Monday, July 2, 2012

Tuesday 7.3.12

1.  Back Squat
3 x 1 at 90%
2x2 at 80%

2.  Triple Unders
Practice Triple Unders for 10 minutes

3.  5-4-3-2-1
Thruster 185/135
Gut Buster
1 Gut Buster = 1 Burpee + 1 Toe to Bar + 1 Bar Muscle up. 

Master's Competitor (and beast) Eliane Polito leaves it all on the training 
floor as she prepares for her second Games.


  1. 1. BS: 3*1 @305#, 2*2 @275#
    2. Thought it was better for me to practice DUs than start playing with triples, plan was to get as far in Flight Simulator in 10 minutes as possible was going so well ended up finishing it in 11:48 Rx, PR
    3. 10:31 Rx, thrusters were heavy and took majority of the time, Gut Busters were fast liked these a lot

  2. Actve rest day today ... After doing horrible on the clean complex yesterday.. Mentally feeling pretty crappy .. Worked on triple unders though... Goof to rest again tomorrow and get back on track on Thursday ... just feeling alittle burned out!

  3. 1.) Backsquat 3x1@300 2x2@270
    2.) Triple under work. Chained 2 together I was proud and have the cuts on my leg to show for it.
    3.) This wod was a lot of fun loved the gutbusters. Scaled the weight to 155 finished in 7:25

  4. Love the picture of elaine. She is going to rock the Games! See you there my friend.