Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday 10.23.13

Chris M. climbing Mt. Baldy in Albeta on a recent Recovery Day.

Recovery Day.
Get outside the gym and enjoy your fitness.


  1. Plan on taking the dogs for a jog through the woods tomorrow morning after my 7AM class. It is not as cool as Chris M's recovery day though.

  2. Good job gents well played. after my looked as bad as it felt performance on lb ohs my recovery day will be squat therapy with razors on the wall so I don't touch.

  3. seriously where can I buy one of those backgrounds? lol

  4. Background def looks fake. not gonna get that here in.Florida.

  5. Replies
    1. I was def not imyong t was fake lol... just an amazing view!

  6. I woke up early even without the alarm, so went in and foam rolled. I had missed a few of these recently. Felt good. Will be sure to at least take the dog for a walk later.

  7. I did something to a muscle under my left shoulder blade, so I took yesterday off. It hurts (not as much anymore) when i move my am up and down. Tonight, the high school debate team that I coach has a tournament until 8:30...so looks like I am talking two rest days (which is probably wise).