Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday 7.27.12

1.  Power Cleans
10 sets of 3 unbroken TNG Power Cleans, OTM

2.  "Black & Blue"
5 RFT:
10 Power Cleans 135,95
10 Burpees

3.  Recovery Row
Row 7 minutes easy, no straps and no monitor.


  1. Rest day for survival of the fittest (georgia) on Saturday. I'll get back on this on Sunday!

  2. Did this out of order bc I wanted to do the metcon with the class. May have been a little slower on the met con and a little heavier on the pc's the other way.

    -metcon- 4:23rx
    -pc otm- 225,225,225,225,245,245,245,245,265,265

    1. Derek- didn't quite beat u... But in my defense... I did my power cleans first ;)

  3. To start off I'm with a small group of guys from a military unit in Virginia Beach that have been following your programming religiously since May (and we are extremely impressed by it). We are all curious though if we should make any significant diet change or up our protein intake during this upcoming strength period. What do you think Ben?

  4. PC OTM- 205, 205, 215 the remainder, couldn't link all of them TNG
    Metcon- 6:46
    Rowed 1500m in the 7min easy

  5. 3PC's OTM
    -metcon 9:57

    Any nutrition suggestions would be awesome. I'm torn between sticking to my Zone and feeling good or eating like a horse (which started this week) and feeling sluggish but hopefully increasing the getting ha-uge.

    I'm leaning towards a balanced approach of backing down towards my old zone of 16 blocks 2xfat and doing say 18 blocks 2xfat along with 2 recovery/protein shakes. Curious what others may be doing differently during this stage.

  6. For anyone else out there whose competition season is the fall (Garage Games in the Northeast), any thoughts on getting ready for those comps which will probably be more metcon than strength biased?

    Does it make more sense to turn some of the accessory work in the strength phase into metcon as suggested and just accept less strength gains, or go back and do something like the month of pre-regional months and June that have a fair amount of both.


    1. Talked with Ben about this today-I've had alot of CFNE people ask this. Bens response as I heard it was basically that this programming is geared at next games season, so if you are wanting to peak for garage games and optimize your performance for that, this won't help. If that's the case, regular CFNE programming plus specialized goat training would be better. On the other hand, if you're following this there's no reason you can't do GG, just understand that your metcon may not be at its peak.
      Bottom line- its a question of what YOUR objective is.
      Did I get that right, Ben?

  7. 1. 135x2 145x2 150x2 155 (t&g 2 power+1squat clean grrr!!),150x2, 155 ( grrr!! Same as last set ) ended on 145 for a positive

    2. 4;55

  8. Took a rest day today to get ready for my Gymnastics Cert tomorrow in Chapel Hill, NC. Very excited about that, and very excited about the cycle starting Monday. I'm also curious as to what I should adjust with my diet. As of now i'm doing the Zone diet with 3 block meals (as I said i'm a small guy), but I really want to see some gains in my strength. Any suggestions Ben?

    27/ M/ 5'4"/ 132lbs

  9. Hey Derek thanks for the and ideas. As always great advice from cfne about how to get the most from your training.

  10. 185 x 3 x 10 - Should have gone 10-15# heavier.

    Black and Blue 8:45

  11. Ben, I'm excited to start following your programming and get Ha-UGE!

    T&G PC x3 OTM for 10 mins- 215 across the board

    Black and Blue as Rx- 5:28