Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting Ha-uge!

Ok, so I was going to keep this under wraps for another week or so, but I am just too damn excited about this and need to get it out there.

The focus of our next phase is to get strong, damn strong.

Look at the direction of CrossFit over the past few years.  At the 2009 Games Annie T snatched 95# for a 1RM in the snatch event.  This year at the regionals Annie snatched 155#.  This year the girls had to snatch 70# for 10 with one arm.  If you don't have a solid strength foundation you can't compete at the highest level.

Here is another reason why it is worth the time and effort to increase strength.  Imagine your strength at this time is the size of the can on the left.  This can represents the biggest potential of your fitness gains.  You can fill this cup up with as many skills and techniques as you want - You have the best metcon in the sport, you can have perfect lifting technique, you can do flawless butterfly pull ups and you can rip out 200 double unders straight.  But you are limited in your total potential because your skills are limited to the size of the smaller can.
Now imagine that you spend the next two months getting stronger.  You now are represented by the larger can on the right.  When you have more strength you have greater athletic potential as you can fit more skills and drills into the larger can.  

Trust me, improve your strength and you will be a better competitor at next years games.  

Time to get strong.  Time to get Ha-uge! 

I will post the templete for this phase in a day or two...if I can wait that long.


  1. Incredibly ready for this... I am putting this out there right now... Because it will hold me accountable...
    I am committed to following this programming and completely and entirely relinquish controlnof my programming as of now. I will post all work ... Including by extracurricular "out ofthe box" stuff I partake in. I will trust my coach completely and stop worrying about what will happen if I do not " get my metcon fix" This will in turn make me better at doing the things I love to do. Instead of worrying about getting all my skills in, I will invest the ther time in my day on fulfilling my life with social interactions, nutrition, education, and bettering my life by making posiitove changes towards achieving my ultimate goal. Yes, California.... But for the other 362 days out of the year... I want to be a full time coach... Working with the best.... Learning how to be the best coach I can be ... And sharing what I have been taught with the world. :)

  2. Can't wait to see the template!!! Thanks!

  3. Still trashed from overtraining earlier in the week. Did a few girls wod's between the ones my classes did Tues-Thurs(dumb). So no CrossFit today. 2 hour Taekwondo class with lots of stretching was good rehab though.

    Failed the shoulder mob test today and going to work shoulder mobility this evening. Glad you brought it up because I could pass this when I tried it a couple months ago and now it seems like a good indicator of why my Nancy time rolled backwards. I was messing with my stance constantly. Shoulders, seems pretty obvious now.

  4. Ben
    Loved the mobility stuff. Can you spend a few mins about how to "own" mobility vs "renting" it for your shoulders?