Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday 7.29.12

Congrats to Elaine for her podium finish at the Games.

Rest Day

Tomorrow begins the Get Ha-uge program.


  1. Excited and nervous at the same time! Any recommendations as far as supplementation during this phase? I have been taking An amino acid drink with 5 g of creatine before my workouts for the past month... I was thinkin about taking out the creative though for a bit and see if it is really helping ....injad read an old cf journal suggesting
    1. Creatine
    2. Amino acids
    3. Protein+carb drink pwo
    4. Beta alanine
    5. Microlactin

    ... Just want to take this time to dial in on everything... Including food quantities and such

    Currently I do progenex ( only after really tough workouts ) with coconut water pwo; I also do as I said a product called "recoup" before my workouts with 5 g of creatine mixed together

    Trying to see what others suggest :)

    1. I would stay on it personally. Creative and strength-building are a natural combination.

    2. Creative...creatine

    3. I am a big fan of creatine and BCAAs but do what you feel works best for you.