Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunday 6.16.13

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

1.  5 RFT:
10 Parrallette HSPU
400m Run

Rest 3-4 hours

2.  3 RFT:
10 Back Squats, 205 - from the ground, no racks.
12 Burpees

1.  OTM x 20
Odd:  2 Back Squats
Even:  4 strict Parallette HSPU - set ups plates and/or abmats under head to reduce the height.  

2.  Double unders
300 reps for time - every time you mess up complete 3 Burpees.


  1. Not sure if I missed it, but what's the weight for the back squats for regional athletes?

    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads on here.

    1. You choose the weight. Climb or go across - your choice.

  2. I should have asked this a long time ago... But for the athletic profile, when it says " Assume that the movement and reps are in a 3 Round couplet or triplet. How would you fair against your competition in these movements? "

    And than it says air squats - 75. Does that mean 75 total for 3 rounds or each round? This had always confused me. Its cool to look at this now after a year of this programming and see how things have changed.

  3. Was too conservative on the squat weight. Did 275 across, probably could have done 315-350. My parallettes are in our HHE which havent made it to our new post yet so I did strict HSPU games standard. Every set of HSPU was unbroken until the last.

    300 DU's-7:06, 21 total burpees (way harder than it looks or I expected)

  4. Hey everyone! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Happy Father's Day Ben! I havent been very active on this page, mostly since my injury, and just overall feeling like i needed to modify EVERYTHING. My wrist is on its road to recovery. My cast was removed on wednesday and the doctor was so please with my ROM! Probably due to the 100s of dumbbell push ups and ring rows I had been doing to make myself feel like i was at least getting some upper body in! CrossFit is truly amazing. She told me absolutely no to any movement in my wrist. I took a chance, did what felt like it didn't hurt...and now...she thinks it actually helped the healing process! She also told me that she was sure she was going to have to give me the news that I would not ever be able to bare weight overhead on this wrist again....after seeing my progression...she thinks another 4 weeks and I should be good to go! Now the pain comes...stretching and mobilizing this bad boy! I still can't turn my palm up! So I was off this blog while he was prepping the games athletes...partly because it made me sad that i didn't have my shot..and partly because, well, there wasn't much i could do! I am going into week 5 of a hatch squat cycle ( basically the only strength training i could do safely for the past 6 weeks) I will be jumping back on board trying to get myself ready for 2014...but i will be EXTREMELY modified. Plus...I really haven't been able to CrossFit for 6 weeks. This should be interesting!


  5. 1) Worked up to 295 on the squat. Missed the 2nd, BS has really gone down due to going back to a high bar squat and the amount of metcon stuff I've been doing. Metcon is up though, so that's good. Strict HSPU across, no parallettes. I'm a weakass.

    2) Been having some achillies soreness/tightness so I skipped this and went for a bike ride with my wife for about an hour.

  6. 1) 255# BS, HSPU on parallettes (depth = 1 abmat above parallel, huge weakness) Completed all reps unbroken.

    2) 4:44, 5 penalties. 181 DU was my longest streak.

  7. I was looking at last years get huge template and was thinking of incorporating it right now as it is line with my goals.

    How were the results on that ? Any changes you would make to it ?

    Pat S

  8. 1. 275# and had to go to regular hspu halfway thru

    2. 7:45

  9. 2014 Regional WOD:

    1. 314p all the way through/had to scale down strict, regular HSPU

    2. 9:20

  10. 2014 Regionals
    1. 265# - started at 165# and increased 10# per round (could have gone a little higher but was reluctant since I was a lot more sore than expected from previous WOD) HSPU done with feet on a high bench.
    2. 9:30 with 27 burpees

  11. Regionals

    Back Squats done at 225/235/245x4/250....
    HSPU with a 45 and 25# plate deficit.
    All unbroken.
    2. Disaster today with the Double Unders. They got into my head right away.

  12. Regionals

    1) Back squats at 286/297/308/319x7.
    Used 15kg plate for first three rounds of hspu then went to strict from the floor for remaining 7 rounds.

    2) 5.34. 18 burpees.