Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thursday 7.19.12

Rest Day
Be active.  Do something other than CrossFit.


  1. Very relaxing rest day...spent 2 hours at the oceAn laying in the sun! Not very active! But coaching tonight... Which is always somewhat of an active rest !

  2. I am very very very anxious...nervous....excited to embark on this journey. I know what I want...and I am 100% certain that I am prepared to do it. I am also prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen. I am regretting decisions I made in an effort to keep myself "safe and comfortable" because they prevented growth and full potential this year. Not only in CrossFit, but in my personal life. Its amazing the amount of similarities we, as athletes and coaches, can find with our attitudes and efforts in our CrossFit Workouts and our personal lives. What scares us in life, normally scares us in CrossFit. I am ready to give all of that up. I am over being afraid of failing, afraid of what other people might do, or think. I am ready to be the person who listens, does what she needs to do, regardless of the outcome. I have been in a slump, feeling negative, warn out, very down about my many things...for no apparent reason. Thinking back, I am a better athlete today than I was 6 months ago. Yet, as I get better, and thing get harder, I feel like I have taken 3 steps back. So I am done living in what was, what has been, what could have or should have happened. I am moving on. It is a new year, I have a plan in action...and I am making strides towards getting what I want. I don't want to just BE at the home depot center next year, I want to show up to win something! But I also want to feel good and enjoy the journey! After all, ultimately, I do CrossFit because I love it. I love the people, I love the workouts, I love the feeling of being able to help someone push through another set, or another rep. I love being pushed to my limits. I have seen it several times here...and i am a huge believer in the fact that your atmosphere really makes a difference. Negativity feed negativity. Training alone is boring, and less productive. Who I surround myself with will make a difference in my life. Okay I'll get off my soap box...just really excited. I am being patient in the process of rest and recovery..just finding it hard to know what the heck to do with myself. I have a competition on Saturday...very nervous! But thats normal as always! :)