Friday, July 20, 2012

Saturday 7.21.12

Mel's 400m

50 Pull ups
75 Double Under
50 Wall Balls
75 Double Unders
50 Burpees
75 Double Unders

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Competitive CrossFit athletes need to take extra care of their shoulders.  We do a tremendous amount of vertical pulling and horizontal pushing, which can cause an evil internal rotation of the shoulders.  If you are lacking mobility to achieve a proper overhead position you are robbing yourself of potential and spots on the leader board.  No matter how much stronger you get, even if you can bench 315x5, you won't be able to Jerk or do HSPU on par with weaker athletes if you don't take the time to correct this limitation.

There are a number of different approaches (find what works best for you).  Here is one quick program that you can attack everyday to improve your overhead positioning.  All of these movements are stolen from Kelly's MWOD, heck it out for more ideas.


  1. Thanks for the help with shoulder positions, Ben!Hope to see you guys on the Cape Soon, we can get HA-UGE!

    1. We are going to be on the Cape all next week Mark. We'll definitely see you and Sarah then.

  2. Hey I like the programming. Really looking to improve my performance.