder
Men: Start at 225 and add 10# every minute
Women:  Start at 135 and add 5# every minute

3.  Back Squats
10x3 across

4.  Gymnastic Benchmark
Max unbroken Muscle ups

5.  Metcon
For time:
100 Double unders
10 Muscle ups
20 Squat Clean Thrusters, 155/105
10 Muscle ups
100 Double unders

1. Metcon
For time:
100 Double unders
10 Muscle ups
20 Squat Clean Thrusters, 155/105
10 Muscle ups
100 Double unders

2.  Clean and Jerk
Snatch, 3x1 across heavy but not max

3.   Back Squats
5x3 across


  1. Anyone in SE Pennsylvania that follows? Up here for the week, and looking to train. Let me konw if you could use a partner!

  2. In the Open section #2. Says Clean & Jerk but then says snatch 3x1 which one is it?

  3. For Open #2: Clean and Jerk, or Snatch? It says both, in a way.

  4. Good day everyone!
    1. Metcon 9:18 RXd (First 100 DUs unbroken, MUs- 3 3 2 2, Squat Clean Thrusters all singles except first two)
    2. Did snatch. 3x1 at 175
    3. Back Squats - 5x3 285 across

  5. Absolute incredible morning of training !!!

    Hit a PB on the Clean and Jerk Ladder
    Clean and Jerk Ladder
    1) 100kg - Success
    2) 105kg - Success
    3) 110kg - Success
    4) 115kg - Success
    5) 120kg - PB on Clean , Failed on Jerk.

    3x 1 @ 80kg

    Time - 9:12 RX (with bar muscle ups instead of rings.... don't have rings in box)
    Double Unders - 2 sets of 50
    Bar Muscle Ups - 5,5
    Squat Clean Thrusters - Singles : 5-8 second rest in between
    Bar Muscle Ups - 4,3,3
    Double Unders - 5 Sets of 20 , 4 second break in between

  6. 1. Snatch+Clean and Jerk- We maxed out yesterday at the weightlifting meet. Figured I would give the ol' joints a rest today.

    I hit a 225 power snatch and a 275 clean and jerk. I hit a 300 clean and missed the jerk. So far I've cleaned 300, 305, and 315 and missed the jerk each time. A PR is coming!

    3. Back Squats
    10x3 across-335, was on the conservative side, could have gone with 350 and been fine.

    4. Gymnastic Benchmark
    Max unbroken Muscle ups- 7 with no false grip

    5. Metcon- Squats took a while, I almost ran out of time completely. I cut the muscle ups and SC thrusters in half and made it into a sprint.

    100 double unders
    5 muscle ups
    10 squat clean thrusters at 155
    5 muscle ups
    100 double unders- 5:49

  7. 2014 REGIONAL & GAMES ATHLETES- Well I sorta ran out of time this morning for everything. Going to have to do the metcon after school.

    1. Snatch
    3 x 1 across around 90%-165lbs. Felt solid.

    2. Clean and Jerk Ladder
    I started with 205lbs for the sake of lasting more than 2 minutes hhah. I ended up hitting 235lbs fairly easy. Stood up 245lbs but missed the jerk. Let the weight get a little too far out in front of me. Oh well! a PR is a PR!

    3. Back Squats
    10x3 across-285lbs

    1. Thanks Jeremy! Nice PR's to you also!
      Finished what I couldn't do this morning. I now have set up the rings just right to where I can kip on the MU's. Just have to look down when I am locked out at the top of the dip. Kinda awkward but it works!
      4. Gymnastic Benchmark
      Max unbroken Muscle ups-3

      5. Metcon
      For time: 15:02. Just glad I finished this.
      100 Double unders
      10 Muscle ups
      20 Squat Clean Thrusters, 155/105
      10 Muscle ups
      100 Double unders

  8. Reg:
    should not have taken two full days off.....

    Snatch 185, felt good

    C&J ladder, 225, 235, 245, yup....that was it...body wouldn't even let me clean 255

    Squats: made 5x3 at 295, then 2x3 at 275 and called it....just wasn't firing on all cylinders.

    Max MU, skipped for time ans for sake of thinking I should have went fot it.

    WOD 10:12, went just as expected, far too much rest on bar. I think the second half went faster than the first as I finally got moving.

    Not my best day, but still got a good amount of work in....1% better.

  9. Open:

    1. 17:11. Felt shitty. Mu felt heavy, squat clean thrusters was horrible..Only thing im happy with is the double unders...
    2: 145 pounds.
    3. 290 pounds

  10. Regionals.

    1) 154/158/160
    2) started at 176. Went 176/187/198/209/220 (failed twice).
    3) 319 across
    4) 6. Almost had 7. Really want to hit 10 on this by the open.
    5) 12.14. Felt pretty good. Just need to be quicker the second set of muscle-ups started to slow me down. Also did singles on the squat clean thrusters probably should have done doubles. Oh well good wod today.

  11. Reg:

    Went out drinking last night and totally felt it in the wod.

    Snatch- done at 205. No misses. Felt like a champ.

    C&J ladder- made it to 265 and failed the jerk. Wasn't too worried about the jerk. I was more focused on the clean catch which was, you guessed it, CLEAN! Haha! See what I did there?!

    Back squat- did 7x3 at 315 failed last rep of the 7th round. Went too low and the butt winked and lost all tension.

    No max MU for me.

    Metcon- 16:00 unbroken DU on the first round. Then my world came crumbling down

  12. Reg.
    1) Snatch w/ 205lb

    3) 10 x 3 @ 365lb (90%) No misses

    2, 4, and 5 this evening. The squats took a while...

  13. Open:
    1) 15:39... squat clean thrusters were def my weakness
    2) 152, 152, 156
    3) 245, 265, 285, 295, 295

  14. 1) 225
    2) 275
    3) 315 - finally squatting again!!
    4) 13:19

  15. Open/Masters 43

    Just letting the community know, I did my first crossfit comp here, which was done as pairs, I partnered with my brother and we won the comp! (Still have to wait for confirmation, but based on number of wins and placements, we had the best score) Felt awesome for the whole thing, pr'd my deadliest by 25 lbs, which felt way too light for a max (wish I had gone heavier) and crushed the wods that I did, coming 2nd in both.
    Thanks so much for the programming and community here, it has made a huge difference in my fitness, confidence and performance while providing some great role models and goals to shoot for. I will definitely continue to use this as my basis for training.

    Feeling super beat up and sore today (I literally have trouble walking down stairs or bending my arm to brush my teeth), so will take it easy today and get at her tomorrow. I can't imagine having to do 2 or 3 days in a row of serious comps. Experimenting with contrast baths and mobility work today to smash things up.
    Have fun today and I'll see you tomorrow!

    1. surprise Peter! I chase your times and scores every week. Congrats on your results - and good luck recovering...your body deserves it.

    2. Awesome work Peter! A 25lb PR? It's amazing what a competition will bring out!

  16. Open

    1. 14:52 w/ Muscle Up Transitions
    2. 85#
    3. 170#

  17. Open:
    1) 16:12, slow transitions. Double unders were pretty good but the squat clean thrusters killed.
    2) 155 lbs
    3) 255 lbs

  18. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 12:35 Rx (felt stuck in 3rd gear)
    2. SS 3x1 @ 165#
    3. BS 5x3 @ 315# (felt spent)

  19. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./43

    1. 150 lbs. For some reason, this took me a few times to get, but once I got it, it went up smooth and easy.
    2. 235 lbs. I started at 185 just to get moving. 235 was relatively easy. I cleaned 245, but missed the jerk.
    3. 315 across. Only did 5 sets.
    4. I got 8 and I don't know why I stopped. Completely lost focus. Ten has been my goal forever and today was the day. A lost opportunity. No false grip.
    5. 10:09. DU 50-50 MU 2's SCT 1's MU 2's DU 20-20-20-30-10.

  20. Open master:
    16:46 @ 105#/5 mu w turnout per set
    31 dus straight in first set- progress for me.

  21. Open....
    1) 10:04..... Not my best performance but far from the worst. Muscle ups plus other stuff especially thrusters are not in my wheelhouse but I'm seeing constant improvement. For a bigger guy (6'3' 225) I'm happy with how my conditioning and bodyweight stuff is coming. Thanks Ben for constantly kicking my ass and forcing me to do the stuff I hate. I'm still waiting for the day the open workout is 2hrs of just snatching...

  22. 1. 21:10 (4attempt and 3kipping pull per rnd of MU. Got 3 Mu with bent arms)
    2. 110# (snatch)
    3 170# (BS)

  23. Open Masters
    1. 14:15 @85# SCThrusters & MU transitions
    2. Snatch Balance 6@33#; Squat Snatch 3x1@75#
    3. BS: 1x3 @135#; 4x3@155#

  24. 1. Snatch 3 x 1 across @ 120#

    2. Clean and Jerk Ladder
    Women: Start at 135 and add 5# every minute - worked up to 160# and then lost my jerk

    3. Back Squats 10x3 across @ 200#

    4. Max unbroken Muscle ups - 3...I think I can fight for more next time

    5. Metcon - ran out of time. hope to do this later or Wednesday

  25. 1) 175 (185 is 90% but couldnt hit it, early morning my oly lifts and deadlifts are way down for some reason)

    2) made 265, failed at 275

    3) 345 across

    4) 4

    Ran out of time for metcon, will go back and do it tonight

  26. Open

    1) 8:54
    DU - 51/49
    MU - 5/5
    SCT - 5/5/2/1/2/1/1/1/1/1 (these took a hell of a lot more out of me than I thought...!)
    MU - 1/1/1/1/1/1/2/2
    DU - 40/60

    Doing the rest later. I can't recover after these things within reason to safely lift directly afterwards...

  27. Back in action with Dex today at MSCF.

    A) Snatch 3 x 1 @ 205#. Felt good and strong. Missed my second set because I didn't squeeze and stay tight at the bottom. But went right back at it and got it.

    B) Clean & Jerk Ladder
    Got to 285#. Clean felt great; Jerk felt slow.

    C) Back Squat 10 x 3
    Felt Great

    D) Did 100 Double Unders For Time before I left the gym just for fun and after number like 63 it went down hill as far as timing. Did in 1:18

    Will do Metcon later this afternoon once I get a break from testing my athletes.

  28. Open
    12:18... Did 10CTB and 10 strict ring dips for each of the MU instead
    C/J 145
    B/S 5x3@205

  29. I've finally remembered to post

    I still follow I just forget. wish my diary would auto post for me.

    1) 14:05
    2) Did Snatches 3x1 @70kg
    Wrist has been giving me loads of stick again. Slowed me down in clusters and couldn't go higher than 70 on snatch or it felt like my wrist was gonna snap.

    3) 130kg across

  30. Regionals -
    1. 185# across. Felt really good today.
    2. Got up to 275# today... no PR.
    3. 10 x 3 Back Squat - 310# across. Still hammered after last week. Good stuff!
    4. 15 unbroken muscle-ups.
    5. 9:40rx Me and double-unders are not friends.... one of my goats.

  31. 1. 200#
    2. 265#
    Did my oly work in my nanos. big mistake ha. my mobility isn't there yet . def need my oly lifters still.
    3. 300# hips were so tight.
    4. 13
    5. 11:16

  32. Open
    2)165 (HH), 175 (HH),185(H) Full Snatches
    1) Almost a walk through pace, still not feeling good 16:15 Dubs felt better at the end.Overall ffelt good to work like this again

  33. 1. Snatch 3x1 at 235#
    2. Got to 315 on the ladder. On the minute made it tough. Plus the competition yesterday has me sore. Felt solid though.
    3. Skipped cuz of shoulders.
    4. Metcon: 7:53. Double unders are like the Black Plague. Fml

    1. Ha. I will take the black plague for a 7:53. can't be that bad. great work today.

    2. Im with u on that Joey, solid work Dex!!!

    3. Preciate it guys. I did the mu's ub and did fast singles through the squat clean thrusters.

  34. Reg:

    1. Was feeling good, went for a snatch PR. Got under 240 four times but no dice. Felt really easy though
    2. Bruised left palm, didnt do jerks, hit 305, missed at 315
    3. Did Wendler Back Squats, 310x9 on final set

    Had to leave gym at this point, wasnt able to do Metcon. Instead did:
    4. Max Muscle ups 14, 10, 10 with about 5 minutes rest inbetween
    EMOM (7) - 60xDouble Unders (UB)

  35. regional.

    1) 145
    2) 183
    3) 247
    4) 9
    5) DU- 80
    MU- 8
    Squat Clean Thrusters, 155 - 16
    MU - 8
    DU - 80
    TOTAL : 9:56

  36. 1. 185#, catches felt awesome
    2. failed at 255# on jerk. Tried 265# clean and missed.
    3. 315#, still feeling discomfort in hip flexors, esp left side. Getting concerned
    4. 2, just can't maintain false grip. Spent extra time working on no-false grip MUs.
    5. 12:44, started failing MUs after 6 on 1st half. On 2nd half failed 5x after 3 MUs. Moved on to keep Metcon intensity. That extra work working on no-false-grip MUs bit me in the ass here. Should have known.

  37. Snatches done at 205

    Cleans up to 265....felt weak

    Back squats: 3@275/5@285/2@295

    Mu's: 12....weaksauce

    MetCon: 8:59 rx+ rings were very low in the facility I was in, had to do strict

  38. Open
    1. 11:30- subbed mu for 20 elevated r.rows, still nursing lat/shoulder
    2. 215# across
    3. 315# across
    Attended USAW cert this wknd

  39. Open
    1. 14:51. Not happy with this. Felt stuck in the mud. DUs were slow and SCTs were also slow. Muscle ups were good, that's about it. Dang it.

    Did get my first ever no false grip muscle up while warning up today, so there's a positive.

    1. Snatches - worked up to 180. Failed several reps at 180, then went back down to 145 to work technique. Then worked back up to 180 and felt much better. "Get vertical and fast under the bar!"

      3. Back squats - 335, then 355 x 4 sets

  40. open

    1. 11:58. pretty happy with this. broke my jump rope on the first 100, not too happy about that. sqt cln thrusters felt pretty good. 5-5-4 then quick singles the rest of the way. second set of mu's was 4-3-3.

    just did that. hockey game in a couple hours.

  41. 1) Snatch 195
    2) CNJ 255
    3) metcon 8:47. Bar MUs
    4) back squats x 5: 315

  42. Open

    Just starting with this programming and coming off a 6 months off due to a hip injury. Just did the metcon but will start to add in more of the volume as I improve.

    100- DU's
    10- pull ups
    10- ring dips (w red band)
    20- squat clean thruster 135# for the first 14 reps 115# for the last 6
    10- pull ups
    10- ring dips
    100- DU's


  43. Open
    1) 10:38.
    2) clean and jerk 3x1 @235
    3) 5x3 @315

  44. first competitors wod.. scaled a whole lot but had fun :)
    1. Snatch 3X1 @ 85# then got a 90# PR 1 rep
    2. C&J Started at 85#, ended at 125#
    3. Back squats at 115#
    4. MU- 1.. (can't string them yet)
    5. 15:19 (MU- 5 attempts each time; got 2 out of 5 first time, 5 out of 5 second, 75# thrusters)

  45. Open, snatch first.

    1.) #175x2, failed 3rd

    2.) 9:35...dubs unbroken, muscle-ups unbroken, singles on clusters, muscle-ups 5/5, dubs 50/25/25

    3.) Stayed moderate at #315 my legs wanted no part of this!

  46. New to this blog! This is day one of training for me since a 14 week hiatus due to a rib head/scapula injury. I've spent the last two weeks easing back into crossfit-esque training and today marks my official day back (I'm doing everything but ring muscle ups until I'm really confident in my rib/scapula being stable). Anyways, Ive dabbled with other training programs but I think this will be the most beneficial for me. Lifts are my strong point but my stamina could be SO much better- so here goes!

    Female 5'4'' 140lbs

    Competitors WOD
    1. Snatch 3X1 @ 145# then hit 150# for fun
    2. C&J Started at 135# ended at 165# (failed 170# jerk.. p.clean/p.jerks)
    3. Back squats at 125# (easing back into squats... working on making these pretty!)
    4. Warmed up my bar muscle ups (first time since injury in August!)
    5. 17:00 (subbed bar muscle ups)

    1. Bar muscle ups had lots of misses, but got all 20 of them! Squat clean thrusters were singles (I'm not a fan of thrusters)

  47. Masters
    1. Metcon
    For time: 14:56
    100 Double unders
    10 Muscle ups (scaled band)
    20 Squat Clean Thrusters, 155/105 (#135)
    10 Muscle ups
    100 Double unders

    2. Clean and Jerk
    Snatch, 3x1 across heavy but not max #135

    3. Back Squats (DND)
    5x3 across ran out of time.

  48. Open
    1) 11:51 @ 135#
    2) 155/160/165
    3) @ 225#

  49. Let me preface this with, today wasn't my best day in the world of Crossfit. I ate shitty all weekend, didn't sleep, was on the road all weekend. Rough.

    1. Worked up to 215 and missed it 3 times, typically I won't add in extra reps but I was just frustrated and wanted some more. Took me 7 or 8 attempts to hit 3 reps. Really upsetting. Couldn't stay tight in the bottom, Hips were really tight from driving all weekend. I'd catch it and just collapse into a shitty squat and had trouble standing up 215. Really upsetting on that front.

    2. About the same story, got to 265 which is 20# off my PR. 275 felt like about 475.

    3. 285 Across. This is the only thing I'm happy with today. Felt good, had to dig deep, really similar to that 7x5 last week.

    4. 9. PR is 11.

    5. 12:48. Everything was slow, calves were cramping on the DU, had to do the MU in sets of 3's and 4's. Legs were jello for the clean/thrusters. The the 2nd time around was not much better on the DU.

    Every day isn't going to be a home run, I know that, just time to move on to tomorrow.

    SIDE NOTE: After about a year being on this stuff with my training partner, we have all of our coaches doing this now. We had 4 or 5 PRs on the clean and jerk ladder today, one girl get her first Muscle Up, then proceeded to do about 8 more throughout the course of the day. Great to see the progress and have comrades in arms!

  50. Open
    1: 14:45 with 80# and 4 mu's. Failed last 2 MUs a bunch if times. Frustrating.
    2: 90/100/105
    3. 205 for sets 1,2 and 2 reps of 3, failed the 3rd so dropped to 185 for 4&5

  51. Open
    1- 12:48 Squat clean thrusters!!! Was doing singles but somehow after 10 I started putting 3's and 2's together

    2- 185,205,215

    3- 235,255,275,285x1
    Yesterday I was feeling pretty weak. Had to scale the front squats from Willy. But the back squats felt pretty good today.

  52. Open/Masters 47

    1) 12:30. Used 115# and did 8 jumping muscle ups per round with the rings just above my head.

    2) 95-95-115

    3) 245 across.

  53. Open
    1. 13:16. First set of 100 DU unbroken. Subbed 10 ring rows+10 rings dips for mu. Did squat clean thrusters at 85# because did not want to push knee before competition.
    2. Snatch @ 85,85,90
    3. Clean & jerk @ 125, 130, 135
    4. Back squat @ 160

  54. Open
    1. 9:36
    2. 215/215/220
    3. 305#

  55. Open
    1) 11:57 8jmu's/80#/300 singles
    2) 115#
    3) 165#

  56. Open
    1) 11:57 8jmu's/80#/300 singles
    2) 115#
    3) 165#

  57. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. 150#. Felt strong today so I went for a new 1RM and hit 170# for a 5# PR. Took a good bit of attempts but I was pulling and getting underneath it easy just didn't stay tight and have active shoulders.

    2. 215#. That is my current 1RM on clean and jerk. I am very frustrated with my jerks because I can squat clean 265# but can't jerk 225#. I have had some great advice that all makes sense I am just having trouble applying the coaching. ANY advice or tips that worked for anyone is welcomed!! I am very weak at any overhead movement. PLEASE HELP!!

    3. 335

    4. 2 (ring MU's). Extremely disappointed on this. I have gotten 4 unbroken but just didn't have the rhythm or technique today. I don't get to work with rings often so any drills and tips that will help improve my ring MU's is also welcomed!!

    5. 14:44. Squat clean thrusters annihilated me I hit all singles. Did bar MU's and did 2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 then all singles second set of 10. Didn't do great on the DU's, shoulders were pretty cashed.

  58. Open

    Metcon: 18:21 - generally terrible all round, but pretty consistent at 3min per movement

  59. 1. 205
    2. 265
    3. 315
    4. 20 MU
    5. 5:58

  60. Open
    22:34 rx nothing was clicking today
    snatch@ 175 all reps felt solid and not lucky so I will take this as a positive
    Day 1 of 5-3-1 cycle.
    Keep grinding and I will be shining

  61. Regionals -
    1. Missed 215 3x before going down to 205. Missed the first rep at 205 and then I got my shit together and smoked the next 3 attempts
    2. did the complex our affiliate had programmed (3 Power Cleans, 2 Front Squats, 1 Jerk) - 255#
    3. 5x7 Push Press @ 195 (made the WOD really hard)
    4. 9 unbroken muscle-ups.
    5. 10:58 Rx

  62. Regionals

    Snatch - 225 across
    Missed one behind, but felt decent.

    Clean&Jerk ladder - 305
    Missed the jerk for the first time at 305 cause of a soft catch in the clean. Hit it 2nd time around.

    Squats - Hatch week 6

    Muscle-ups - 20 unbroken.
    Wanted 21 cause it's my favorite number but missed it twice!

    Metcon - 8:28
    Unbroken both sets of dubs, 7-3 then 6-4 muscle-ups and all singles squat clean thrusters cause knee's feeling funky!

  63. Masters Open
    1) 12:21 jumping ring mu's 65#
    2) 70#
    3) 120#

  64. Open
    1. 12:00 (10 MUs = 10 Pull-ups & 10 Ring Dips) @115#
    2. 3X1 Squat Snatch @115# across
    3. 5X3 Back Squats @185# across

  65. Regionals:
    1. Snatch
    3 x 1 across around 90% @ 135# (felt solid)

    2. Clean and Jerk Ladder
    Women: Start at 135 and add 5# every minute
    Failed @ 180# on the jerk (was doing power cleans)

    3. Back Squats
    10x3 across @ 215#

    4. Max unbroken Muscle ups = 6

    5. Metcon
    14:58min (thought I was going to die during the SCT and the second set of MU's were damn slow.... eff)

  66. Reg.

    Down in Florida training at CrossFit Unmatched. Some great people here. They put a team in southeast regionals and hoping to take the next step.

    Did the snatch work with 135. Had more but tough doing my own Hun while 2 other classes were going on.

    Worked to 225 on the clean and jerk.

    Got 6 sets of back squats in at 280.

    16 unbroken MUs. 1 rep pr. Had everyone in the gym around me cheering me on. It was pretty cool.

    Didn't to the WOD. Would have been tough doing that among everything else going on. Gonna try to get it in this week.

  67. 1. 185 tons of misses
    2. Topped at 255 PR
    3. 315
    4. 9 PR
    5. 13:17 Rx oofta

  68. Open
    1. Metcon - 17:30 with 135#
    2. Snatches 125#
    3. Hatch squats (week 4 day 1)

  69. 1. 175, 180, 190. No misses. Today was the best it's ever felt.
    2. Missed the jerk at 275. This was hard OTM.
    3. Playing around with low bar, trying to find out what to use with it. Built up to 325.
    4. 6
    5. 11:53 RX. Best muscle ups have felt in a wod in a long time.

  70. 1. Snatch 3x1 @ 200#
    2. C+J -- went through motions- up to 265, felt heavy today (did this last)
    3. Back Squat 10x3, 5 sets @395, 5sets @385
    4. 16 reps (1rep P.R)
    5. 9:17 rx

  71. Open
    1 - 10:35
    2 - 185#
    3 - Didn't have time to get to

  72. 165 snatch

    255 clean and jerk

    315 squat 1st rep
    275 across

  73. Regionals
    C&J failed at 160
    Squats @195
    Max UB MU -9
    Metcon 14:01... Second set of du killed my time! Slow on SCT doing doubles or singles

  74. open

    1) 32:17 thruster escale a 135 lbs me toco parar a mitad de wod por una llamada telefónica y no pude terminar los MU`s pero si el wod

    2) 95lbs

    3) 135lbs