Monday, October 28, 2013

Tuesday 10.28.13

Kate Schuh.

1.  Plyometic/Agility Work
A.  5 x 5 Broad Jumps
B.  L-Drill - Demo video.  Complete 3 max effort attempts each direction.  Rest as needed between efforts.  Cones are 5 yards apart.

2.  Pull
6x3 Good Mornings

3.  Metcon
15 Wall Balls, 20/14
30 Double unders

1.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 Rep Front Squat

4.  Row
9 x 1:40 on, :20 off (2 min rest after round 5)
This is a preset WOD on the C2 Rower.  Choose "Select Workout" then "Custom List" then "v1:40/20r...9".  Record meters for each interval.  
Goal is...
Guys:  500m each interval
Chicks: 420m each interval

1.  Metcon
15 Wall Balls, 20/14
30 Double unders

2.  Skills
3 rounds NOT for time of:
10 OHS, 65/45
10 Squat Therapy
This is about improving your positioning, not getting stronger or going faster.  Go slow and get better.


  1. Open:
    1. Metcon - 7rnds + 15 WBs
    2. Done

    Feel like shit this morning.

    P.S. James and Rachel are awesome.

  2. Afternoon workout 1:

    6x3 Good Mornings- 135-185-205-225-235-235

    3. Metcon
    AMRAP 10:
    15 Wall Balls, 20/14
    30 Double unders

    10 rounds was my goal and I hit it: 10 round plus 5 wall balls. My legs are cooked and makes another session in a couple hours pretty questionable.

    1. Great job bud. that's moving.

    2. Thanks guys, it was nice to just be able to pour it all out without getting hung up on a technique. It was a very calculated all out effort. I paid for it, tried to row and it was a no-go.

  3. 1. Done 8.53 sec and 9.02 sec were fastest
    2. 215#
    3. 8 full plus 4 . not a good d.u. day
    5. Row got between 410m and 430m each round
    benchmark this afternoon . boom train hard everyone.

  4. Open
    1. 7rds +23- wb's unbroken....not so much ondu's
    2. Done

  5. Open
    1) 6 rounds + 40 - 5 DU away from 7. Too much time wasted on transitions.
    2) completed

  6. 1) a) done

    b) turning left - 7.84 sec
    turning right - 8.31

    I feel like I need my feet/ankles taped for these like I did when I played football, the hard chops and cuts hurt the hell out of my left ankle/foot.

    2) 95/115/135/155/175/185

    3) 6+3 wb (my dubs suck, been working them forever and they just never get better, some days i'm ok, others I completely blow, very inconsistent, have tried a million different ropes, these just never seem to get better)

    1. Bro, post a vid in the CompWod chat, maybe someone can offer a tweak that will clean things on up Dubs.

  7. Redemption for yesterday's HORRIBLE showing!
    1) 8rds + 11wb
    2) Complete

  8. Don't worry about yesterday man, looks like you got better TODAY.

    1. Thanks man! Yea this kind of WOD is really in my wheelhouse. Weak on strength and power endurance (like yesterday). Only let myself pout for about 30 min then moved on :)

  9. Regionals.

    Session 1.

    1) done. Broad jumps between 39-41'
    Sprints all high 8's and low 9's

    2) 110/154/165/176/187/187

    3) 9 rds +4 wall balls.
    (Had to sub for a 25# wallball, gym didn't have any 20's)

    1. Sub a heavier wall ball he says, still gets a monster score he says. Nice dude.

    2. Thanks. I was shooting for those 10+ rounds you threw up today. Impressive man.

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    1. Open.

      1. 8 rounds + 15 wb. 22 pounds /10 kg. Happy that i managed to all wb unbroken.
      2. Completed.

  11. Reg:

    1. decided it was best to avoid...

    2. 155 across. Switched back to High Bar on these, might be lighter weight, but it as WAY more awkward forcing flexing of muscles in ways that make it more challenging than Low Bar. Seems a better approach to the intended demand.

    3. 9 rnds + 14 WB. two stumbles in the DU's and one drop in the WB was enough that I couldn't catch Jeremy today. Still felt great.

    PM 1. 185, up from 175 last time, still room to go up more I think... not much though

    PM 2. Got through three of these in the 490's.....then called it.... Should NOT have attempted to do all of this in one session, legs were totally cooked.

    Would have liked to have gotten through the row, but today was still a great training day. Thanks Coach!

    1. Ha ha, feel you on the one session bit. This was a double for a reason. Nice work.

    2. ...went back and got the row in:

      469, grrr

      wish I had gotten that extra meter on round 4, then all would be above 470....did what I could, and it was a lot better as a different session.


  12. 1. Did the GM at 155# looked for maximum depth all reps.

    2. 8 rounds + 4. Took longer breaks but completed every set unbroken.

    4. Did the benchmark at 155. Felt good had maybe 10# in the bank.

    Felt good today, cant wait for next Thursday!

  13. Open:
    1. 8 + 4
    2. 2 full rounds, 3rd round just did the squat therapy (2 rounds w/ band around ankles to push form)

  14. Open Stream

    Metcon: 7 + 4 Wall balls

    Used the 3 rounder for a nice cool down

  15. Reg:

    So...... I'm fairly confident I tore my rotator cuff yesterday bringing down the first jerk from overhead. Still waiting on the results from the x ray. I'll keep everyone informed when I get the results. That being said, I still worked out this morning and I plan on staying with it, just demobilizing my left arm.

    Good mornings: did high bar so it wouldn't wrench my shoulder. Did 155 across.

    For my metcon I did AMRAP 10 of 100 m run and 7 30" box jumps. Got 9 rounds and the run plus 4 BJ.

    Opted out of the row so I messed around with single arm KB lifts (snatch, clean, Russian swings).

    It's going to be rough not working my strengths (low bar squats, Oly lifts, anything overhead) but it will be good to really hammer on my weaknesses.

    1. Sorry to hear--I've been dealing with some major tendonitis in my left shoulder and didn't go over head, do pullups etc. for the last month. I worked on weaknesses and my engine. Still did metcons--just subbed other movements for things overhead. Hope the xray news is positive for you.

  16. 1. Started with squat therapy and squatting, band face-pull+press
    2. Metcon: Rx'd, 14 rounds + 12 wallballs. I love this combo--right in my wheelhouse. Wallballs unbroken, tripped up on only one round of DUs. My goal going in was 15 full rounds, so a little disappointed, but something to push me next time this comes up.

    Finished with a few C2B pullups--trying to get them back after letting shoulder issue recover for the last month. Just started going overhead, doing pullups again last week.

    BP 38/5'11"/195 (give or take a few slices of pumpkin bread)

    1. That's an insane score.... I need to take notes.... I know my DU's could be faster...but man that is awesome, obviously your rest month for overhead didn't slow you down.

    2. Thanks Shane--I've worked hard at wallballs. My first intro to CrossFit 5 or so years ago was at a globo--I saw a trainer doing wallballs, and asked if I could try them--I could do only 10 and was out of breath, with my hands on my knees. I was hooked. Did CrossFit on my own for 3 years at the globo; started at a box two years ago. Have spent every day since fixing crappy movement patterns--i.e. squats to depth (particularly on wallballs :) ), pullups with my frozen, meathook arms fully extended at the bottom. For this metcon, I drove that ball up with enough force that it's not just kissing above the target line--it's got some good velocity coming back down at me so I can cycle the next rep. DUs were fast--and unbroken except one round; before transitioning back to WBs, I took a second or so to make sure the rope was laid out for the next round so it wasn't all tangled when I came back to it. I also double knotted my shoes--because when we did the 5 min WB/DU AMRAMP on 9/12, my shoes came untied and caused me to miss my goal of 8 rounds. Didn't want that to happen again.

      Appreciate seeing everyone's hard work here--yours, Jermey, Stas, Bussom, and other regional & Games competitors when they post--not that I'm comparing, but constant reminders not to put limits on what is "humanly possible".


    3. Dude you must have been flying!! awesome work man, really impressive!

    4. Compared my time/rep on the 6 min AMRAMP on 9/12 (20WB/40DU)--both my shoes came untied on that one, and ended up with 367 total reps for .98 sec/rep avg.; today was a bit faster, 642 total reps for .93 sec/rep avg. Shoes stayed tied. Today finished round 8 at the 5 min mark, thought at the time 15 rounds was still reachable, but obviously slowed a bit...

    5. Umm.. I don't know how you make the ball come down faster unless you are defying physics.. Or you're bouncing the ball off a ceiling..

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  17. Sorry if this is a repeat question, can anyone aim me towards what I should be doing for squat therapy? I couldn't find it documented anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Video posted on the 8.23.13 blog post.

  18. OPEN:

    1) Metcon: 10 rounds + 2 reps. All wallballs unbroken and no mistakes on double unders. No rest other than walking back and forth from rope to wall. Pretty pumped about this. Not sure how I could have gone faster.
    2) Done. Need to do squat therapy several times a week.

  19. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 9 rounds Rx
    ... wallballs unbroken - DU not so much ...
    2. Check

    ... super impressive how James stays so calm - every C&J looked like the first.

  20. Open
    1) 7+17 Dubs are STILL horrendous. However only myself to blame as I don't work them enough. Wall Balls unbroken
    2) Done

  21. 1. 5+5
    2. OHS and squat therapy

  22. Open:
    1. Finished 8. Double unders were terrible today i think i messed up every time at 20...
    2. Done

  23. Open

    1) 9+15 (DUs slowed me down. Didn't find the groove until the 7th round...)

    2) Done

  24. Open

    1.) 9 rds, unbroken wall balls and 2 trip ups on doubles...wall balls are improving fast, killing that goats been fun.

    2.) done, fist yourself squat therapy.

    Side note: Went to do some HSPU as my warm up and ended up PRing with 25 strict unbroken...hooorayyyyy

  25. Open
    amrap 10 - 8rds + 12 wb
    squat therapy complete

  26. Amazing work, Rachel and James!
    Open Master
    Amrap 10- 7 r + 3 (10 du per round)
    squat therapy- 2 min du drill w/ one min rest x 3, 52, 75, 67- tackling this goat

  27. Open:

    1.) 7+39
    Stoked with how I did today, WBs are a huge goat of mine!
    2.) Done

  28. Open
    1. 15 wb and 60 su --> 7 rounds and the wall balls
    2. done

  29. am:
    1. done
    2. fastest L drill: :7.63 (senior year pro day :06.97)
    3. metcoN: 9 rounds+9 wall balls(30# ball) unbroken on everything except 2 sets of du's
    20rm: 275#, last time i did 250#
    fastest: 514m
    slowest: 480m.

    Felt really good about today considering how frustrated i was yesterday. du's were surprisingly good under fatigue. Great thing about bad days is the opportunity for to bounce back. FUEL THE FIRE BABY!!! LETS GOOOO!!!1

    1. Beast using 30# ball. Wow!

    2. Did you run that in cleats or was that on the gym floor? We did it outside and I think if I had cleats (although I haven't worn a pair in about 8 years) it would have been a lot faster.

    3. Holy smokes Dex, that is incredible on the WOD....20lb got plenty heavy and I just barely got a few more reps than you with it. Your rows are legit too, you gotta be what like 6'4"?

  30. 1.
    A. stayed between 35-36.5 ft
    B. used the gym timer, so unofficially 8 sec - stayed there for each attempt, though it's not exact

    2. 6x3 Good Mornings - 125, 135, 140, 140, 145, 150

    3. Metcon 8 rnds + 1

    (one session)
    1. 20 Rep Front Squat last time I did this at 135 no prob, so I tried 140 but was fatigued and only hit 13. So rested a bit and hit 135.

    4. Row - these totally killed me. My fastest was 423, then I completely fell off. my slowest was 387

    I've been frustrated the past couple of weeks - sometimes I feel like my numbers are decent, but other days I'm just so off the mark.

    1. Dont worry about it. The worst thing that can happen is to get caught in a mental trap and be down on yourself, it can spill over to the next training day. Just Stay positive! Try not to focus on what you did wrong during your cool down but what you did right. Keep working hard! Best of luck!!

    2. Thanks - you're definitely right, the head up approach is always the best. I think it's time for a re-reading of the "think like a bumblebee" article ;)

  31. Open:
    1. 7 + 15 WBs (20# @9ft due to ceiling limitation!)
    2. Complete

    I got hung up on two rounds of DUs or I think I could have finished 8 rounds! Overall, not a bad day. Who knew squat therapy could make you sweat that much - wow.

  32. Open:
    1) 7+2 RX, killed it on the du's, wall balls not so much.
    2) Complete

  33. Afternoon Session

    1) Went for 245 again, made 12 last time, got 15 this time, wanted 20 bad, but just couldn't hold the bar any longer! I'll keep sticking with 245 when this comes up till I get all 20.



    This was pretty brutal!

  34. 1) Did but could not measure
    2) Fastest time was about 9.7
    3) 8 rds + 5 wb
    4) 155 - 10 lb improvement over last month
    5) only time for 4 intervals - about 430 m per

  35. Open/Masters 43

    Metcon: 6 rds plus 15 WB and 10 DU, DU's still major goat for me
    OHS/Therapy: Done

    Row: Just got my rower at home, so excited to try it out, this was a good workout to break it in!
    471, 454, 458, 456, 454, 463, 456, 457, 465
    Congrats to everyone on some really good results today.

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  37. Open
    7 rds... UB double unders but terrible wall balls to 10ft target

  38. 1.) A.) 48,49,50,50,52
    B.) fastest 9.18 Left turn, 9.17 right turn

    2.)135,135,165,165,205. By far my weakest movement

    3.) 8 full rounds with a 30lb ball, I just can't do a 20lb anymore except comp then it feels super light.

  39. Open
    1. 8 rds +6 reps (366 total reps)
    2. Done

  40. Open/Masters (47)

    1) 7 rounds plus 12 WB. 14# WB.

    2) done.

  41. Open Program
    1) 8 rds + 13 - really happy with this, a good combination for me I guess. Unbroken all d-u and all but last 2 rds of wb.
    2) Done. Squat therapy felt so much easier wearing the lifting shoes, felt like cheating (and maybe it is, kind of).

  42. Open
    1) 8 rds + 30
    2) complete


    Good mornings 6x3
    135(2), 155(2), 175(2)

    20 rep front squat, 155#

  43. Regionals.

    Session 2.

    4) 176

    5) Highest: 501; Lowest: 458

  44. Open

    1. 7 rds + 15 WB. WBs unbroken, DUs trip me up when I'm tired. Great job y'all.

    2. Done

  45. 1. Done & Done. Fastest was 8.78. Did them in tennis shoes on grass. Slip n' slidin'

    2. 155 Across. Went high bar and straight legs. Hamstring crusher.

    3. 8 Rounds total. Still chasin the rest of these animals in that department.

    4. 185. 20#PR

    5. Done. This sucked. Ef this sucked. Highest was 490 something. Lowest was 450 something. 4199 total.

  46. Benchmark 230# only got 225# 16 times last month when we did this.

  47. 1. Done. 103 best jump. Did not time drill.
    2. Worked up to 125.
    3. 8+1 Rx
    1. 205 for 20
    4. Between 440 and 490. Struggle.

  48. Regional
    Had to do all in one session so skipped and shorted some items.
    1. skipped
    2. 95,145,165,185,165,145
    3. Metcon 9+14
    FS just worked light due to time. Hit 135 for 20reps and moved on
    9 Rows 502 highest, 450 lowest (That sucked)

  49. High 8's to low 9's

    7rds+ 5 wbs( dubs and me were not on a compromise today )

    Benchmark 245. Felt good weight wise started to lose the grip at the end which made it rough.

    Hit 500m first few rounds then averaged bout 450/430 for the rest. Legs weren't helping.

  50. Open
    Metcon- 10 rounds + 8 wallball

  51. Open
    7rds + 7 reps
    Clock was restarted and I am not sure if I calculated 10 mins or 9 mins. But went off assumption first two rounds took me two mins. So I completed 8 mins when the clock started over.

  52. Boy, some impressive scores guys and gals! Great work!

    1. Done.
    2. 115, 145, 165 x 4
    3. 9 + 2 rx. Wanted 10 but shoulders just burnt out
    4. 175 lb, 20 lb improvement from last try
    5. Fastest: 474; slowest: 450.

  53. 1. Board jumps done
    Skipped L-shuttle run
    2. Good Mornings
    2 @ 95
    2 @ 105
    2 @ 115
    3. 8 rounds + 6 WB
    4. 4 rows... that was gross.

  54. Haven't posted in a little while.

    Open amrap

    7 rounds + 3 wb

  55. Open
    1. 8 + 4 (broke last full round of wall balls 10+5).
    2. done.

  56. Had an 8pm exam last night, hit this around 10:30, slept real good!
    2. GM with 185'
    3. Metcon - Either 9+1 or 10+1, don't remember. WB and DUs are definately not my strong areas.
    1. Did personal program for Front Squats and hit 265 for a 10RM

    Did 8x4Bench after the Metcon and crashed.

    Got PT today, hopefully I'll have time to hit what looks to be a killer row wod tonght

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  58. Regionals:

    43/5'8"/180 lbs.

    1.A Done. Longest distance covered by 5 jumps was 40.25'
    1.B Done. Did not time
    2. 155 lbs. across
    3. 8 rounds + 12 wall balls Rx. Really happy about this. Five weeks ago I basically could not do one double under. Thanks to advice from Cheryl Nasso I am getting pretty efficient with them. Two minor stumbles in the first round and unbroken from that point on.
    4. 20 @ 185 lbs.
    5. This was horrible! Highest = 485 meters Lowest = 435 meters Total = 4,145 meters

  59. 2. 185#x2 190#x4
    3. 8+4, dbls felt great out of nowhere
    4. 185#
    5. tomorrow at work

  60. Open
    1- 8 rounds 15 wallballs 12 double unders
    2- done

  61. 1.) 10 Rds RX. Wall balls are a huge weakness of mine. Being a shorter guy, that 10 Ft target looks a really far ways away. I'm being a pansy! I'm okay with 10 Rds but wish I could have got 14 Rds!!

    2.) done

  62. Open

    1. 8 rounds plus 5 Wall Ball

  63. Agility done
    L drill 8 sec
    Good mornings 100kg
    Wod 11r 8 wallball
    20rm 90kg
    Row 513

  64. M/29/5'6"/165 - Regionals
    Had to do one session.
    1.Broad Jumps - Done
    2. L-Drill - 7.44
    3. Good Mornings - 195
    4. 20 Rep FS - 17 reps @225 (really wanted this, front rack just collapsed on the 18th rep)
    5. WOD 7 Rds plus 21 reps.
    6. Row 3999 m total (Tried to keep about a 1:48 - 1:52 pace)