Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thursday 11.21.13

$13,000 in Cash Prizes!
$5,000 to the individual Male and Female winners.

1.  Snatch Skills
7 sets of:  3 High Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 Squat Snatch - keep it light and find "vertical" in every rep.

2. Back Squat 
7x5 across

3.  Metcon
5 Power Cleans, 165/110
10 TTB
15 Wall Balls, 20/14

1.  Metcon
"Open 11.5"
5 Power Cleans, 145/100
10 TTB
15 Wall Balls, 20/14

2.  Snatch Skills
7 sets of:  3 High Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 Squat Snatch - keep it light and find "vertical" in every rep.

"Performance is directly correlated with intensity.
Intensity is directly correlated with discomfort."
-Greg Glassman


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  2. "3 High Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 Squat Snatch"
    -- Is the Snatch supposed to be from the high hang? It does not say high hang but I just want to confirm.

    1. Brian, when I read this I automatically assumed the Squat Snatch is from the high hang. I could be wrong though, if we don't hear from Ben before then then that is how I will perform it.

    2. Yes. Everything from the high hang.

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  4. Iam a solo garage crossfitter. Been following main site strictly for one year. Switching to competitor wod aftern following for a couple weeks. Pretty excited really enjoying it thus far.

    1. Welcome HH! I'll be excited to see you posting regularly. We have a great community going here, seems like there are about 80 of us that post regularly. I wish you great success in jumping onboard!

    2. Welcome, as a former solo garage cross fitter I am glad to have you on board.

    3. Solo garage crossfitter here too, been following this site for almost a year, after about a year following main site. Seems like a good natural progression. This is the best programming I've found! Welcome aboard!

    4. I'm also a solo garage crossfitter just starting to follow this programming as well!

    5. Thanks guys. Look forward to chasing your times and weights

  5. Open (Masters)
    1.) 7 rds +25
    2.) Done
    Changed time I usually WOD to later at night had an effect not in the zone but pushed thru.

  6. Open:
    1. 8 rds + 17
    2. did 135 across. still feel uncomfortable with shoulder, so tried to stay on the light side.

  7. Open 11.5
    11 Rounds Even - RX
    * Power Cleans Unbroken First 4 Rounds, then into quick singles
    * TTB - Sets of 5 first 4 Rounds, Then 3,3,2,2, ... Then 2,2, and 6 quick singles
    ** Wall Balls - First 4 Rounds 8,7 .. Then 5,5,5

    ( Last 2 rounds pushed myself to max heart rate.)

    Snatch - PVC Pipe Practice , super light day.

  8. Reg.

    Snatch complex - worked to 135#. Did the squat snatch from the floor. Didn't read comments until after. Need to work on being patient from the floor anyway.

    5x7 squats. 265 across

    11.5 - 9 rounds plus 11 reps. Maybe had 10 plus a couple if I were with my bros (Shane and Alex)

  9. Regional:

    Worked to 185 for the snatch complex but messed it up. Only did pulls instead of high pulls. woops.

    MetCon: 13rnds 9TTB: Unbroken through five rounds, all unbroken on wall balls, and P. Cleans. Wasn't moving particularly fast, but worked out pretty well.

    1. forgot the squats: I still am on the 5-3-1 for my strength stuff. I like it a lot, and have built considerably. 1X5@220/1X5@260/1X9@300

  10. Regionals.
    1) 4 sets at 110. 3 sets at 132.
    2) 308 across.
    3) 10rds plus 2pc. Sub'd a 25# wallball. PC and wallball all unbroken. The t2b slowed me down and got pretty winded after 4rds.

  11. 1. Snatch Skills
    7 sets of: Worked up to 155, felt fine. I really think a good high pull is what is missing from my squat snatch.

    2. Back Squat- 315, felt kind of heavy today. Haven't felt 100% right since I got back from the states.

    3. Metcon- Did 5 rounds for time in 8:26

  12. Regionals

    1. Worked up to 135
    2. Squatting this afternoon due to time
    3. 9+3 PC. Didn't go super fast. Tried to keep a steady pace. Should have stayed unbroken on the cleans longer. I needed someone to chase on this one.

  13. Open:
    1) 7+18rx, grip was shot after the first 4 rounds. White knuckled the pull-up bar on TTB. Stupid.
    2) went light at 60%, 95lbs across. Need to be faster with the second pull.

  14. Regionals (did this Wednesday):
    1. 7 sets of: 3 High Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 Squat Snatch - keep it light and find "vertical" in every rep.
    4 @ 85#, 3 @ 95#

    2. Back Squat
    7x5 across @ 205#

    3. Metcon

  15. Open:
    1. 13rds +5- NOT RX- subbed st.legged situps for T2B
    I am experience shooting pain in my lat/shoulder anytime I pull in an OH position(MU's/PU's/T2B)- went UB on everything (I was 10rds+5 in '11)
    2. 135-165#- held 2-3 sec in the sqt

  16. 1) 165
    2) grrrr - skip due to adductor strain
    3) 11 rnds

  17. OPEN
    1. 11.5 - 10 rounds + 3 Rx
    2. HH Snatch Skills - 95/95/100/100/105/105/110 (light as Rx)

    ... haven't played in the 20 minute realm for quite awhile - unbroken on PC and WB - broke TTB to 5/5 after R5 to save kip ...

  18. Tore my distal bicep tendon in my left arm setting a new 5RM on deadlift prior to the metcon last Friday--it tore at the top of rep 5. Surgery this coming Monday. Praying for restoration. Disappointed to say the least--was looking forward to running this new engine through the 2014 Open. I'm using the programming now as motivation--modifying workouts with the goal to get back to performing them RX. (Yes, the sedentary folks at the office tell me how the ensuing muscle imbalance is going to kill me as opposed to sitting on the couch for 6 months).

    Today's Metcon 20AMRAMP: 5 one arm russian KB swings (50#), 10 V-situps, 15 one arm KB thrusters (25#). 22 rounds even.

    7 x 3 HH pulls w/KB, 1 HH KB snatch, 1 KB OHS (all with the good arm).


    1. that's rough to hear man, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Isn't bicep repair normally pretty successful? Good Luck, and make sure you find something to focus on instead of what you can't do.

    2. Tough one BP - I feel for you.

    3. Thanks guys--definitely going to use this time to focus on weaknesses, learn new skills, increase flexibility--and as Danny B. suggested, focus on my posterior (squats, good mornings, hypers). From what I hear, the repair, by the grace of God, can put me back to where I was.

  19. Dang. Do what ya can man. Hopefully you can still squat, maybe some Good mornings and GHR's for the backside. Speedy recovery dude.

  20. Reg
    1) snatch work at 95
    2) back squats 190 across
    3) 10 rnds +3 (110#)
    Funny how all the squats before the metcon can make wall balls seem easier

  21. 1. 155 all sets
    2. 305
    3. 15 rds + 1. Got 13rds + 5 in 2011 open.

  22. 1) 3 HH Pulls + 1 HH Squat Snatch
    95,95,115,135,155,165,165 (Felt great. Bar speed was fast and caught all of them vertical.)

    2) 7 x 5 Back Squats
    225,275,295,315,335,355,375 (Dominated this S^^^) But def felt it in my legs during metcon and WBS)

    3) METCON RX'D
    8 Rounds + 5 Cleans
    - Haven't done a 20 min amrap in forever and I under estimated it.
    - Rounds 1-3 did cleans UB, then 4-9 singles to save grip on TTB.
    - TTB got me BAD!!! Did RD 1 UB then did 5-5 for Rds 2-4, then went to 2's for the
    remaining rounds.
    - All Wall Balls were Unbroken.
    Overall a great day though.
    Just have to keep grinding because only 48 make it to Regionals. The question is "Do you have what it takes?"


    God Bless Comp Wod Fam

  23. Master open:
    11.5 8 + 11 (100#)
    Snatch work: 55

  24. OPEN
    Open wod 11.5 - 11 rounds + 1 pc rx (331reps) , pr by 56 reps
    snatch skill - 115#

  25. Open

    1) 11 + 22
    This crushed my body, I feel completely drained. That being said, it was great to go through that for the first time and know that if that ever popped up again I could probably give it a better run next time.

    2) staying away from snatches for a while since my neck is still bothering me from them in particular

  26. Reg:

    1. Hit 205, got under 215 but missed backwards standing up with it. Next time!
    2. Did Wendler Deload Front Squats
    3. 9+5....Don't know what's going on but I've been feeling terrible on the metcons these past few weeks. It's weird, the weights feel light but I just can't find the energy to push right now. I'm finding it really hard to get my wind back in me in the middle of a wod. I don't know if it's the weather or if I'm not hydrating or what, but its definitely frustrating.

    Did Fran with a buddy about 10 minutes after the metcon in 3:01 (-0:31). Went unbroken but hit my chin on the bar and chipped a tooth on rep 21 in 1st round...took me about 20 seconds to remember where I was!

  27. Open
    Been out of it for awhile. Feeling horrible and busy, no excuses. Need to post again to get it going. Going 70-80% right now to get back into it.
    Did Mondays part 1, yesterday : 78
    Today's 1) 8+8
    Slow and steady on both of these

  28. Regionals:
    1.) 3x85#, 4x95# - Super helpful...finally feeling that vertical and close bar path again.
    2.) 7x5 at 185# across
    3.) 8+8 Rx.

  29. Open
    1) 11+4.... Tough one today, think I broke up the t2b a bit too much in the middle, and should could have definitely gone faster if I had a "pick the fu&#in bar up" pal screaming at me.
    2) to be completed

  30. 1. stayed at 135# to be consistent and work on postitions.
    2. 365# across. never felt like puking from back squat until today.
    3, 11.4: 10 rounds+4 cleans. i think i saw God.

    1. I can feel you on the puking from the back squat. I dug deep for this one.

  31. 1) 100 lbs across
    2) Fighting through a groin issue, squats are killing me. Did a few sets of light pause squats at 165.
    3) 9 rds + 4 cleans

  32. 1. 155. Felt good. Been working some stuff out and am I'm ready to go heavy.

    2. 275 Across. Went to the well here. Took everything I had, but it felt good. 3 months ago this was my 3RM. Bam.

    3. Legs were toast. No energy, emptied the emotional bank account on the back squat and didn't have anything left here. 7+4 TTB. Couldn't keep the wall ball in my hands.



    1. Snatch Skills
    7 sets of: 3 High Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 Squat Snatch - keep it light and find "vertical" in every rep.-115lbs across. Felt good to work form.

    2. Back Squat
    7x5 across-275lbs. Perfect weight. The last set was a doozy.

    3. Metcon
    AMRAP 20: 9rds+3 power cleans. This was saucy after those squats.
    5 Power Cleans, 165/110
    10 TTB
    15 Wall Balls, 20/14

  34. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./43

    1. 110 lbs. Stayed light, but to be honest, it didn't feel great.
    2. Worked up to 305 lbs. I wanted to do 295 lbs. across, but I had to work my warm-up sets into the 7 sets due to time constraints. On the bright side, the 305 felt pretty good.
    3. 9 rounds + 1 clean (cleans at 165 lbs.). My goal was 10 rounds, but the TTB killed me. Lots of 2's and 3's and even some singles at the end. Argh. Went unbroken on the wall balls, which I suck at so I am pretty pumped about that. Cleans were fast and smooth.

  35. Open/masters 47

    1) 8 rounds plus 7. Scaled to 115# PC and 14# WB.

    2). Done. Also worked strict pull ups and tried a strict mu.

  36. Trying to figure out how to post....

  37. Reg:

    1. done @ 115, really worked upright pulls.

    2. done @ 285, really happy with how this is going even though knees were iffy.

    3. 11 + 9 WB, so 354, which is a 9 rep PR from the OPEN (+20lbs on bar) happy to see Metcon test that I can really truly say is better than the last time I thought I was in the best shape of my life. Today was a great day for me.

  38. Oh, well that was easy! My box just started a Competitors Program, this is our 2nd week in and we are following the OPEN part of this site. Excited to be following Ben's programming! Will start posting tonight! Thanks!!

  39. Open 2014
    A) metcon open 11.5 : 339 rx first time doing this wod. (11rnds + 9 reps)
    B) worked up to 165# did 3 sets with that weight

  40. 1. 95-135#, good drill
    2. 225#, kept light and fast. hams,hip flexors still very tired from last night long sprint+agility workout
    3. Thought I was good, but had to stop after 5 rounds at 9:12 (165#). Last nights workout took too much out of me and started to feel little sick. Gonna take tomorrow as a rest day.

    1. The positives are in spite of how I felt, the cleans felt good and my TTB were hanging in there so much better than even 2 months ago.

  41. 1. Worked up to 150
    2. 275 across
    3. 9 rnds + 5cleans+10 t2b

    First post. Thanks for the programming Ben. Never have met you but you have got to be a cool dude.

  42. Regional

    3. 8rds Rxd. Went unbroken on all sets. First time with this.

  43. Open
    1. 8rds + 9 reps - decided to build a ply box this weekend instead of a wall ball target so wall balls were to 8' target.
    2. 95# across

  44. Open

    I swapped the order today, basically used the snatches as a warmup..

    2. Snatch skills: worked up to 135. Felt good, liked the "vertical" cue.

    1. Open wod 11.5: 9 rds + 1 PC. Deceptively hard on the lungs. Took too long on the transitions trying to catch my breath.

    1. Man today was a mental challenge. Wished I had someone to chase. Mustered through it but could've gone harder.

  45. Open
    1. 8+15 10# wb
    2. 65# across

    Got my first strict MU tonight..and then strung two together!

  46. 1.) Snatches done at #115x3/#135x4

    2.) 9+14

  47. Open
    1) 9+2. Had to sub 35# thruster for WB bc I had to do this at home with limited equipment. Was able to go unbroken on TTB & Thruster.
    2) @ 95# - started to get the feeling down the last 3 sets

  48. 165#
    Did 20min amrap qualifier for battle of London as metcon. ok day I guess

  49. Still taking it easy, stuck with the strength today. Ill be back into metcons as of tomorrow.
    Snatch: 7 sets @ 135, focusing on speed. Really enjoyed this complex. I haven't done many high pulls in the past but see the benefit in doing them
    Back squat 7 sets at 345. Was feeling good to, focusing on hitting the stretch reflex and speed out of the bottom

  50. Open
    9+1 pc rx holy grip
    snatches done at 95 good speed and vertical bar path
    extra OH squat work and mobility

  51. Open
    1. 9+1
    2. 95/105/115/125/135/140/145

  52. Open
    1. 8 rds + 22 reps. Kept no repping on last few wall balls
    2. Done @ 65#. Felt very vertical.
    3. Did 7x5 back squat @ 150#. Felt good
    4. Did 3x Max DU in 2 mins since I missed tues wod.
    140-rest -1 min-140-rest-1 min-140
    Glad I had consistency.

  53. Open
    1. 8 rnds. used 70kg for cleans & 25lb db thrusters subbed for the wall-balls.

    2. 50-60kg kept it light

  54. open:

    1. 8 rounds even - grip was a huge limiting factor on this again. been an issue for me lately. t2b killed me. on the bright side wall balls, my usual goat, were all unbroken and felt great.

    2. 65 across - really focused on technique, got some pointers too.

  55. Open

    1) 9+13...forgot how misserable this wod is. I have a lot of work to do on cardio
    2) 80 across

  56. Open
    1. 9+1. TTB and WB unbroken, cleans - not so much...
    2. Done with 75#
    3. Hatch squats.

  57. Regional & Games:
    1. 95#. Really concentrated on form.
    2. 315#
    3. 9 rounds. Singles on all power cleans.. 5-5 TTB.. Unbroken wall balls

  58. open

    1) 7rd+ 5 Pwr clean + 2 ttb

    2) 95lbs