Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sunday 12.16.12

Soon enough young Skywalker.

Rest Day.


  1. Airdyne recovery and mobility work for an hour or so this morning!

  2. "In The Sport of Fitness there are NO EXCUSES.
    I know...your judge miscounted, you got "no repped" even though you were meeting the standards,
    you couldn't hear your judge, there was no chalk, your hands ripped, you could have gotten 1 more round but...
    These things happen to everyone, even the athletes that finish first.
    It's part of the sport - Accept it - and move on to focusing on what you can control"

    Thought we could all use a reminder at times!

    1. so true Taylor... shit happens... in Crossfit , work , life... all we can do is take each moment for what it is... not what it should have or could have been ... expecting everything to go as planned is not tge best plan... especially when our sport is testing the "unknown" ...make the best of what's right there in front of u! :) btw ... ur "mancave" looks awesome! lol

    2. You speak the truth!! ha Yeah the cave is a little raw, but it works and we tend to like it!! :) It's funny, everytime i go to a really nice gym, im like "This sucks, id rather be going "HAM" in my garage!!" lol

  3. Sacroiliac joint work to relieve some back pain. Lotta trigger pointing also.