Sunday, July 8, 2012

Games Week

Team CFNE training for the 400m relay.

The Games are here.   Below is the programming for the week leading up to the big weekend...

Travel/Rest - try and move around a lot while you are traveling.  Bring a lacrosse ball on the plane or in the car with you.  Get out of your seat every 45 minutes, stand, stretch and move.  Take your shoes off and roll your feet while sitting.

Back Squat, 3 rep heavy
Push Press, 1 rep heavy
Deadlfit, 5 rep heavy
The goal today is to get some weight moving.  Stimulate the CNS.  Get some testosterone pumping.  Without over taxing the body.  

1.  3 Rounds for time:
3 Squat Cleans, 185/135
5 Muscle ups
7 Handstand push ups
9 Calorie Row
1 minute rest between rounds.
Don't need to go guns-a-blazing on this.  This is a "pregame walk through."  Pace the first three movements (unbroken if possible) and then go hard on the row.  Recover for 1 minute, rinse, wash and repeat.

1.  Cleans
5x1 Cleans at 75%

2.  Walk Through
5 Power Split Snatches 115, 75
5 Bar Muscle ups
5 Burpees
5 Box Jump 30/24"
5 Med Ball GHD Sit ups 10/8#
1  Rope Climb
Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat

Don't be a slave to the rep scheme or even the movements.  Do what feels right.  The idea is to get moving and get exposure to some of the known movements patterns,  prime the CNS, not tax it.

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  1. I am so excited to see TEAM NEW ENGLAND AGAIN! You guys are so awesome!! I am flying in late tomorrow night. GOOD LUCK TEAM!! Thanks BEN for everything! THIS BLOG i giving me something I can stick to ..and I am feeling stronger everyday! Sad I am not competing...but I have time...and now i can work on fixing all the little things and enjoy watching some awesomeness!! Love you guys!!!