Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday 11.25.13

Bring in the New Year, CrossFit Style.
Rest Day.

Make plans on being here for New Year's (The Verve Hotel).  
The next morning we will do a WOD at CNFE and then do brunch.  

Location for the CFNE New Year's Eve Party.


  1. I will be back on schedule after the first week of December. But...I just wanted to share that I PRd my Power Snatch at 130 today! I am visiting family in Michigan and it has been great being back in a CF box (I am normally working out by myself at a health club- an awesome place, but alone none the less. I haven't disappeared. On time posts will be returning soon! ! :)

  2. We had a weightlifting competition today. Pr'd my power snatch by 20
    Lbs at 225 which happens to be my 1rm snatch. BBB!

  3. Rest day...
    On holiday in Cape Town.
    Went up Table mountain and when I wanted to go back down, there was a technical problem with the cable cart...
    So hiked down. Was fun!!! But more like something I should have done on Wednesday.
    Bring on tomorrow!!