Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday 12.12.12


Rest Day


Just wanted to say thanks again to you and the whole CFNE crew.  Team CFRX took first in the Atlanta Affiliate Elite Team Competition this weekend.  We didn't just win - we swept the competition 11-0 against some good teams.  From L to R in the photo - Kelly Levens (owner), Steve Hoover, Joe Konieczny, and Sonya McMillan.  We've been following the competitors blog since late July and are seeing great results.  Trying to make the Competitors Comp in January.  

Thanks again.
Joe Konieczny

In addition to specific mobility work, you should be doing some variation 
of this 
active warm up before every training session.  
This complex involves; Spiderman, Samson, Kneeling Hammy, Sumo - repeat 4-10x each side.


  1. Nice job CFRX- hope we see you in Jan!

  2. Used this hip opener today! Felt great afterwards!!

  3. I really need this . That was the first time I did 7 days on in a long time. Had to workout at the level 1 on Sunday then jumped right back in Monday. I've been feeling really dialed in lately though I love it. Time for an hour of mobility

  4. thanks everyone for your input yesterday. figured I would post this today so u guys would see it
    Taylor- no extra work really except maybe once a week or so if I wod with the boys in there " bro session"... which really only happens once/ trove z month . I did a competition 2 weeks ago...sometimes if I start off too light on these OTM I may do 1-2 extra rounds to get in a heavier set
    2. mobility! so right about that spot on my quad ! holy hell!! so tight!! found 3 k star videos I'm going to tackle today!!

  5. Like that active warm up video Ben. I already do a lot of those movements but usually holds. Doing those actively looks way more effective!

  6. Ben,

    Lovin the programming and definitely feeling it...just wanted to throw out a question for you. As we work on our goats are we sticking to the profile weaknesses or does each day become a new self assessment, I am just a little unsure as to whether we are supposed to be hitting the same goat every time because it was ranked lowest or if we should be switching as we get more comfortable with certain movements....Thank you and happy holidays.

    1. Good question Paddy. If your goats improve to the point that they are not the weakest option for the day, switch to the bigger weakness. Having said that, don't just be jumping around week to week in oder to train everything - that is missing the point of this phase.

    2. Awesome Ben, Thank you for the prompt response....looking to make a trip to CFNE with Mike Duderelli at some point and looking forward to it.

    3. did I miss something? I actually never saw athlete profile post :/

    4. Hey Cheryl,

      The Athlete Profile I am referring to is the strengths and weaknesses sheet that help determine your goats for this months work. If you go under the programming and philosophy tab then go to the month of December there is a link listed as Athlete Profile. Once you click that you rank yourself and do a self assessment of your movements. Hope this helps.

  7. What is considered a "mobility" wod. Is that just stretching and "wallowing" as my wife lovingly watches me stretch on the floor -or are there literally mobility WOD's?