Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday 7.25.12

Montoya's 400
1.  100m Sprint
10 x 100m, OTM
Record the fastest and slowest time.

2.  1000 m Run 
1000 meter Run, easy - Start this "on the minute" following the final 100m Sprint.

After the Run take 5 minutes to warn up for the Bench.

3.  Bench Press
Complete one set for Max Reps.  
Beasts:  205/125
Ninjas:  175/ 105
Rest 2 minutes then complete the same number of reps as fast as possible.

Record the weight and reps for the first set, and the time for the second set.    
Example, on the first set you get 19 reps at 205.  Rest 2 minutes and then do another set of 19 as fast as possible.  The score would look like this; 205x19, 1:34

4.  1000 m Run 
1000 meter Run, easy - Start this immediately following the bench press.

5.  Band Pull aparts
4 x 8-12
Band Pull a-parts...


  1. Hey Everyone,

    Chris Irwin from Reebok CrossFit St. Thomas here. I'm still in Recovery/GPP mode for the rest of this week but plan to start getting Ha-uge on Monday and follow this program as religiously as possible with our trainers. That said, I'd like to suggest that we all take the time to provide legit feedback and discussion points on this blog. As this blog is for those of us striving to go beyond GPP to the level of competitor, I think we are doing each other a disservice if we only post our results from the WOD each day. That's an important piece and we should do that, but we are all only going to get that much better if we share insight beyond mere scores. I personally think nothing is out of bounds provided it helps us all grow as athletes, coaches and people. My two cents. I'll get off my soapbox now...

    Looking forward to getting to know you all over the course of this next year.

    1. Agreed. If I ever figure out how to post on hear a little easier, I'll be more regular

    2. Just use your gmail account to login. Mine keeps me logged in and I haven't had to re-enter anything yet.

  2. M/37/6'-0"/178#
    1. 10×100 (OTM) – 12s – 14s
    2. 1k Run – 6 min/mile pace
    3. Benchpress – 175#/12 – 4:16 (Fail on the last rep hurt the clock)
    4. 1k Run – 6min/mile pace
    5. 4×10 Band Pull aparts – Blue band / hip width

    Thanks to Ben for sharing both your passion and gift with the community.

  3. 1. 100m Sprint, 10 x 100m, OTM: 12/18 middle rounds were slowest brought pace back down last few runs ended w/ a 13
    2. 1000 m Run
    3. Bench Press: 205*13, 2:48 maybe should have gone lighter I expected to be able to do more
    4. 1000 m Run
    5. Band Pull aparts: 4*10 w/ inch thick band

  4. 10x100m OTM 1st run @ :17...all others @ :16! I tried to go faster..legs are tired! LOL some were closer to 17 seconds some were closer to 15... but i didnt stop the clock to know the exact number!

    1000m run 4:36

    Bench Press used 107 (the bar was 22 pounds, i know its awkward)
    15 @ 107, then 1:16

    1000m Run 4:42

    Leaving in 10 min to head back to the gym...ran out of time so I will do them along with my 45 min of mobility before the 4:30 class

    **anyone else feeling some DOMS from Front Squats!? Holy Hades!!

  5. 1.


    175x10, 00:25



  6. 10x100 meter @ 13/15 second splits
    1000 m run
    Bench press @175 22 reps - time 2:12
    1000 m run
    Band .5 inch 4x12

  7. 1.) fastest 12 sec, slowest 16 sec,
    2.) 1000m run 4:45
    3.) Bench Press @ 205# 10 reps, time: 1:41
    4.) 1000m run 4:00
    5.) Band 4 x 12

    This was really fun, really hot at midday in a parking lot though lol loving the programming up here at Crossfit Route 1 Ben!

  8. At crossfit Santa Cruz
    5x1 squat snatch at 135
    Isabel 2:04

  9. 1) 15 / 17
    2) Complete
    3) 175 for 6 (it is so friggin humid in MN right now my hands slid apart on the drenched bar. then (chalked up) 26 Seconds
    4) Complete
    did 10 bench at 155 just to get some reps in
    5) Rogue black band 4x12

  10. 1. 11/12 (measured with Mapmyrun so could have been off slightly)
    2. 1000m
    3. 205 12 reps (2:15)
    4. 1000m
    5 4x10 Muscle driver purple band

  11. 50m shuttle sprints x10 OTMEM: fastest 20sec/slowest 23. immediately after 1000m run- 5:22 (felt SI joint). 5 min rest then- max bench @105=15 reps. 2 min rest then match reps for time=1:07. 1000m run 5:22. Band pull-aparts 4x10.