Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Friday 11.8.13


1.  Metcon
"Heartbreak Kid"
3 RFT:
10 Front Squats, 185/135
20 C2B
50 DU

2.  Pulls
A.  1x2 Dead Lift
B.  7x3 Speed Deads at 70% of the above double.

3.  Odd Objects/Movements
50m Tire Flip, you choose the weight.
200m Double KB Farmers Carry, 70/53

4.  Rowing
10 RFT:
200m Row

1.  Metcon
"Heartbreak Kid"
3 RFT:
10 Front Squats, 185/135
20 C2B
50 DU

2.  Skills
EMOM x 10:  10 TTB

"Heartbreak Kid" at CFNE.
Rachel, 5:04
Michele, 5:44


  1. would someone mind explaining to me the speed deads? im new to this site, been following for about two weeks. I just did them EMOM last few times. an explaination of the band pulls would be greatly appreciated as well. thanks for the help.

    1. in part A you establish a 2 rep max for the day. on part B you take 70% of your 2 RM and perform 7 sets of 3 deadlifts at a fast pace touch and go.

      Face pulls
      Band pull aparts

    2. thank you Cedric. much appreciated.

  2. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./43

    1. 9:32 Rx (0:50 PR)
    2.a. 375 lbs.
    2.b. 275 lbs. (OTM)
    3. Done
    4. Done; didn't really time. Rowing took about 7 minutes.

  3. 10/7 Open
    1) 12:21 , this is 11 seconds slower than last time. Felt like crap from the very beginning. Last time went unbroken on front squats and half the wod butterfly C2B. My front squats and butterfly C2B are Way better now but Today broke on two sets of front squats, and lost my butterfly after 10. Very frustrating, don't know what's going on today. Only silver lining is my Dubs didn't blow up this time.
    2) Didn't do, pulling the plug and resting, obviously I need it!

    1. It is hard stacking these up four days in a row.

  4. Open: Schedule is all off this week due to some bad back pain.
    1. 10:00
    2. Done

  5. open: 5:40 did rx squats 10 c2b and 30 DU wanted to scale so I wouldn't stop much at all.
    2. did 10 min 8 ttb emotm. improvement from last time i did that, last time I only did 6 and I held on this time and went unbroken till round 7

  6. Open:
    1. 9:50 Rxd.
    2. too tired this week, so skipped.

  7. Open:
    1) 14:13 not RX, scaled to 155 to keep the weight moving. D/u coordination just wasn't there today.
    2) done

  8. Open:
    1) 10:25, a 1:15 pr!!! FS went 5x5, c2b slowed me up, shoulders fatigues from yesterday still.
    2) done, unbroken for 8 rds!

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  10. Regionals.

    1) 9.00
    2a) 418
    2b) done at 295.

    Ran out of time to do the rest. The c2b really slowed me down on the metcon had to stick to sets of 5.

  11. 1) 13:47 (shitty day, couldnt get my head in it this morning)

    2) 405/285

    3) doing later possibly

    4) 16 something, I forget the seconds, I wrote it on the whiteboard and will check when I get back to the box later.

  12. OPEN

    1. Heartbreak Kid - 10:13 Rx (1:32 PR - stoked)
    ... front squats unbroken - work to do on the C2B

    2. EMOM x 10: 10 TTB

    R1-R5 - unbroken
    R6-R7 - 7 unbroken/3
    R8 - 5 unbroken/5
    R9-R10 - 10 ugly singles - kip went right out the window ...

    1. Lol my ttbs went almost identically to yours

  13. Open
    Heartbreak Kid - 7:38rx , first time doing this workout and went much faster than expected. When I started this program two months ago there was no way I could straight set 185# front squats. Pretty stoked!

    TTB EMOM completed as rx

  14. Been dealing with something in my stomach. The doctors originally thought it was the onset of a hernia, but they've kind of ruled that out. Now they're thinking it's an ulcer of sorts. Either way, it always flairs up when I work out. Today was the first day in a week I've been able to hit something. Did some heavy deads, strict presses and a walk through of Heartbreak Kid. DId 1/2 the reps at a walking pace. Felt good today. Hopefully I can get back after it in the next week or 2. Waiting to get into an internist to figure out whats up with my stomach, but the western medical system is fairly worthless. SO. who knows when that will be.

    1. Good luck. I hope everything gets better.

    2. Sorry to hear that Danny, I hope they have good news, even if they do suck a lot.

    3. Sorry to hear that Danny, I hope they have good news, even if they do suck a lot.

  15. Open/Masters 43

    WOD: 12:06, went slow and methodical, legs are fried this week, DU's finally getting there
    2) TTB; done

  16. Damn. That's all I can say.

    1) 6:43 (felt pretty good about it until I see UB sets of 20 C2Bs...another thing to continue to work on I guess)
    2) done

  17. Open:
    1) 14:27 Rx Heavy FS for me - Not my best movement! Broke them up: Rnd 1: straight. R2: 6-4. R3: 3-3-2-2
    First time doing that WOD
    2) TTB completed

  18. Regional

    1. Deads 2RM 405
    2. Speed 315
    3. Metcon 7:37 rxd

  19. Heartbreak Kid: 7:40, absolutely loved how this wod challenged mental and physical ....trying to stand tall for FS, then gut out the others...perfect combo.

    DL: only went up to 365, then did super speed sets (only enough rest to switch between Jimmy and I) at 275. Good stuff

    flipped a big tire back and forth playing with technique and working out options... def worth practicing to get technique smooth.

    ran out of time.

    came back to gym later and did yesterday's row/kb/burp... fun stuff.

  20. got a comp tomorrow guys so i only hit the "heartbreak kid"
    7:44 rx
    i continue to suck fat baby balls at double unders.

    1. Good luck bud. if u do half as good as you do here everyday you will be on the podium for sure. spin the rope fast flick those wrists. and u will own the jump rope.

    2. I can only imagine how much it would suck for a baby to have fat balls hahaha

  21. 10:55 seeing that 5 min video and some of these sub 10 times I'm beginning to thunk being on that leve just isn't gonna happen for me. I've def gotten better the few months I've been following but realism may be setting in.
    2. 405 then 275 felt weak. hit 450 last time
    3. Done and done
    4. 15:43.

    1. It's a journey man.. As long as you keep improving, that's what matters. Sounds like you may need a week off to recover fully.. I contemplate doing that once in a while but I always feel guilty if I'm not wodding

  22. Heartbreak kid: 7:51. Du were crap today as usual. Lol

    Dl 1x2: 480
    7x3: 335

    Tire 380+ ?
    Good first day back after being sick all week can't complain.

  23. "Heartbreak kid" - 10:59
    2. Deadlift: worked up to a 2RM of 315, then did 235lbs 7x3 OTM
    3. Farmer Carries with 60lb db's
    4. 10x10 TTB OTM

  24. Rough day, everything felt heavy and slow...

    1) 13:20. 50 secs slower than last time. Front squats continue to be a huge GOAT
    2) DL - 325. 235 x 7
    3) Tire/Carry - Done, didn't really time. About 12 mins
    4) Row - Didn't time this either.

    Glad to just get through today.

  25. Open
    1) 8:46 @ 155# - 46 sec faster then last time. Went unbroken on 1st round of C2B and last round of DU's

    Didn't have time for TTB.

  26. REGIONAL (usually do open)

    1) "Heartbreak Kid": 6:09 Rx. Everything unbroken first round. Did 15-5 on CTB second two rounds.

    2) 1x2 DL: 405#
    7x3 speed deads: 305#

    3) 50 meter tire flip: done. Don't know how much it weighs.
    200 meter double kb farmers carry: done. Put them down once at 100 meter mark.

    4) 10 rds of 200 m row and 10 GHD: 14:29. Gonna feel those tomorrow.

  27. Open Master
    1. Heartbreak Kid 125# FS 11:38
    2. Emom 10 alternated 10 wbs/10 T2B

  28. Open
    1) 8:21. 25 seconds faster than last time. c2b broken into 5's from the start.
    2)OTM x 5 of 10 ttb then OTM x 5 of as many as many as I could do unbroken. usually 7-8

  29. 1-9:45
    2-B-295 OTM
    4-did 8 rounds in about 13 min, ran out of time.

  30. 1. 11:03, c2b killed me, almost all singles. Squats and doubles smooth and fast but gasping for breath after each round of c2b. This goat is going to be muther to kill.
    2a. 405# weak compared to last week.
    2b. 285# feeling faster and faster.
    3. Did OTMx10 with 7 ttb instead. It was close at end but ALL UNBROKEN. This goat is slowly dying. Can't wait to get to where I can do 10otm x10.
    4. skipped.

  31. Open
    1. 9:04- f.sqts fet great, c2b n du's beat me up! Slower than last time
    2. T2B - done
    3. Made up sqys from yest
    2x3- 300#
    10x1- 275#

  32. Open
    1. 9:19
    2. OTMx10
    Odd- 10 ghd sit-ups
    Even- 10 back ext.

  33. Reg:

    1. Did Wendler Deads, pulled 415x7
    2. Metcon - 7:21...stomach started cramping really bad, not sure why
    3. Done with the heaviest/biggest tire at the gym...which wasnt really that heavy
    4. Rows were all about 1:38/500m pace. Lost count on rounds and just did a 20 min AMRAP instead

  34. Regionals

    Limited time so could only do 1 & 2

    1. 7:31 @ RX

    2. a. 305
    b. 215

  35. Open
    1. 18:55 did 115# front squat bc 130 is 1 RM. C2B were consistently in sets of 3 which is improvement for me.
    2. 5TTB OTM. Would never have gotten through 10 OTM

    Did the deadlifts from regionals and high pulls to work on power clean form

  36. Open
    1) 10:12 PR :47 sec
    2) 5x10 then 4x8 then 1x10 OTM TTB

  37. OPEN:

    9:01 rx'd. Everything unbroken except C2B. I frikin' suck at pull-ups.
    Anyone know the date of the last time we did this one?

    1. Found it. A whole 2:30 better. Guess this stuff works huh?

  38. Wod:13:30
    The third round was MUCH better on d/u and c2b. Should have warmed up better.

    10x 8 t2b emom.
    Done unbroken. Will do 10's next time

  39. Open

    1. "Heartbreak Kid" 10:55. PR by almost 4 min since 8/8.

    2. Done. Was only able to sustain unbroken kipping T2B for 6 rounds, started having to break in rd 7. Completed all 10 rds though, great challenge.

  40. AM.
    1. 4:29
    2. a. 450
    b. 315
    3. didnt do
    4. done. clock messed up. rowed between 1:45-1:48/500m

    My gym was hosting lift up luke wod.
    got 7 rounds + 4. Saw Speal do it so I knew 7 rounds was possible. My setup was a little tighter than his was.

  41. 1. 11:04 Rx stupid slow transitions.
    2. a)315 b)275/225 Just pathetic for my normal numbers was seeing stars this AM.
    3. Done
    4. GHDSU only for time purposes. Taking an extra rest day this weekend think its time.

  42. OPEN

    1) 8;38 RX
    1st round unbroken. Really happy with that!

    2) Done
    8 first rounds unbroken. GREAT DAY!

  43. Open
    1. 12:35 with 155#. Last time, in August, it was 16:55, so 4:20 improvement.
    2. Done, unbroken, but last two rounds mostly by one, resetting - could not string them together.

  44. Master open
    15:29 @ 115
    Otm 10 x 10 ttb

  45. Today was Press day for me

    1. "Heartbreak Kid" - 10:03rx - almost a 3 minute PR :)
    2. TTB done

  46. Forgot to post on here yesterday. Only did heartbreak kid because my back has been having issues this week. First time doing this one. 9:17 rx. Doubles didn't show up until the last round when I finally got them unbroken. Front squats were mostly mental but my back was still a limiting factor

  47. Open

    1) 15:25 - lots of troubles with DU's today
    2) done, very ugly the last couple rounds

  48. 1. 9.58 RXD
    Everything hurt
    Bonus : EMOM x12min
    - 5 front squats 85kg
    - 10 C2B
    2. Dreads: 180kg
    - 20kg down from last week and 30kg from 2 weeks ago
    3. Odd object: 4:02 (230kg tyre)
    4. 13.40min (slow row 8 rnds unbroken TTB)