Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday 7.28.12

1.  "Fight Gone Bad"
Complete AMRAP in 1 minute of:
Wall Balls, 20/14
SDHP 75/55
BJ 20"
Push Press 75/55
Row for Calories
Repeat for 3 rounds, rest 1 minute between rounds.

2.  Foam Roll 
Adductors and Posterior Chain for 12 minutes

We now have FOUR metcon benchmarks established before we begin our Strength Phase.
1.  Sprints: 10x100m, OTM - no load, short time domain
2. AMRAP 9: Thruster/MU - heavier load, more technical gymnastics, and moderate time domain.
3. "Black & Blue": 5 RFT of PC/Burpee - Moderate load, short to moderate time domain. 
4.  FGB: 3 rounds of multiple movements - lighter load, longer time domain.

These benchmarks will let you know when your metcon is back up to speed.  Over the next two months we will be focusing on getting bigger and stronger.  Improving your metcon will go on the back burner for a while, but these benchmarks will let you know exactly where your wind is relative to before getting huge.
Who you train with matters.
Do the athletes in your gym push you?  Do they beat you in workouts?
If you don't have good training buddies - get some, or move to Natick.


  1. What's your suggestion on warm ups? Mobilize row/run... Should it stay routine? I have been doing the standard cf warmup for a long time most days .. But I change out the uppermost movements depending on the wod pullups/ring rows push ups/hspu/ring dips... But I'm kinda stuck with my progress on the movements... Meaning... I want to get better at strict pull ups... But they haven't gotten any easier lol ... Is this warm up overtraining the movements? Should I shift to a more workout specific warm up? And save calisthenic progressions for when it's programmed into my workouts? N e suggestions ?

  2. I will do fight gone bad tomorrow ... I have to train early on Saturday's and I'm by myself.... So tomorrow I will do it during open gym ...
    I made up the thruster m up benchmark from last Friday ...( had a competition last Saturday)
    Got 6 rounds even thrusters easy muscle ups still hard for me most sets 1+ 2 or 2+1

  3. 1. FGB: 400 Rx, PR and 2012 goal, got 17 cals on last row to get exactly 400
    After did 5*8 DB bench all w/ 100# felt good

  4. FGB 356 it was tough, I will keep that as my PR but I think I could do better fresh.

  5. Fgb 346. Impossibly sore from being on vacation and then jumping back in, so very happy with that score.

  6. FGB 274. Need to embrace the suck a lot more. Got my brother coming to town in a few weeks so somebody at our gym will start beating me on wods. Natick sounds good but it's a bit of a commute.

  7. 364. First ever FGB.

    Gamed too much in the beginning, not enough push at the end. Was shooting for 400 and feel I could have gotten there.

  8. 399 Rx. My wife Katie got 287 (12 lb med ball cuz thats what we got)
    We work out in my garage gym in Northern California. I've played around with different programming but excited to follow this site and looking forward to getting ha-uge! I've trained some at South Tahoe CrossFit and participated in local competitions and gym throwdowns, also participated in the Games Open the past two years. Hoping this programming helps me achieve my goal of making reginals. Thanks for sharing all the info...much appreciated.

  9. 398 not happy... Lol not a PR! Was hoping to hot 415 today... USed regionals standards on box jumps for easier comparison for next time... Definiitely had some more in the tank... Gamed it too much this time. Ah well... I'm ready to get ha-uge!!