Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday 12.19.12

Three (3) wods will be announced on Friday.
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Rest Day.

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  1. 1. extending my rest time this week ... something isn't right ... this will be the toughest wod for me to rx... but I have 2 people holding me accountable... not working out until Saturday... I do believe this will be tge first time I have ever taken 3 days off in a row... not sure what to expect ... but ny mind has convinced me that I am going to return to the gym slower weaker and just as bad as I feel now... well the thing is... I've got nothing to lose at this point.... im unmotivated, tired, and dealing with the fact that j can't squat without pain... im nor getting better by beating myself up! time to try something new. sorry to ramble on ! just had to share. !

  2. Based on the performances I see posted on here I'm sure this community is filled with athletes that can speak about burnout performing at a high level. I played D1 soccer in college and during the last month of the regular season I struggled physically and mentally. I p,ayec outside mid which meant I could run forever but around this time I'd find myself gassed during the first half. It happened again my Sophomore year and my coach solved it. He gave me a mandatory 2 games off. It felt like a punishment but what happened was my brain shut off. After games 1 my body and endurance felt good. By game time on game 2 I was ready, I'd beg to go back. I could barely sleep before game 3 because I couldn't wait to get back. My brain had to want it again and my coach was smart enough to know that I was wired that way. I'm a manager of people today and I see the same thing with sales people. Good athletes, good performers want it. The desire never goes away. They don't need to be geared up, they do it themselves, what they don't do themselves is turn it down. A lot of them don't know how. Give your brain a break for a few days, do something else. Your desire will force you back to trainingm you're just wired that way.

  3. That is good stuff. At 47 listening to your body is critical for success. It is funny now I find my training to be so tied into nutrition, and rest. It becomes magnified as we age. Cartilage is less hydrated becomes more brittle (hence more tears). Warming up takes longer, stretching more essential and mobility to maintain ROM, heavy loads repeated take there toll. I can go about 3-4 weeks solid on this site then I have to take extra days off to get that potential injury soreness in joints to go away, (not the good recovery soreness that is expected). I'm curious if any you other master's athletes notice similiar symptoms. By the way in the get ya huge phase was less of a problem because oly lifting was minimal. Love to hear some feedback!

  4. I have been thinking I am the only one. Thanks for posting Cheryl and Cole. JR, I am only 33 but my warm ups have been taking longer lately as well. I am going to have to try this time off thing of which yous speak.

  5. In my experience I havent hit a wall yet but I dont want to even get to that point. I have taken an extra rest day quite recent and my body has responded better. Aint no spring chicken more. Placing more emphasis on pre WOD, post WOD, Rest and nutrition also has helped. Most of us will agree our bodies will tell us when to stop for awhile even when our mind will push us or our passion for the sport will fuel us.

  6. thanks for the responses...its definitely a mental fight... like I feel like I'm going to "miss something" or suddenly I Wont be able to fo what I used to be able to do... I'll get through it... and if nothing else happens ... at least I can say I rx'd it! :)