Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monday 10.21.13

Michele Letendre.

1. Snatch Wave
On The Minute
1 rep at 65%
1 rep at 70%
1 rep at 75%
1 rep at 80%
1 rep at 85%
1 rep at 70%
1 rep at 75%
1 rep at 80%
1 rep at 85%
1 rep at 90%
1 rep at 75%
1 rep at 80%
1 rep at 85%
1 rep at 90%
1 rep at 95%

2.  Clean and Jerk
1 Squat Clean + 2 Jerks - work up to a max effort.

3.  Oly Pause Squats
7 x 2 High Bar Back Squat - 3 second pause at the bottom of each rep.

1.  Metcon
For time:
21 Thrusters, 135/95
800m Run
15 Thrusters, 135/95
400m Run
9 Thrusters, 135/95
200m Run

2.  Gymnastic Benchmark
100 TTB for time.

1.    Metcon
For time:
21 Thrusters, 135/95
800m Run
15 Thrusters, 135/95
400m Run
9 Thrusters, 135/95
200m Run

2. Clean and Jerk
1 Squat Clean + 2 Jerks

3.  Oly Pause Squats
7 x 2 High Bar Back Squat - 3 second pause at the bottom of each rep.


  1. Open/Masters(47)

    ill be taking tomorrow off due to Comp on Sunday. First comp outside our box (crossfit Apex). Took 7th out of 23 and hit a clean PR at 235 and was very close to getting 245.

    1. Great job today at the RITV Erik! Well deserved rest day

    2. Erik that is awesome, congrats!

    3. It wasn't just a was a ladder-> you had to hit 3 deadlift and then hang clean it.....HUGE PR!

  2. Interested in hearing other people's thoughts on these two a days. Are most people within their schedule able to find time to do two sessions? If not do you do it in one session? A good bit of the time here in the Philippines I don't get the workout until it is too late to plan a morning sessionl, we are plus 12 (8 PM on the East Coast, 8 AM here)

    I understand why we have these two a days (atleast I think I do). It is a chance to partition the volume and gives us a chance to be (semi) fresh when we hit the first element of the second session. Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts about this. I'm headed in there in a couple hours to hit a marathon session.

    1. Same problem here. The workouts are most released when it is 4am here in Germany. So often it is tough to plan a morning session. But when I can not go to the box twice a day, I usually do only a part of the workout. I always do the metcon and do 1-3 other parts, depending on my weakness.

      Today for example:
      Because of an important business appointment, I only can workout in the evening. Snatches are not really my strength, so I do this part, the squats and the metcon, but miss the C&J and gymnastics.

      I try to do my best to follow the programming as exactly as I can, but sometimes it is absolutely impossible for me to train in the morning and in the evening.

    2. I know you don't want to hear this Jeremy, but there are some people that follow this blog a few days behind, so scheduling is never a problem. Another benefit is knowing what's coming to be able to hit weaknesses without killing a movement for the next day.....all advice I will not be taking because I like being in the moment with WOD's from back in the .com home gym days as it was the only way to keep motivation through the roof.

      I got today's work done in just under 2 hours, and it was all back to back... not ideal, but if I hadn't had the time I would have dropped one of the OLY and the TTB.

    3. Ha ha, I dont know if it's not what I "want to hear". I wouldn't want to hear something bad had happened to your or your family, or that you'd blown out your knee. You actually make a very legitimate point and one I will think over.

    4. If The Bergeron were to respond to this I imagine his response would be something harsh and honest like he's said before - "If you want to be a Regionals level athlete you'll find or make time to do this in two sessions."

      I'm not able to break this up into morning/evening sessions, so I hit what I can in one longer AM session. I'm guessing that the intent is to be fresh for the second session. I wish I had the time to do these workouts in 2 sessions. The heavy lifts are exhausting before a metcon! Gotta learn to keep moving when you're tired though. Keep training hard everyone!

    5. Always do all in one session.
      Would love to do 2 but thats never possible.
      Still get it all within 2hours tho...
      But I guess doing 2 would give you yje best stimulus. . Because roday my quads were quite "warm" when I got to yje metcon...

    6. 2 Would allow you to keep the intensity high for the metcon. I find that when I do break it up as prescribed, it is way better. However, life does not always allow for that.

    7. @joe, I think you're right, that's why I asked you guys vice Coach, wanted to get some other athletes experience. Literally sometimes we will get the workout at 1215 in the afternoon which we've had a couple laughs about when it asks for two sessions. I've had good results mostly cramming it into one session and when we have some prior notice I hit it in the morning and come back later.

      I may just do it like Shane said and be a week behind so I can plan ahead. May make it harder from a camaraderie aspect and from the competitive aspect but it will be a way to guarantee I get all the work done.

  3. Good day everyone!
    1. Metcon - 13:49
    2. C&J - 135, 155, 175, 190, 200, 225
    3. HBBS with pause - 245 across

    1. have a problem with lock-out when jerking. So decided to do more reps with good lockout without additional pressing.

    2. Try to hold the bar wider. Works for me Bud

    3. Thanks, Antonio! It works for me too, but still need more practice.

  4. Regionals crammed all into one session
    1.Snatch Wave-Done. Ranged from 115lbs to 165lbs
    2. C+J Complex-Worked up to 215lbs. Very happy with this. This is a PR but there is still more left in the tank
    3.Back Squats-Worked up to 260lbs
    4.Metcon done with 115lbs-10:27. Thrusters are improving TREMENDOUSLY!.
    5.Later this week sometime. Ran out of time.

  5. Open - 14:27 *Self assessment... never did heavy thruster for that many reps so while I moved slowly I was able to get at least 5-7 most reps (however I know I could improve form a bit more). Run started out great, 400 sucked and 200 was all I could do to move my body as fast as possible.

    Lifting up Luke - 4rds w/ 2 sec to spare... did this about 20 min after the thrusters since I swam laps Saturday. Not bad I think.

    C&J - 185, very tough to do multiple jerks

    HBBS - 255 across

  6. Reg:

    1. Done, missed twice in the same minnute at 90%, but still got it in time, made it up by hitting the 95% twice in the last minute, mostly felt really good.

    2. 240 (PR!) stood up with a 245 squat clean once, never jerked over 230 before...jerks are finally feeling normal after all this practice. I did not jerk this twice.

    3. 255, the weight and the pause were great for making sure everything was right....starting to dislike highbar....never did low bar before a little while ago, now I think I wish I never had.

    PM 1. 10:15, started about 20 seconds after the squats, still went as expected, broken a bit more than planned, but not terrible off. Was hoping for 7's, 5's, 3's but couldn't quite commit to it.

    PM 2: 6:52, sets of 10 all the way to 80, then 5's. ouch.

  7. Morning Session

    1) made all except last two (65% = 135, 95% = 195)

    2) stopped at 225

    3) stayed light at 315

    Had a rough weekend and only got about 4 hrs of sleep the past couple of nights so I kept it kind of light today, running on fumes!

  8. 1. Worked the wave percents off 220 didn't miss a rep. felt really good so I threw 225 on and got it. 10# PR been fighting that weight for a long time. pumped.
    2. 275#
    3. 4 @ 290 3@ 305
    excited for this afternoon. kinda. ha.

    1. Thanks bud. def needed it for the psyche.

  9. Open:

    1. Metcon- 19:10 RX disappointed in performance overall. Moved as slow as a barge today.

    2. 225- Was difficult, but got it done.

    3. Time ran out.

  10. Reg:

    1. Based off a 230 max. Missed the 95%. Rushed the warm up and back was pretty stiff
    2. 275, that second jerk took alot out of me
    3. 300x7x2.

    1. 1. 9:54 Did the 21 and 9 unbroken. Did 15 in 11/4.
      2. 6:28 Went out to fast

    2. It also like 90 sum degrees in Fla. Felt like my head was about to explode on the runs!

  11. Open:
    1. 12:06 (85#)
    2. 130#
    3. 130#

  12. Reg:

    Snatch- went from 130-185 and didn't miss a rep.

    C&J- hit 240 and got a little spicy so I left it there.

    Tried the metcon but my shoulder quit on the third rep of the first round so I moved to...

    Oly Pause Squats- done at 290

    Did 60 ttb before I had to get to work.

  13. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 11:14 Rx'd
    2. C&2J - 215# (shakey on the second jerk - current 1RM 225#)
    3. Pause Back Squats - 7x2 @ 225-245-265-275-285-295-305

  14. Regional - Doing metcons first to keep my intensity up, I also feel stronger later in the day

    Time - 9:41 RX

    100 Toes To Bar
    Time - 6:49

    Wave 1 - 55kg, 60kg, 65kg, 70kg, 75kg
    Wave 2 - 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
    Wave 3 - 65, 70, 75 , 80, FAILED 85

    Clean and Jerk
    100kg Success
    110kg Clean and Jerk 1 and failed on 2nd jerk

  15. Regionals. Tough day!

    1) 165-225
    2) 285 (stoked about this one!)
    3) 315, then 365 across
    4) 12:50 (I hate thrusters!)
    5) 7:25 - quick singles were key for me on this one.

  16. Open/Masters 43

    1. Metcon: 13:17
    2. 205, pr is 215, should have tried it but running short on time
    3. out of time

  17. Snatch Ladder in the morning based off 185# with no missed reps

    1. Metcon: 10:48
    2. 245 tied PR, cleaned 255 failed on the jerk
    3. 185, 225, 245, 275, 295, 315, 315

    First time performing a workout from this site! Very happy with the workout and results.

  18. Regionals

    1. Based off a 1RM-105#. 15/15
    2. 140#
    3. Worked up from 135# to 155#
    4. 10:28 Rx
    5. 9:35 OUCH.

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  20. Open:
    1. Metcon - 13:17 @115#
    2. C&2J - 175#, 185# is my PR, so I was happy considering how exhausted I was from the thrusters. Wow.
    3. Back Squats 7x2 - 175# across

  21. Open

    Metcon: 9:49 Rx (unbroken thrusters, runs were LOVELY, not)

    Oly/Strength: 225/315

  22. Open
    1) 12:47
    2) skipped. Hurt my wrist a bit on thrusters
    3) built up to 130kg

  23. Reg. (one session)

    1. Snatch Wave 85-110 - my elbow has been bothering me, so I didn't push it today

    2. Clean and Jerk
    only up to 145 (elbow)

    3. Oly Pause Squats
    165 across

    1. Metcon
    12:25 -

    2. Gymnastic Benchmark
    did the first 30, but it bothered my elbow so I held off on the rest.
    hoping to ice up and get after it again tomorrow

  24. Open
    Metcon -11:25rx
    C&J - 185#
    Will complete squats later

  25. 1. Ranged from 155-230. Missed a 3 total lifts. 1 @ 180, 1 @ 205, 1 @ 190. Good workout, I liked this one.

    2. 255. Got 265+1 Jerk, but missed the 2nd jerk.

    3. 255 Across.

    4. 11:38. I can't work out at all on Saturday and I have been missing the track workouts. My running is awful. So bad, the worst it's ever been. Think I might start a track session Wednesday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Thrusters were strong on the otherhand.

    5. Skipped due to time, will hope to hit this one when I get home tonight.

    1. 5:58 on the ttb. Found some some time this evening.

  26. Snatch: 148
    C&J: 242
    BS: 220 across
    TTB: 10x10 unbroken

  27. Open:
    Metcon: 10:59
    C&J: 265. Only limiting factor was catching the weight at my chest.
    Squats: worked up to 255

  28. AM:
    1. snatch based on a 255# max. no misses till 245#
    2. worked up to 315#. felt good.
    3. pause squat: 315,365,385,395,405,415,415
    4. METCON: 9:00-- really pleased with how i ran. did set of 21 unbroken, 11-4 on set of 15, and dusted 9 and the 200m run.
    5. 100 t2b for time: 6:15. kinda surprised this didnt take me 2 hours. huge goat for high reps.

  29. Regional (AM)
    1. Snatch Wave up to 200 missed 215
    2. HBBS with 3 sec pause- 275
    3. 100TTB-10x10 unbroken 6:59

    PM Later:
    C & J

    1. Oh and I signed up for CFNE Competitors Comp in January. Any Florida Boys or Girls coming up?

  30. Metcon 8:40. unbroken all the way through
    t2b got 50 in 1:46 and had to leave for work. very pleased with today. great work everyone.

    1. That was supposed to say 3:46. fat fingers

  31. 1) Snatch wave - Done off of 185 max. Felt solid. Couple careless misses
    2) C&J - 205
    3) Squat - worked up to 225
    4) Metcon - 18:49
    5) TTB - 7:56

  32. Open

    1.) 9:40...went 15/7, 10/5, 7/3. Felt good! Lost a bit of time when I ran about 100m past the turnaround marker haha oh well.

    2.) #225 with good speed and limited arm pain, called it there didn't push.

    3.) Started at #225 and hit #335 on my last set.

    Hit some of this with Burnes today, always fun!

  33. Open
    Metcon 11:23 on the rower instead of running
    C/J 145
    Back squat 195 across

  34. OPEN

    1) 10:00 RX
    Thrusters: 12/6/3 - 8/7 - 9

    2) Did the 100 T2B instead. Needed this. 9:37.

    3) Started at 275# and did the last 4 sets at 325#

  35. Open
    1. 10:10
    2. 245#
    3. 225/235/245/255/265/275/285

  36. Open
    1)11:21 Thrusters were all over the place, Jon may have identified my issue though. I may be descending before the bar reaches my shoulders, causing the bar to move away from me.
    2) 235, felt solid, ran out of time
    3) Hatch Squats
    Thanks Jon for your help as always Amigo!

  37. Open
    Still banged up from a comp this weeknd....our 1st wod was run and thruster...was not lookinf forward to today
    1. 11:44- broke 15/6, 10/5 then hit 9....runs felt like quick sand
    2. 245#
    3. 225/245/265x5- really focused on form

  38. Open Program
    1) 10:50 - thrusters 15/6, 10/5, 9 - runs mostly 8:00 mile pace or slightly faster. This one hurt.
    2) 225 - maybe could have gone higher but I'm on day 4 in a row so kinda gassed
    3) 205x3, 210x2, 215x2 - stayed in 60-65% range to focus on solid bottom position

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  41. Evening Session

    1) 10:59

    2) 8:59 (hips went away fast, were already smoked from the thrusters)

  42. Regionals

    AM Session

    1) based off 175

    2) worked up to 209

    3) 220/242/253/265/276/287/298

    PM Session

    1) 11.29

    Feels good to be back after a month of being gone for work. Looks like you all have been crushing it while I have been gone.

  43. OPEN:

    1) Metcon: 9:34 Rx. All thrusters unbroken. Didn't really plan to do that but it worked out pretty well I think.
    2&3) Skipped (had to take both kids with me to the late class at the gym and had to choose between listening to them scream or skip the second 2 parts.)

  44. Open
    1) 9:49 @ 115#
    2) @ 195#
    3) 165/185/185/205/205/215/225

  45. Regional
    1. 155,165,180,195,205,165,180,195,205,215,185,195,205,215,225 No Misses:)
    2. 265#
    3. Skipped due to time
    4. 9:41 rx
    5. 7:25 definitely a goat of mine

    All completed in one session!

  46. Open
    1) 9:14
    2) 255
    3) 225,235,245,255,265,275,285,295 failed 2nd rep

  47. Regional


    C and J had to go light. At home. 185

    Met con 8:36rxd

  48. Open
    1- 12:13
    2- 185 should have gone heavier
    3- 235

  49. Open

    1. 11:50. Runs at home around the hilly yard again... Slows me down but I hope it makes me better. Thrusters broken into a few sets, except for the 9.

    2. Worked up to 245.. Soft on the second jerk... Major press out!

    3. Pause HBBS: 225, 255, 275, 295, 315, 325, 325

  50. Open
    1. 10:34 80#
    2. 135#
    3. 135/155/155/165/165/165/165

    Still really hurting from a comp this weekend...rough night

  51. First time poster! Been following the program for just over a week now. Finished all in one session (PM) due to unable to travel to the box in the mornings.


    1. Based off 1RM at 143#. No problems here, hit everything and felt good.

    2. Worked up to 160#, need to focus on correcting my back leg on the jerk, toes in, hips square.

    3. Worked up to 195#, 7 x 2, focused on depth and squeezing out of the bottom

    4. Metcon... 13:17 rx. Ugh

    5. 100 T2B in just over 11... double ugh.

  52. 1. Done, no misses
    2. 225
    3. 245-295
    4. 10:57 rx
    5. 8:20 oofta.

  53. Did tonight coming off of 24 hrs at work. This week is terrible for scheduling.
    1. 130#-195#, missed 90% 1st time and got it 2nd time after many attempts. Did not attempt 95%.
    2. 205# stopped there bc wrist, shoulders and lower back pain and tightness. wtf is this about.
    3. 275#x2 295#x5 coming out of hole on 2nd was interesting
    4. not done, want to make up later in week if possible
    5. 13:39 Wanted to maintain sets of 5 as long as possible instead of resorting to singles as is usually my go to in WODs. Happy with consistency but tons of room for improvement still.

  54. First wod after 4 weeks off for wedding/honeymoon.

    Open: 18:45 metcon with 85lbs
    Last four thrusters I could feel sharp pain in left knee as before in April when I got injured.
    Did not so rest of wod to not strain knee

    Practiced ring dips.

  55. To clarify I finished the metcon. Just chose not to do squat clean-jerks and back squat because of my knee.

  56. Open: Masters 54yo
    14:54 (115#)
    C&J worked up to 175#
    BS worked up to 225#

  57. open
    10:41 legs still shot from competition Saturday 115#
    2.275x2 then hit 295 for 1 missed second press tried to muscle it too much
    3. 135/185/225/245/275/315/335

  58. Open
    1. 11:49 (45# trusters)
    2. @ 105#
    3. Climbing to 135

  59. Open
    1. 12:13 with 95#
    2. 155#
    3. 155#, then 185#

  60. Open

    1) 14:36 @ 115#

    2) 185# missed jerk at 205#

    3) 3x205 4x225 (Felt like I could have gone heavier)

  61. Open
    Up to 115kg with alternate legs on the jerks
    130, 140, 5*2 145kg

  62. Open

    1. 32:56. This took forever because I am the slowest runner in history but getting better. This is the first running WOD I have gotten through and not stopped to walk. Progress I guess.

    3. 95-105-115-125-135-145-155. Then I decided to PR my Back Squat at 190#