Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunday 6.30.13



  1. thank god bc my quads feel like they are going to seperate from my body.

  2. Why do you crossfit?

    Always finding something to improve on...

  3. Taking advantage of full rest today.

    Legs are smoked.

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  5. Hey coach.
    Love the new programming philosophy!!
    Many have said it befor... But I would also like to say how much I appreciate your programming.
    Been busy with Cf for about a year but since I started doing CompetitorsWod 4months ago it all just came together and I can honestly say that I have improved in every area of the spor!!
    You truly have the riht recipe to get us prepared and able to get to the Regionals and some of these awesome athletes to the Games.
    Thank you so much for what you put into the sport and may you recieve a 100fold back.
    I might not have the best facilities available but I will surely do my best to make the African Regionals 2014!!
    From South Africa; God bless and thank you once again.