Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday 7.20.21

3 Muscle ups
6 Thrusters 135/95

I think it is important to understand the method behind the madness.  Check out the Programming Philosophy page to get more insight into how the programming on this site is designed.

Right now you should be resting and recovering.  I would prefer that you spent more time away from the gym until we start the "Get Ha-uge" program, but I know how you guys are.  So instead of fighting you on it, here is what you need to do over the next two weeks.  After every training session you need to spend 45 minutes on restoring your body.  That can be anything from MobilityWOD, it can be yoga, it can be general stretching and foam rolling or massage or ART.  I don't care so much what you are doing as long as you are doing it.

Most you you have banged up shoulders or worse yet, limited mobility in your shoulders, which will lead to a shoulder or back injury.  Here is a quick and dirty test to see if you need to be working harder on your shoulder mobility.  Tomorrow I will give you guys a shoulder routine that will help improve your overhead position.


  1. Ben,
    Whats your thought about this scenario...
    From an Open stand point my metcon is above average (finished 210 in the norcal region this year). Have made a ton of head way since March and feel my numbers are well inside the top 100 as of now. Yet my strength numbers are below regional standards...Would it be more beneficial to work my strength components over the next few months, as this blog will be focusing on, or continue to increase my work capacity so I can qualify for regionals come next year?? Thank you for your help.


  2. Sam... From one "metcon monster" to another... Strength is the basis we need... Conditioning is much easier to train if we are strong.... This next coming year is only going to get heavier and harder as we become more "fit". My advice to u... Is to do what feels right in your gut... But if u want to do well at the open / regionals/games... It is important to develop the strength component first and foremost now.
    On a side note...'being an athlete who has made a few mistakes in her training...I have found the best case is to be the "doer" not the " thinker." trust the program and yur coach.. Whether it be ben or someone else. When we think ... We risk cherry picking, overtraining, avoiding movements, and never reallyget the full benefit of our time in the gym .
    Hope I could help

  3. Alright, I've been checking out this blog for a couple days now but I just need to jump in and do the program. I like the way things are periodized for the competitors. I don't have a lot of people at my gym ready for this kind of training but after 2 years of CrossFit I'm looking to get into the competitive aspect myself.

    Ben, you and Heather were at my cert in St. Paul a year ago April and I think you guys just have an awesome attitude and energy about training. Looking forward to just trying to keep up as best I can!

  4. Light day today ... I have a pretty rough competition tomorrow ... Practiced the movements a little ( kinda the way u did last week for games competitors) did an old new England wod "flip cup" with the class ... Did done mobility after and doing more now :)

  5. 7+1 - everything straight, but big rest between sets.

  6. Did this today, coming off Smolov Squat program, no met cons involved. Really rusty. 3 rds + 2MU.