Friday, July 6, 2012

Saturday 7.7.12

Session 1
1.  Medball Toss
A.  While performing a GHD sit up, throw a med ball as far as possible - 10 attempts, no time component.
B.  In 30 seconds throw as many med balls as possible, as far as possible.
Dudes: 8# ball
Chicks: 4# ball

2.  300 yard Shuttle
Run 50 yard and back
Run 100 yards and back

Session 2
Track Triplet
3 RFT:
8 Split Snatches (115, 75)
7 Bar MU
400 meter Run

Are you in an environment that is going to grow your potential? 
Do you surround yourself with people that have positive effects on your life?
Feeding your mind with the right mental diet starts with being around positive people.


  1. Just checking... This is different then what was on here earlier .. Although it looks like more fun! Lol ... What's the weight on wall balls and split snatches

    1. i get it lol ...just looked at the games site...awesome!!

  2. Forgot to post yesterday!
    Fri work - 7:42... Rope climbs were the limiting factor.. Scaled box jumps to 30"

    Sat- only one session today ... Did part 2 11:32 with red band

    Will try and figure out how the heck to do the wall ball thing tomorrow ..thinking about chucking water balloons lol