Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Week

Dan Camp, SPP, Andrew G.

This is a lower volume week by design - don't destroy it's intent by doing a bunch of extra stuff.

1.  Snatch 3x1 at 80%
2.  10 x 1 Front Squat
3.  2K Row at 1 minute slower than PR

Merry Christmas
Rest Day

Rest Day

1.  Clean and Jerk 5x1 across
2.  Back Sqaut, 3 rep heavy - not max
3.  3 RFT:  12 Thrusters (115/80), 6 Muscle ups

Rest Day

1.  AMRAP 8: 10 wall balls (30/20), 10 BJ (30/24), 10 TTB
rest 12 minutes
2.  3 RFT: 7 Deads (315, 225), 400m Run

Rest Day


  1. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays y'all!!!

  2. Question re: Thursday programming, 5x1 Heavy? Or what %?

    1. For the CJ, 5x1 across - heaviest weight you can get for five singles without missing.

  3. 1. 165#

    2. 255# (85%)

    3. 8:31 (target time 8:30)

  4. Monday-

    1- 160 (if I had to bet, I'd say I was catching just above parallel, so technically power snatches)

    2- 275 every 0:30 for 5:00

    3- Short on time today, lots of Santa errands to do!

  5. What's the run equivalent of a 2k row?

  6. New to the program, starting today. Just a question about mondays wod, are the front squats ascending or are they across at a fixed weight. Thanks in advance and thank you for the programing.

  7. 1) 185 across

    2) 275x2, 285x3, 295x1, 300x2, 305x1, 315x1...Hit 325 but depth was questionable, hit parallel but may not have gone below, 20lbs PR buzzkill

    3) did not do the Row, had fun with my community and did the 12 days of christmas WOD

    **Merry Christmas To ALL you savages**

  8. Did Xmas eve wod at my box...29:06...I hate burpees

    10 Turkish Get-up (Each arm) (53lb)
    20 Ground-to-Overhead 185
    30 Knees to Elbows
    40 Walking Lunges (Each Leg)
    50 Burpee
    20 Walking Lunges (Each Leg)
    15 Knees to Elbows
    10 Ground-to-Overhead 185
    5 Turkish Get-up (Each arm) 53lb

    32yo m, 5'9 207lbs

  9. 1. 135. Across. Changing grip position-going wider. I think this will help my snatch -felt better in the squat for sure
    2. 165/185/295/225/245/255/265/275/285-pr/295-miss, barely.
    3. Subbed sdhp, 6:43 (200reps)

  10. Monday
    1. Snatches- went heavy since my volume hasn't been very high with flu etc. worked on split snatches. Worked up to 215# split snatch pr. Stopped there -wanted to end on a high note. Still 30# below snatch or but I'm psyched about this. These will be much better on my shoulder and I have a ton of upside to this number
    2. 275-325. Felt solid
    3. Check

    Merry Christmas to everyone and your families. God Bless you all.

  11. Snatches- 130#
    Front Squat- 225#-315# (315# PR)
    2K Row- 8:09.5

  12. Snatch 165
    Front squat singles 275x2, 285x2,295x5
    2k row in 8:01

  13. Monday:
    1. 170#
    2. 290# across OTM
    3. 8:11.5 2k row

  14. 1. 205
    2. 315 across otm
    3. 2000m run 7min mile pace.

  15. 165 across
    225,255,265,275,285,295,305,315 PR,275,275
    Merry Christmas

  16. Wasnt sure if going heavier for the fs on a deload type of week was a good idea, so kept it to a certain %age, but after seeing all your numbers I should have. Or there is no right or wrong approach in a deload week?

  17. Monday:
    1. 180#
    2. 290# across
    3. 8:14.4

  18. Christmas: Did Monday's work
    1. 125 135 145 (ugly not feeling strong today)
    2. 255 across (felt very heavy today - did 265 last week and thought I could go up WTF)
    3. 8:00.8 (hard to go slow enough - 40 seconds off pr)
    4 Tabata situps: 13 past pr very easy

  19. wed
    just starting my week! coming back from a much needed break !
    did Monday's work
    1. 125 across
    2. 195 across
    3. 8:21

  20. Thursday 12/27

    1. 255#, no miss :)

    2. 345#

    3. 8:50.... 2nd and 3rd set of MUs were broken up. 3rd set took forever.

  21. Thursday 12/27/12

    1) 220#... Good weight for the clean, jerks were a little off today

    2) 275#... Definitely not my 3RM, but was a good weight for this week

    3) 4:18.. Got hung up on last set of MU's

    1. Did my thrusters at 120# instead of RX because my female training partners felt 115 was to light compared to their 80#

  22. 1. 255#
    2. 285#...not very heavy but good for today
    3. 5:32. MUs crushed me this morning.

  23. 1) 255#...Still having extreme difficulty getting under the bar..have video of some of my misses at 265 and the bar is literally chest high and I cannot drop under to any and all suggestions for help with this.

    2) 305#

    3) 4:07....Had a plan for this one, I knew I probably wouldnt do all the muscle ups unbroken so I just hit 3s and dropped, shook it out, and hopped back up...all thrusters unbroken. Happy with this.

  24. 1. 145 power clean and push jerk... stayed lighter to work on jerk position
    2. 185 at moderate weight
    3. 7:35- muscle ups got ugly!

  25. Ben - will you be releasing any sort of template for the Build the Engine phase? I've really enjoyed the Goat work and the results for me personally have been great! Thanks for all you do!

  26. Clean & Jerk- 215# across
    Back Squat 3 Rep Heavy- 315#
    Thrusters/Muscleups- 8:49 RX

  27. 1. 205 across
    2. 325
    3. After the cleans, and having rested the past two days, I am getting a very bad "ache" and "weakness" in my elbows and shoulders to the point that at times it hurts to pick up a 10 lb plate. If i take some Advil I feel pretty good. In any event, I am wondering if any if you have any experience with similar issues and what the protocol might be. It is really frustrating!!(today was not the first day this happened)

    1. hey there! check out episode 223 I believe ... talks about elbow pain and fixing the rack position! no personal experience with that kind of issue... but Kelly starett is the man! :) hope this helps!

    2. I will def check that out. Thanks!

    3. Mark,

      I've had CrossFit elbow for about a month now. I have two suggestions....hopefully they will start working for both of us.
      1. Order the Voodoo Floss Bands from Rogue and take a look at the Kelly Starett demo video. Use before and after workouts, or whenever you have time. It works better to have someone twist/stretch your arm and forearm with the floss band on.
      2. Buy some dixie cups, fill them with water, and put them in the freezer. Use them to ice your elbow/shoulder several times a day. It is a much better tool (because of the massage aspect) than simply putting an ice pack on the localized area. I have been grabbing a towel, putting my elbow on it, and just laying on the couch and icing it down for about 7-10 minutes at a time or until the ice is all melted away.

      If you have already done this, I apologize for the redundancy. Best of luck. Let me know if you find anything else out there. I feel your pun intended.

  28. 1. 275 across
    2. 315
    3. 5:08 felt goood

  29. 1. 115-125-120-120f-120kg. Felt good at first but almost missed 125kg so went back down to 120, then missed :(
    2. 355
    3. 6:54...MU were/was/is still a goat

  30. Thursday:
    1) 255 c+j
    2) 375 squat
    3) 5:35 3RFt

  31. Thursday

    1)245 cj across
    2)245 BS
    3)06:18 rxd

  32. 235 across
    around 7 min time was off, felt good thrusters were great mu 3 at a time

  33. Monday

    3)2K row felt good 07:11 PR 06:34

  34. thursday
    3-5:59rx muscle ups felt good until last round.

  35. thurs.

    1. C&J 280 across
    2. 365
    3. did 1 round. shoulder starting hurting

  36. Thursday-

    1- 235, cleans were easy power cleans but my jerk is my limiter so I focused on hitting them with solid lockout

    2- 335

    3- DNF, I was around 8:15 with 1 rep to go and missed twice, didn't feel like risking injury with more shaky attempts

  37. Saturday 12/29

    4+22/142 reps


    Labored through this one. Felt the lack of sleep. Second was part was a leg wobbler.

    "I don't have bad days. Just different degree of good days."

  38. 12/27
    1) 225
    2) 335

    1) 175
    2) 305
    3) 7:35

  39. Saturday
    1) 5+21
    2) 6:24
    Fun workouts. First one smoked me.

  40. 12/29/12

    1) 5 rounds flat = Box doesnt have a 30lb med ball so made a make shift one, weighs around 34lbs ish.

    2) 8:06

  41. 1.5+10 (did thrusters with the bar for walk balls.
    2. 9:52 rx'd.

  42. 6 rounds then died 15 seconds before time was up hahah.. Didn't have 30 inch box but the bar I was holding for TTB was really thick so I think that made up for it because I kept flying off of it even with an alternating grip

    6:13 did it with 400 meter row instead all the treadmills were taken. Everything unbroken felt great

  43. AMRAP8- 4 Rds(120 Reps) 20# ball didnt have 30#
    Deadlift/400 M- 9:05

  44. 1. 4+18. Subbed 60lb db thruster. (Snowing outside all day-which is where I wallball)
    2. 8:21 w/265 deads
    Successes: broke t2b's into 5's like goat training. They went quickly. Box jumps need a good bit of work as does my running

  45. Replies
    1. I got in a car accident this morning, my two little cousins that follow this blog were with me. My cousin, Dwight, was knocked out. He got a cat scan and him, as well as me and my other cousin Hannah are 100% okay! I have two things to thank. First, God for extending his mercy ad grave to keep us safe! Second, our physical fitness from crossfit to keep us strong and injury free!

      Guys this life is very fragile. We could be here one minute and gone the next. By no means do I ever want to push my faith on someone, but by no means do I ever want to deny someone the priveledge of knowing his love. If anyone wants to know more just look me up on facebook and I would love to talk to you!

      WOD hard, Love harder!!

    2. Taylor- thank God you and your family are ok.
      I had a similar incident earlier this year when I was hit by a car during a wod. Walked away without a scratch. Definitely the grace of God that protected me that day. Good for your for recognizing the same and not being afraid to say so.

  46. 1. 5rds + 16 = 166 reps
    2. 6:17 rxd

  47. 1)4+16 gotta keep working on ttb
    2)11:30 315# buried me. Proud of the 4-3 rep scheme I was able to keep. 315# was 90%a of my last max.
    Im a masters competitor who just started your programming dec 1st

    1. great to have another master's athlete boyce! I've really enjoyed this site and have found it very beneficial

  48. Okay so yesterday ended badly....part one...1 round +10 wall balls +3 box jumps + trip to the e.r. and 22 stitches :( I have no idea why or how this happened. Seriously thought it was going to be a little bump. Ugh this just really this week and next week are going to be a nightmare...someone is trying to tell me something. The worst part is, I felt fine...not sluggish or tired...feeling i ever felt about that 20# wall ball! But thats when sh*t happens right? Ugh Happy New Year to me! Going to have to nurse this bad boy!
    Amazing how CrossFit changes you though, i think i was more upset about what this would do to my training for the next 2 weeks (which i was ready to get back into!) than the actual pain.
    Ah well...Hoping I will be able to modify this week and next...guess i will building a stronger upper body!

  49. Saturday's Work

    1. 4 rnds+2 No 30# ball so subbed 15 20# reps for 10 30# reps
    2. 9:09 uncertain of the run distance - happy to get the DLs unbroken

  50. Monday. 1. stayed light 5x1 @135
    2. 245 10x1
    3. 2000m row 7:14

  51. Thursdays work
    1. I went ascending 225-245-255-255-260
    2. no back squats today
    3. did a different metcon today will do this tomorrow.