Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday 7.24.12

Two happy Dads, Bode and myself 
with Chris and Roark at the Games.
1.  Dead Lift
Work up to a 3 rep max - must come from a complete stop, no bouncing, no touch and go. 

2.  5 RFT:
15 Dead lifts 225, 155
15 C2B Pull ups

Time to "TURN PRO."  
Turning pro is the next level beyond being and amateur.  One of the most powerful realizations on the journey to become a pro is the awareness of Resistance.  Resistance can show up as anything from bad self-talk, to friends or family that resent your commitment, to other temptations that stall your growth as an athlete (drinking with friends, the snooze alarm, etc..)
Overcome resistance, and Turn Pro.
"A pro doesn't over identify with with their work.  So if there is a failure it doesn't knock them out of the batter's box.  A pro doesn't take failure personally or success personally. "
If you have a bad day of training does it carry over into the next day?  A pro realizes there are good days and bad and doesn't get overly excited about either - it's all part of game.


  1. Hey Ben/comp crew,
    I'm positively pumped about your competitors programming! I've been dabbling with your WODS and use cfne for my gyms general programming everyday with few exceptions. Anyhow, we have been following a very similar template for 12 weeks now and have seen some gains and some losses, but overall, very pleased. I really wanted to know your thoughts on some doing Additional conditioning work either on rest days or throughout the week. I workout with a games level athlete at my gym and was considering doing her conditioning work with her which involves a lot of interval sprints, rowing and air dyne work. Would this interfere with tpwhat you have going on? I know you've got a full plate, but any thoughts on this matter would be greats,

    Thx bro!

    1. Welcome on board Kelly.
      In terms of adding some conditioning work, here are my thoughts. Our primary goal during this phase is adding strength - and lots of it. If that means lossing the top end of you engine I am OK with that. It is hard to add 20-30 pounds to the top end of your lifts in 2 months but that is what we are after. This is the time of year, "the off season," to do this. Also, for athletes coming off the Games season, the next two months is a nice mental break. Year after year of 12 months of balls out metcons isn't sustainable.
      If you feel like you are making great strength gains and you are recovering well from session to session you could try adding some interval work in, but not at the expense of getting Ha-uge.

    2. Thanks Ben! I'll take a look at each day and not overdue it. I'm 150# with decent lifts, but could use a little size and a few more #'s on my lifts to make it deeper into regionals this year. Last year the 225's ate me up!

  2. Love this picture! 2 of my favorite Crossfit men! Oh I'm sorry! Yeah ben and chris r awesome too!! :) hehe

  3. 1. Deadlift: 455#*3 dropped from the top then reset

    2. 5 RFT: 10:17 Rx

  4. This is from Pressfield's book "The War of Art" which I highly recommend. It's broken down into 1-3 page segments which also makes it a perfect bathroom book. Put it next to your toilet and you can easily read the whole book in a few weeks depending on how much time you spend in there...

  5. Speaking of Positively Positive... Check out this article:

    Throwing it out there for comment and feedback.

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  7. 3 Rep Max DL: #265

    5RFT: 13:48 RX

  8. 3 rep max dl: 265#

    50m sled push at 135
    25 double unders


  9. 3 Rep max deadlift 175, tried 185- got 2 didn't sacrifice the back on the 3rd and I refuse to wear a weight belt grrr! I have video will send to tonight

    W.o.d 9:16 ... Grip was limiting factor... Florida is Sooo humid!!

  10. 3 RM Deads: 335

    5 RFT RX: 13:23

    Been doing the workout for a few weeks here on Cape Cod
    Getting ass kicked but love it. Seeing gains every day!

  11. Day 2 of comp wod for me. Sorry to drag the grading curve down. I'll save the excuses. I'm going to have to step it up big time! Love the workouts. Exactly what I was looking for.

    3RM Dead 345
    20:20 RX