Sunday, June 16, 2013

Monday 6.17.13

Rest Day


  1. Yesterday was my rest day after the competition.
    Did Sunday's work

    1. OMEM x20
    Used 185 for backsquats. Probably could have gone heavier if my back was fully rested, but 185 felt heavy today. Just did strict HSPU w/o paralletes, but I did them all. Practiced some kipping HSPU with paralletes for a bit after.

    2. 300 DU - 4:27
    DU PR of 160!!

  2. Rested yesterday so did yesterday's work today.

    1. OTM20 - bak squats started with 315 and worked up to 345. HSPUs on parallettes, about 5" deficit, failed fourth rep on the 5th round, did 3 reps for remainder. Squats felt really strong today! Getting better at hspus too.

    2. 300 DUs - 10:12 with 15 burpees done. Still not great at DU's but getting better.