Sunday, December 30, 2012

Monday 12.31.12


1.  Snatch Complex
1 Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch + OHS - work up to a max set.

2.  Front Squat
3 RM

3.  4 RFT:
10 Squat Snatch, 115/80
15 TTB

Pick one of the following (A, B, or C), base on greatest weakness...
A.  Handstand Push ups
OTM x 14
5 HSPU - rings, elevated, kipping or strict

B.  Handstand Walking
OTM x 14
10M Handstand Walk

C.  Overhead Strength
OTM x 14
6 Push Press


  1. Quick question, for the 3RM & 10RM FS.

    Generally how many sets should we use for warm up sets, is that just over thinking it? Usually for a 3RM I usually hit about 4-6 warm up sets until i hit my work set. Just wanted to ask and see if it matters.

    Also, any particular theory with doing a 3rm and a 10rm in the same day? Seems like a large jump as far as weight goes.

    Just curiosity coming out! Cheers guys!

    1. hey! not a science by any means but I tend to use my warn up sets to help me figure out where I want to before my 10 rep ...typically I hit about the same amount of warm ups for my 3 reps as u do... then I hobby how the warn up felt to delors my bar to appropriate weight... make sense?

    2. Yeah, that's perfect! I imagine asking that question is just over thinking it. Just trying to be efficient!

  2. 1. 185#, PR

    2. 305/275#, PR

    3. 11:51

    4. HSPU....60 reps.
    8x5, 5x3, 1x5

  3. 1. 80kg, failed at 87kg, felt good just a miss out front
    2. 3rm-130kg, 10rm-110kg
    3. 10:32
    4: hspu strict

  4. 1 150# Power snatch is holding this from going any higher
    2 260/205# PR
    3 8:42
    4 will get to it later in the day, I was spent

  5. 1) 155
    2) 315, 295
    3) 9:03
    4) HSPU on 25's

  6. 1) 195
    2) 315, 265
    3) 8:51- humbling
    4) later today

  7. Snatch Complex-135#
    Front Squat-275/185#
    GOAT-Handstand Walk OTM x 14

  8. 175 snatch complex
    275 and 205
    Push Press 145 (9 rounds), 135 (2 rounds), 115 (3 rounds)

  9. 1. Complex: 135 Pr touch and go
    2. 3Rm FS 275 (pr) 10 Rm FS 235 Pr
    3. 12:25 Rx. Psyched to get the majority of the squat snatches with a narrow stance - it clicked today.
    4. Skipped arms smoked

  10. 160, 170 power sn + hang sq sn+ (failed sq sn)
    275, 225
    7 min otm hs walks
    7 min hspu otm

  11. 185
    6:03 felt awesome
    Fell apart during hspu couldn't finish

  12. 1. 135, just missed 145 from the ground.I did well with it from the hang. I have widened my grip which Is helping me get the bar in the correct overhead position.
    2. 255 (I had 10-15 more)
    3. 15:52 I would love to complain,but I only missed about 6 reps of the snatch . t2b's were pretty
    4. pushpress 115*8, 125*6.

  13. M / 5'8 / 165

    1. 195#, 200# failed on full squat snatch
    2. 3rm= 275, 300(f)
    10rm= 245#
    3. 6:24 RXd
    4. Push press

    1. Pretty pumped about getting the power snatch and hang squat snatch at 200#!

  14. 1. 205. Felt super steady in the catch today. Big time improvement in my snatch since I started this program along with the coach B snatch practice.
    2. 335 - 3rm 305- 10rm
    3. 6:09 Rx didn't miss one the squat snatch really steady and consistent in the catch.
    4. HSPU unbroken/strict

  15. 1. 185#
    2. 285 3rm, 260# 10rm pr
    3. 9:31- t2b need lots of work.
    4. Hs elevated - did 2 minutes with 45# plate. Shoulder started to hurt, switch to Hs walks at 10m and didn't break once. Stoked about that. Felt good after a poor performance in the MetCon

  16. 1. 200#. PRd Power snatch when I got 205# but then dropped on the hang squat snatch.

    2. 3RM: 275#, just missed 300#.
    10RM: 245#

    3. 9:59. Pathetic but expected after the food I have eaten the last couple days.TTB need work as well.

    4. Ring HSPU: 1-7:2reps, 8-14:3reps

  17. 1-135 wasnt feeling it so i stayed light and focused on technique
    3-11:56 rx
    4-hspu all unbroken

    time to focus on diet and sleep, definitely a limiting factor today.

  18. 1)150# 5 heavier than last time. Hang taking me out
    4) split between hspu and pp@115#

  19. Complex: 160 (limited by hang snatch)
    3RM Front Squat: 285
    10RM Front Squat: 250
    WOD: Didn't write down the time
    Goat: 5 HSPUs OTMx14

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