Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday 7.5.12

Happy Birthday America!
7 Power Cleans 225/155
400m Run

The Games are 8 days away.  It is time to let the last 2 months of hard training catch up.  We have decreased the volume this week and will begin our full blown taper on Monday.  Here is the schedule going forward till the Games.

Friday:  Single
Saturday: Double
Sunday: Double
Monday: Travel/Rest
Tuesday: Single
Wednesday: Single
Thursday: Rest - If for some reason they turn the Games into a 4 day event and start on Thursday, we will be ready.
Friday:  Let the Games begin!

Hope you are enjoyed your 4th of July.  
I took my son Bode for his first swim WOD yesterday.


  1. That kid is adorable! Best wishes at the games everyone! All the hard work and great coaching is going to pay off!

  2. Scaled to 145... Sets broken down 3/2/2 ... Someone restarted my clock in the middle of my wod ;/

    1. I'm guestimating somewhere around 12 -13ish