Friday, December 14, 2012

Saturday 12.15.12

Former Master's Champ, Big Bri.
5 RFT:
800m Run
30 KBS, 70/53
30 Pull ups


  1. 38.38. Changed time today and hit it at 6:45. A little off my game but not bad

  2. 37:08 PR
    Grip limiting factor, lungs fine

  3. 38:40 my forearms got a thumpin haha. Forgot minimal shoes ran in olys.. Felt sweet ;)

  4. Had the chance to go wod with a competitors class at crossfit Nola 504 today, so took the oppurtunity to get out the garage and wod with some new people: we did open wod 11.4
    10 min amrap:
    60 bar facing burpees
    30 OHS (120#)
    10 MUs
    Score: 141 reps

  5. DNF- Had to stop after last run on round 5. Hand was on fire so didn't want to tear. 33:36 without last 30 KB and pull-ups. Upset bc was on pace for a PR.

  6. ugh this wod is prob one of my least favorites! lol long story short... when I was in my first year of Crossfit ... and was able to successfully start Linking a few pull ups together... and was able to start swinging the big kb around a few times.. I thought this woukd be a great wod! I think it took me 48 min ... with a red band after my first round and the kbs were in sets of 3-4 @ best! back then... running was easy.. lol well I was only about 100# then too! I never wanted to do this wod again, but I was a very structured .com follower... so it came up around may of 2011... did it and shaved off a good 14 min and was happy! ... thing is... now this wod is all mental for me ... ^sub 35 on this wod is good!... and I feel like there comes a point when u really can't get n e faster... then I did it again in Massachusetts at CFNE and went ^sub 34! then again in April 2012 ^sub 33.... today... 33:07....
    sucks redoing a wod and starting out feeling like u know it's going to be hard to beat a PR ... but it's a different day...a different environment.... no one pushing me.... so I went in today to tackle a new demon...
    not everyday is about doing something faster than I did before ... some days... it's just about the stimulus and the efficiency .... I may have run slower today... heck... I ran a completely different route! my garage set up is less than ideal for n e thing besides tight Kipping pull ups or there was no butterfly...but I was focused.... I was consistent...and I had a plan of attack snd stuck to it!
    all kbs unbroken; pull ups in no more than 3 sets a round... and run steady pace ... only chalk up 1 x a round... if u need to rest ... u have to sit with that feeling and not use an excuse! proud of myself ;)

    1. Love these comments. Great stuff Cheryl!

  7. Almost full strength after a week and a half off to rest a back injury.
    Hands made it all the way until the last set of pullups and they mushed under the bar and tore pretty bad. Probably should have finished in 36 min but I cried like a bitch doing my last set of 20 and took way too much time.

    1. I hear you Dr. Same thing happened to me.

    2. It was a dumb move on my part.....combination of travel, extra busy week in the office, and over-training in the lumbar stabilizers= no bueno

    3. Oh, you meant the hand rip probably. Yeh bummer when that happens, I think I need to work on my grip technique on the kb and the pullup bar. That workout always seems to trash my hands!

  8. Took it easy skipped Eva bc of knees
    Did 6 rds of
    10 ring dips, 10 2 pd kbs, 10 p/u with 20# vest
    400m run otm 3 min. 1:22, 1:24, 1:38
    3rds of
    15 weighted sit up and 5 bar m/u with small red band

  9. I worked out with my home box.
    30 DL (135#)
    25 sdhp (88)
    20 bar facing burpees
    200m front rack walk (135#)
    25 Power cleans (135)
    200m run
    Then 10 min amrap
    5 hand release push ups
    10 lunge jumps
    10 knees2elbows
    Did 12 rounds+ 9lunge jumps

  10. First time doing Eva. 44:14 in the rain with sinus infection. Im pleased but want better.