Friday, November 15, 2013

Saturday 11.16.13

Jono - Great having you at CFNE for the past couple weeks.

1.  Track
4x400, 2 min Rest

2.  Barbell 
A.  6x4 Hang Power Clean, across
B.  2RM Bench Press
C.  3x20 Close Grip Bench, across
D.  4x8-10 Bent Over Row, across

3.  Gymnastics
For time:
20 Weighted Strict Ring Dips - you choose the weight
25 Strict Ring Dips
30 Kipping Ring

4.  Accessory Work
3 x 20 Band Pull a parts
3 x 20 Reverse DB Flyes.

Teams of 3 (one works, two rest)
3 Rounds for time of:
50 Power Cleans, 135/95
1500m row (must switch every 250m)


  1. Any suggestions on breaking down the Open WOD if you don't have a team?

    1. 3rnds of 20power cleans and 500m row or 5 rnds of 10 cleans and 300m row

    2. 1 rd:
      SetsPC x 20, 15, 15
      Row250 m
      Work 1:Rest 2 ratio to completion

  2. 1. Track- Our 400 m track is blocked by military trucks filled with relief goods headed for Tacloban so I rowed 500m with 2 mins rest instead. Wanted a negative split each time and got it.


    2. Barbell
    A. 6x4 Hang Power Clean- This has been a grippy week, did 225, failed on #3 of the 6th set
    B. 2RM Bench Press- 275
    C. 3x20 Close Grip Bench- yep
    D. 4x8-10 Bent Over Row- yep

    3. Gymnastics- 8:01 with a 20lb vest and a 230lb human.

    4. Did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap instead.

  3. Open. Had only 1 partner, so did
    3 RFT:
    35 Power cleans
    1km row


  4. Reg:
    did Rowling instead of runs, still being careful with knee.... I am terrible at Rowling, and my training partners are very good at it...ahh well

    A. HPC's @205....felt good, might have made a few sets at 225 but prob not 6.
    B. 265, really happy considering how rarely this movement comes up, this was my 1RM in July.
    C. @135, perfect weight, last few on each set were iffy.
    D. @135, strict, no dynamic, to sternum.

    3. 6:35, with 20lb vest and 195lb human :)

    4. switched back and forth on sets of these with 20lb (dynamic) and inch wide black band.

    Odd day, like a full on "Get Ha-uge" day, no metcon at all, but still a full day of quality of those days you know you are getting better.

  5. 1. 1:18,1:14,1:10,1:08
    2a. 200
    2b. 300
    2c. 135
    2d. 165
    3. 20# vest 195 human 5:08
    4. Done
    today felt like an old globo gym day. def a nice change to be able to breath the whole workout. well done. have a great weekend.

  6. 1) 1:10, 1:12, 1:11, 1:16

    2a) 225 x 5 then 255 for one set
    2b) 315 (2 rep PR)
    2c) 135
    2d) skipped

    3) 6:16 with 20lb vest, 215 BW

    4) skipped

  7. Reg.

    1. Really would like to get back running, however I tested it the other day and the knee just isn't ready for it yet. Did Rowling with Shane....think I've got it figured out.

    A. 205, felt awesome, did last set of 4 with speed and no pause. Maybe had 225 but may have failed last couple of reps.
    B. Worked to 265. Feels strange going back to the bodybuilding days.
    C. Done at 135. Felt like it was the right weight. Took it to that point to the 15th rep and then pushed out the last 5 reps.
    D. Stayed at 135. Stayed tight nd strict on these no swinging or jerking.

    3. 20lb vest 175lb person. 6:46

    4. Done, great day of work. Gonna enjoy the rest day tomorrow and watch my wife compete at the ghetto games at CrossFit 508. It's her first competition. Excited or her.

  8. Open/masters 47

    1) teamed with Zimnock and Clayton. Not sure about our time.

    2) also did 6x4 hang squat cleans. Worked up to 175.

    1. We were 15:18. We also had 2 people working at a time. Used 115# on PC.

  9. Regionals.

    1) 1.09/1.12/1.13/1.20
    2a) 220
    2b) 220
    2c) 100
    2d) 154
    3) 5.48 w/ a 45# plate
    4) done.

  10. Open
    Team - julia/tyler/matt
    65 pwer cln
    2000 row
    2. H.sqt clns
    6x4- 155/175/195/225/225/245

    Off to Wod & Wings!

  11. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./43

    1. 1:02/1:04/1:10/1:15. These are fast times for me. I had to run at my house. I measured the distance twice. I did feel faster than usual, but this would be a huge improvement.
    2.a. 185 lbs. These felt really good.
    2.b. 235 lbs. My bench has suffered since the "Get Ha-uge" days.
    2.c. 105 lbs.
    2.d. 176 lbs. 8 reps each set. Very strict.
    3. 5:38 with a 20 lbs. weight vest on the first 20.
    4. Done and Done

    1. Ha, likewise on the bench suffering. I did 285 for 5 at the end of that phase. Did it for 2 today.

  12. OPEN
    Team WOD with Ryan & Kendall

  13. Reg:

    Real busy past week, finally caught up. Doubled up just about every day this week, definitely looking forward to that rest day tomorrow!

    1. 1:09, 1:08, 1:14, 1:16. on an indoor (1/8th mile) track. Sharp bend in track probably cost me a few seconds

    2. 240 HPC (none of that starfish business)
    250x2 Bench
    145x20, 135x2x20 CGbench. Arms literally failed after the third set!
    155x10 BoR

    3. ~11minutes w/ 20lbs, 178lb dude, and completely fried arms.
    The pump is real...

  14. That 240 HPC is pretty awesome for a 178 lbs. guy. Great work!

  15. Master open:
    Teamed w Barbara Sessa & Laura H: 26:16. Great traing w you today at CFNE!
    Jono, great having you visit, thanks for all the help you gave me!

  16. OPEN

    Team DEKA (with Max Dufault and Yannick Pinto)
    20:11 RX

    Broke down power cleans in sets of 5.
    Those row sprints felt soooo long in the end.

  17. completed clovis with the gym today to finish up hero week. I wasnt able to do last time it was posted.
    2:07:12 PR by 7 minutes.


    1) 4 x 400 w/ 2 min rest: 1:13, 1:11, 1:10, 1:07. Saved too much at first I guess.

    2a) 6 x 4 Hang Power Cleans across: 235#
    2b) 2 RM Bench Press: 295#. Not a true 2RM. Didn't have a spotter and didn't want to be "that guy".
    2c) 3 x 20 Close Grip Bench across: 135#
    2d) 4 x 8 Bent Over Row across: 135#

    3) Gymnastics: 5:25. Used 45# plate with chain belt for the weighted strict ring dips. Had to sneak a peek at the triceps in the mirror after this one. Holy pump, Batman.

    4) Accessory work: done.

  19. Open
    1) had a team of 2 so did 2 rounds for time in 15:10

  20. Havent been on here most of this week, been prepping for competition today and just wanted to say thank you ben for this programming!!! My last competition that I competed in in tbe elite division (first time competing in elite) was back in august and I got dead last and felt embarrassed. Right after that comp I started following comp wod and im stoked to say I got my first top 10 finish ever, took 9th and may have done better cuz the final wod was in my wheelhouse, but they changed it last minute from top 10 making the final wod to top 8 and I was tied for 8th and the other guy had a higher placement than me giving him the tie breaker and putting me in 9th. But thank you ben for this programming, ive made huge improvements and it really showed this weekend!!!

  21. Just got in what I could as we had a little local comp today.

    2. b) 275 (no spotter) c) 135 d) 135
    3. 8:01 used 18lb KB for weighted.

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  23. Open

    Did the wod with my wife (took some persuading), we did 3 rds of 34 cleans (at 135# and 75#) and 1000m row, in 18:30

  24. Open:
    I've been competing in the Battle of London scaled qualifier the last two weekends.

    12 minute total time cap for parts A & B
    A) 4 rds for time:
    7 Shoulder to overhead 40 kg
    12 toes to bar
    B) In remaining time establish a 3RM hang snatch.

    A) 4:02, 120th, toes to bar weren't much of an issue. Shoulder to overhead efficiency caught up to me in round 4.
    B) 62.5 kg, 34th, started with 40kg and rested 90 sec between sets. Felt easy, should have started at a heavier weight and hit 65 kg. Still had gas in the tank.
    Overall standing of 54th with one more qualifier left.

  25. 1. Done 1:19,1:23,1:22,1:18
    2. Hang cleans 300#
    3. 3rm: 315#
    4. 135#
    5. Metcon(?) haha 5:20 did weighted dips with 25#.

    This was after our local affiliate league event, I did teams with a buddy.
    8min amrap
    50 shoulder 2 oh(115)
    50 nhang cleans
    50 deadlift
    We got 339 reps

    Alternating box jumps
    OHS (115)

  26. Open
    no partner so I did:
    25 Power cleans, 135
    Row 750
    15 power cleans
    row 450
    10 power cleans
    row 300


  27. Open
    Team of two, did 3 rounds of 34 power cleans (135/55) and 1000 row. 20:27.

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