Sunday, December 2, 2012

Monday 12.3.12

Heather B.

1.  Snatch
A.  Squat Snatch, 3x1 - from high hang - at the pockets
B.  Squat Snatch, 3x1 - from below the knees

2.  Front Squats
A.  3RM
B.  10RM

Pick one of the following (A, B, or C), base on greatest weakness...
A.  Handstand Push ups
OTM x 20
Odd: 5 HSPU - rings, elevated, kipping or strict
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row

B.  Handstand Walking
OTM x 20
Odd: 10M Handstand Walk
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row

C.  Overhead Strength
OTM x 20
Odd: 6 Push Press
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row


  1. I also am LOVING this programming. Technique is up and metcon engine feeling better.

  2. 1.
    A. 145x2, 155x1
    B. 175x2, 185x1

    A. 285#
    B. 255#

    3. A. 5 Paralette HSPUs and 200 m run combo.

    First time to WOD using paralettes and consistent in keeping runs under a minute.

  3. 1. a. 125
    b. 120
    I'm lifting in a garage right now and it sucks! kept losing 135 behind me.. happened last week too! this is new... normally my issue is getting under the bar... now I can't seem to get in a good position over head ! grr!!
    2. 185(3) 200(2) then 185(8 reps)
    3. doing this at 2 with some friends

    1. Hey Cheryl, since your doing the same programming you know the kind of workload we have, would I be able to email you and shoot you off a few questions regarding muscle up/HS walk work?

    2. please do! would love to help !

    3. part 3... went with parallette hspu today & running... feel like my rowing gas gotten better and it was a running workout on Saturday that gassed me themost
      appx 4"-5" deficit
      runs all between ;35-;38 seconds

  4. 1. A.175,185,195
    1. B. 175,195 miss, 195

    Short on time 235 & 205 had more on both for next time
    3. Chose A.
    Did first 8 rounds of HSPU Unbroken then kipped last 2 rounds. Honestly chose to skip 2 of the run so I could stay with the minute. Runs between :40-:45

  5. 1. A) 86 B) 76
    2. 132 (7# PR) and 110
    3. Kipping HSPU. Awesome WOD, perfect intensity & timing for myself.

  6. 135, 155, 185
    185, 195, 205f

    Just realized for the otm I read through it too quick and did double the work. I did both things every minute instead of odds n evens. No wonder why I was dying

  7. Squat Snatches - 95x10x1 (stayed light to work mobility/form and protect knee)
    Front Squat - 275x3, 225x10 (stayed light, nursing knee)

    HSPU/Row, HSPU scheme was calibrated in real-time
    Round 1-2: 3 uglies on parallettes
    Round 3: 3 kipping on 2 plates
    Round 4-5: 3 kipping on 3 plates
    Round 6-9: 4 kipping on 3 plates
    Round 10: 5 kipping on 3 plates

    Will plan better next week...

  8. 1.a)175 b)185 (F#3)
    2. 325x3, 275x10
    3. 5 strict HSPU + 200m run

  9. 1a, 155,165,175
    1b, 165,175 f found these harder because my knees were in the way
    2a 285 x2 back still not better
    2b skipped
    200m run with 8 in deficit hspu kipping (brutal)

  10. Coming off an awful week battling the flu. 1 wod in 8 days. Still not 100% but better.

    Goat thing/ shoulder rehab- :30 handstand hold working in keeping ball in socket and stabilizing; run 200ish meters (think its probably about 160ish. Convinced myself in minute 6 that I was only doing 10. Finished it for some reason.

    Few sets of 3 front squats stayed light

    Worked on a few light sets of split snatches. Think I'm gonna have to get real friendly with these. Felt pretty good.

    Shoulder rehab/prehab stuff

    Felt good to get moving.

    1. Damn dude. Glad you are feeling better.

  11. 115.135.155
    135.155.165. Did 175 just to do it. Full snatch from ground.

    Squated yesterday so I did PP. 3RM 195. 10RM 145.

    200M Run with HSPU Kipping. My biggest goat for sure. Terrible. Even had to scale with another mat for the last 5 minutes.

  12. 75, 85,95
    95, 105, 110

    85# PP. average 40 second 200m runs

  13. 1. 145/155/155
    2. 225 (back tweeky )
    3. HSPU w/ 200m Rows.
    One abmat, strict. Finished all set in about 12-15s
    All rows done with about 15s to rest.

    Loved it.

  14. Name is Joel. I'm new here!! Wanted to try something different. Shout out to Kevin Montoya who was my gymnastics instructor in Oakville, Ct.

    Stats: 5'7 170.

    A. Hi-Hang Squat Snatch: 165
    B. Hang Squat Snatch: 170

    No misses. Kept rest periods at :30 seconds. Did 7x1. Sorry.

    Front Squat
    3RM: 255
    10RM: 215

    Chose B.
    OTM x 20
    HSW 10m (Odd)
    200m row (Even)

    HSW unbroken and kept the row at a 138-142 pace.

  15. M/225#/6'2/25

    1. A: 135, 155, 185
    b: 185,205,215(f)
    2. 3rm 315
    10rm 275
    3. Did the handstand Walk WOD. Felt good. Made some progress. What's the benefits of a "hollow body" type handstand walk vs. a scorpion type walk. Feels like I can keep my core tight and have less back pain in the hollow body but I wanna do what most efficient.

    1. scorpion is way less efficient and u Aldo kinda answered your own question...
      learn to stay in a tight line... it's a Lot easier to control a straight line than a slippery noodle! ;) however... I also know people like Julie foucher have found an efficient way to counter balance with one leg forward one leg back. ( is this what u r referring too?) she is still " hollow" in that position ... it's important I think to practice that position to see what it feels like ... there r a lot of exercises in crossfit that are much easier when we can stay in that position

    2. Awesome. Yea I can lean when I'm rigid but go alot fast when I "scorpion" but it makes my midline hurt and kind of topple over sideways.

  16. 1. High hang squat snatch 70,80,84kg(failed last set)...hang squat snatch-84,90f,90...
    2. 120kg-3rm, 100kg-10rm
    3. I chose elevated hspu and running

  17. M/5'9 140# 14yrs old

    Snatch 85...95

    Front squat 175# 135#

    Handstand walk: (just tried to get it down)

  18. 1. A. 175 across, B. 185 across
    2. Couldn't squat no time, had to coach
    3. Hspu, 2.5 deficit and 200 row (between :36-:39)

  19. M / 5'8 / 165#

    1. A. 2x1 @ 185#
    1x1 @ 195#
    B. 1x1 @ 195
    2x1 @ 205#

    2. 295#, 255# (8 reps)

    3. Odd mins: 200m run (33sec-37sec)
    Even: 165# pp x 5
    155# x 5

    1. Correction: last high hang at 200#

    2. Dex you clean like a million pounds! Hush it man! Hahahaaa

  20. Didn't have much time:

    1. Lots of high hangs at 155.

    2. Did a mix of the first two. Odd minutes went back and forth b/w 5 paralette HSPUs and 10m HSWs.

  21. 0. 3x10 OHS @45
    1.A 115,125,135,135
    1.B 135 across
    2. 3Rm 265 PR, 10Rm 225
    3. 5xElevated kipping HSPU (2 plates per side and abmat) unbroken, Row: 1:37 ish ~:40 Kipping makes these much easier. HSW next

  22. 1a-145/155/165
    (4 months ago 195 was my 1 rm snatch)
    2-275 3rm/ 225 10 rm
    3-did deficit hspu wit 45 lb plate felt great, all strict and unbroken

  23. 1a) 185
    b) 177
    2a). 235
    b) 205
    3c). 165 pp x 6. and 200m run

  24. 110kg got under 115
    then did Tuesday clean and jerk 140kg
    front squat 3rm 140 un belted 150 belted
    10rm 110
    wod broke into 10minx2 due to tropics weather
    push press 90kg

    hs walk /run
    added in clean pull 2x120/2x130/2x140
    ham raise
    ghd sit ups
    back after 3 months off
    lost about 10% off best

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  26. 1. a. 160 b. 175
    2. a. 275 b.225
    3. out of time going to do tonight Im a week behind so I did this 12/10/12