Monday, October 7, 2013

Tuesday 10.8.13

Michele Letendre.

1.  Bounding
6 x 4 Skater Bounds (every jump = 1 rep), for height and distance - James Hobart demo video
no need to record or report scores.

2.  Pull
5 x 3 Sumo Deadlift with chains or bands

3  Metcon
BJ, 24/20" - games standards
Dead Lift, 225/155

4.  Row
Your choice of what to do.

1.  Metcon
BJ, 24/20"- games standards
Dead Lift, 225/155

2.  Skills
5 x 5 Sotts Press - James Hobart demo video


  1. Good day everyone!

    1. Metcon - 3:28. Were few no reps at BJs. And I was too slow at last DL every round.
    2. Sotts. Wow. It was challenge to my mobility. Did 45, 77, 95, 95, 100

    1. That's a monster Sotts press! Nice job!

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    3. Hoho. I didn't notice TTBs at metcon.
      Mike, thanks. It was really hard to me

    4. Stas, true story. Most days you are the only person who does it before me so most of the time I base my pacing off your time. Well based off your time I sprinted hard, I was thoroughly bummed when I hit 4:34 and I wondered how you could have beat me by 1 min in an old fashioned thrashing. I see you left off the TTB's but either way thanks for the motivation brother!

    5. Jeremy, cool story. Happy that my mistake made you to crash this metcon!

    6. I normally try not to get too caught up with what everyone is doing, but when I checked in this morning and saw your low Metcon, I couldn't help but think that I should be able to AT LEAST complete the Metcon in less than 6 minutes - especially since I was scaling! After my first round I looked at the clock and saw that 3:15 had passed and I thought to myself: "wow, I wouldn't have been able to keep up with Stas if I was just using a PVC pipe".

      In any case, as Jeremy said, it pushed me and that's all that matters. Nice work, regardless.

  2. Open
    1.5:35-set of 15's T2B beat me up
    2. 15/30/30/30/15- lots of grinding in my old football/rugby shoulders
    3. 6x6 s.bounds-6'

    1. Nice metcon time. see below post ha

    2. Bussom, have you or your box looked into Crossover Symmetry? My left shoulder has been hurt for the last 4 years from Jiu Jitsu and I am internally rotated to boot. This has helped big time with overhead movements and surprisingly with MU's and butterfly pullups. No dull pain anymore. Worth a shot.

    3. No I havent, ill take a look....good looking out!

  3. 1.done
    2. 3 @ 315 2 @ 345 75# band
    3. 5:35
    4. 2k moderate

    1. Nice work pal! Darn T2B, everything else was unbroken, you?

    2. Ha same. first round unbroken second round 8 and 7 last round was 5 3 1.hip flexors were on fire ha grip was better which used to be a limiting factor for me. keep grinding

  4. Open
    1) 6:23 Rx - unbroken TTB...not so much on DL.
    2) 15/30/30/30/45

  5. Open
    1) 7:16 Rx
    2) 3x PVC pipe 2x 15#

  6. 1) done

    2) 315/365/405/425/445 (fail)

    3) 7:35 (felt really slow this morning, dragging ass bad)

    4) fish game

    1. Forgot to mention I didn't have chains and for some reason didn't think about standing on the bands, was thinking I needed d-rings bolted to the floor, so I didn't use bands and just went heavy. Now I'll know for next to use bands and just step on them.

    2. Elite FTS actually has bands they made specifically to step on vs having D-rings bolted to the floor or a platform. It's their pro short bands.

  7. 2. Pull- Used one black Rogue band doubled over, seemed like it added about 50 at the bottom and about 150 at the top. Used 135, 225, 245, 265, 265

    3 Metcon- Tried something new on TTB and it paid off, only broke up the set of 15 which I was thoroughly happy with. 4:34

    4. Row- Pyramid with 1:1 rest to work, 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. Tried to get a negative split on the second interval

    20, 40, 60, 1:20, 1:39, 1:19, 58, 39, 17 (just as hard as I remembered)

    1. Again, it looks like a needed you as a rabbit. Stellar time Jeremy.

    2. Great time bro! I have to ask.....What's the T2B trick?

    3. Damn bro, sick time! Rd of 15 is the only one I broke up as well on the t2b, but my deadlifts sucked today for some reason!

    4. @Bussom, about 6 months ago after repeatedly watching the Chris Spealler efficiency tips for TTB and KTE I started trying to shoot my feet straight down and minimize the swing. I worked and I worked to try to get this down but all it did to me was tire out my hip flexors way before my grip ever felt it. I was so frustrated with the way TTB were going I said screw it and started swinging on the kip. It was like a brand new movement today and it paid off on the work out. I don't know if my body type is not suited for the way Chris says to do it or if my hip flexors just aren't strong enough. This worked much better for me. Including the video for reference.

    5. Nice work Jeremy! I'm a lot smaller then you but I find that getting a nice extension on my kip allows me to be more relaxed and breathe every rep. When I shorten it up it feels worse... so I support you haha

    6. Jeremy..BIG THANKS! I am with you, my grip is not the issue, it's my kip...I'll try anything....thanks for the tips and link! Keep hammer the wods, it's funny chasing you

  8. Went ahead and did the sots press as well 35, 35, 45, 45, 45

  9. Reg:

    Sumo DL- used a green band (I can only assume it was rogue, maybe again faster. Regardless...) did 135, 185, 225, 275, 275

    Metcon- 6:45 TTB sucked. Everything else was fine.

    Rowing- just rowed at regular pace (1:48-2:05) for 1677. Putting in meters for Lysa.

  10. Reg:

    1. maybe 6' ish? that was wierd, tried a few times, can see how practice would make that better, but don't really see the point in spending too much time on it.

    2. Stretched a green band across and stood on it, 135, 185, 225, 275, 275, wanted to try and maintain speed and still getting comfortable in sumo stance.

    3. 5:01, unbroken on all, must have wasted too much time on taking a breath before grabbing the bar.

    was pretty wrecked after this, so sat around for a bit before rowing a 2k, not really for time.

  11. 1. done
    2. used chains, stayed light, 315 across
    3. 5:37 (w/ 8# titin vest)
    4. no monitor, easy row

    still pretty beat up from last saturday's "barbell". looking forward to a mobility day then hitting it hard!

  12. Open
    (1) 7:17
    (2) used PVC for 3 sets of 7... Tough movement

  13. 1. 8:45 Rx ... Couldn't string TTB or DLs together this morning.
    2. 35/45/50/55/60 ... love this movement

  14. Open

    1. 7:35 (K2E, 24, 155#)
    2. 45/50/50/55/65 (never been so "proud" to load the bar with just 10's!)

    As always, the ole' body looks forward to a rest day.

  15. Open:

    1) 8:30 Rx
    2) 35/35/35/35/35. Mobility....woof.

  16. Open
    1. 7:12 Rx (need to work on Box Jump cycle time)
    2. Sotts Press - 5 x 50/55/60/65/70

    Humbling and exposing.

  17. 1. 8:51 (subbed 35# kbs for BJ)

    2. 15, 25, 35, 40, 45

  18. Open Masters 40-45 5'7" 230#



    This was tough one because I had to do Saturday workout on Sunday so was a little beat. I paced the first 2 rounds by 1/3 each exercise then did the dinal 9 unbroken on all ecercise to sprint in. Sotts were a new exercise for me and I liked them but Im not strong in them yet.

  19. Open

    1) 9:40 rx (didn't get into a good rhythm on DLs until last set of 9, everything else UB)
    2) 3x PVC 2x 45# bar Tough on the mobility

  20. 6min:30 sec Rx.. Tough stuff but lots of fun .

    Sotts press : 30kg 2 sets Accross.

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  22. Regional:
    2. Sumo'd up to 285lbs
    3. Metcon 7:42

  23. Open:
    Had a bunch of time on my hands today so i did the regionals stuff.
    1: Used to be a hockey player so these were a good throw back for me
    2. Wanted perfect form so did 225, bands added 100 pounds at peak tension
    3.6:44 Grip, legs, everything was tired from yesterday!

  24. Open Master
    1. 6:36 rx
    2. Sotts 5 x 35#

  25. 1)
    3) 4:04
    4) there was no way;/ felt dizzy after the sod

  26. regional:
    1. done - I liked these

    2. used a green band and did 235/235/235/255/255

    3. 5:36 - it's amazing how quickly that hamstring fatigue sets in

    4. 10x100m

  27. OPEN:

    1) Metcon: 4:59 Rx.
    2) 5x5 Sotts press: Used 45 lbs for all 5 sets.

  28. Open
    1) Metcon 6:57 Rx
    2) Done with PVC

  29. Open
    1. 14:06 (TTB, 24, 155#)
    2. 5# across

  30. Open:
    1) 11:39 RX, Damn those dead's got heavy!
    2) 65 lbs across, felt good!

  31. OPEN

    1. 12:19 rx DLs felt super heavy!
    2. tried to Sotts,but my flexibility is nil. then my child woke up, saved by the bell, so to speak...

  32. 1. done. weird. haha
    2. 315, 365x4 sets. all i have is thick pull up assist bands so i stretched em across and hooked one foot in each end. definitely made it spicy.
    3. metcon: 5:11, only broke up set of 15 ttb as i am a fat ass at 220# and my grip went. haha this was a fun one tho.

    1. rows:
      1k, rest 3 min
      750m rest 2 min
      2x500m rest 1:1

    2. 220#? That's awesome to see a big guy move like that!

    3. haha thanks man. Football cursed me to be heavy. lol

  33. 1. Bounding
    6 x 4 Skater Bounds (every jump = 1 rep), for height and distance - James Hobart demo video
    no need to record or report scores.
    2. Pull
    5 x 3 Sumo Deadlift with chains or bands
    Used bands (107# tension)
    185/215/225/235/245 +bands
    **my thumb kills me on SDL (i cant NOT hook grip! lol )
    3 Metcon
    BJ, 24/20" - games standards
    Dead Lift, 225/155
    4:20- felt efficient and fluent
    4. Row
    Your choice of what to do.
    Going to row a 5k

    1. 5k row 20:58
      feel good about this....kept a steady pace...never gassed out

  34. Open


    Step down box jumps because of shin splints :/

  35. Open/Masters 43

    metcon: 8:26, way too many breaks first 2 rounds, unbroken the last set
    SOTS press: 5 x 65, 75, 85, 95, 105
    So many crazy fast animals here!

  36. 1)done
    2)135/225/315/405/495 +2x25lbs chains

  37. 1) Done
    2) Done with 255 + purple bands
    3) Metcon - 6:39
    4) 2 rds of:
    250 m - :30 rest
    500 m - 1:00
    750 m - 2:00
    1000 m - 3:00
    31:30ish total time

  38. Open/Masters (47)

    1) 4:49, scaled to 15-10-5 for ttb, used 20" box and 135# deadlifts.

    2) PVC/15/30/40 (failed only got 4)/30.

    3) extra thruster work.

  39. I will be back on tomorrow. My competition this weekend left me wrecked (my quads really cannot hold my weight well...I am walking in an interesting way). Going for a light jog tonight to try to loosen my muscles up - but I will be doing this work tomorrow :)

    1. Great job this weekend! My chest and shoulders are still not right!!! Trying to do some scaled and un-timed stuff until I heal!

  40. Not my best day, been feeling beat up lately. Looking forward to a recovery day tomorrow.

    Sumo deadlifts 5x3 all with 20lbs of chains


    5:20 RX, it was a good one.

  41. 1-6:45 heart rate was jacked
    2-sotts press with 45lb bar

  42. 1)done
    2) 235 w/double green band
    3. 5:51
    4. 1000m row 3:45

  43. 1. Done, not sure how far or how high. I was clearing a mat though, so 6-7'ish. Fun stuff.

    2. Ha we made a pretty cool rig. Wrapped a few bands around a stall mat and stood on it, worked well. We think there was about 50-75# of resistance at the top. Scale was really weird so we're not sure. But on the bar was, 225, 245, 275, 295, 315. Took what we knew about westside, and figured this might be considered the dynamic day so we kept it on the lighter side of things and kept the speed as fast as we could.

    3. Was really happy with this, all unbroken, never came off the bar, transitions were a bit slow, but I was determined to go unbroken. 6:33

    4. I program for our gym, so I tested out a workout I dubbed as, "Muddy Waters" 3rft, 500m row, 15 burpees. Pretty ugly. Bout 9 minutes, but I felt like crap after the 21-15-9.

    Stayed and hit some bench press and played with some levers, too.

  44. 1. Done
    2. Sumo DL: 205x2, 235x3 - new DL variation so worked up in weight and played with setup & tng
    3. Metcon: 5:45rx - couple breaks on t2b & dl - hello hammies
    4. Row: 5 x 500m at sub 2:00 pace

    Several of my training partners jumped on board this morning so I'm posting for them too. No #s for DL but their metcons times are below. Everyone completed bounding & rows.

    Johnny: 6:54 - 315# dl, 30' box
    Chad: 7:15 - 315# dl, 30' box
    Tracy (masters): 10:58 - 275# dl
    Zach: 8:26 - 245# dl
    Jack: 7:57rx
    Tiff: 6:48rx

  45. Open
    1. 6:29 Rx
    2. 15/30/45/55/45

  46. 1.) 4:56...unbroken on all except last rd of t2b went 5/3/1.

    2.) Wanted to stay at pvc pipe even that was hard haha back was on fire, will be adding these to warm up! Worked up to #45 bar.

  47. Open
    1) 7:46 Not my best day that's for sure. Started off strong ,first 21 T2B unbroken. Then my grip was fried already on deads. I never have to break up deads at the weight but had to due to grip. Very disappointing, oh well moving on!
    2) Working OT at FFD, will try to get done tonight

  48. Open/Master
    1) 6:20 (did TTB on rings due to elbow)
    2) 15# bar (I will add those to warmups for sure!)

  49. Open

    1. 9:00. Man I feel like a slouch posting my time on here. Sick group of beasts on here. Dreads were my downfall. Haven't done them in a while, lower back is my weakest link. That and lungs. Need more work.

    2. Sotts press - 95# across.

  50. Open Program
    1) 6:56 - deadlifts were MUCH harder than expected. Otherwise felt good.
    2) 45, 45, 45, 50, 55 - bottom position needs to get more vertical.

  51. Open
    1) 5:29
    2) Haha 15,35,35,45,45

  52. Open
    1) Metcon - about 6:10-6:20 (timer got restarted after I started my last set of DLs, so can't be sure)
    2) 75-75-85-75-75

  53. Regional.
    2. worked up to 335# standing on a green band
    3. 4:33
    4. 5x300m row with 90sec rest between rds. 55.9, 56.3, 56.9, 58.4, 58.0

  54. 1. Done
    2. 225x3 green band 275x1 green band but ugly 275x1 blue band
    3. 6:50 t2b die as soon as I get through around 15 reps and then its singles and dbls rest of workout. Very frustrating
    4. Access to rower for short bit. Only did 5x250m 1:1 negative splits 1:38/500m to 1:32/500m
    Also did supplementary t2b work

  55. 1. Done
    2. Worked up to 335 with 2 chains per side
    3. 4:46
    4. 10 x 1 min on, 1 min off. For min on, row 20 s at 1:30, 20 s at 1:45, 20 at 2:00. Total distance = 3041 m.

  56. 1) done

    2) 3x10 wall facing squats

    3) 3x30 ghdsu

    4) oly session

  57. OPEN

    1) 5:56 rx
    Combien all my weaknesses in 1 workout and here's what you got.

    2) 65-75-80-85-75

  58. Open
    1. 8:34 ttb and jumps unbroken, deadlifts 11-10, 6-5-4, 9. DL are killing me.
    2. 45-55-65-75-85

    1) this may have been more awkward looking than bear crawl.
    2.) 5x3 w/ chains - 205/225x3/235 - first time playing with chains... cool!
    3.) metcon - 6:01 Rx... was all full of excuses to get off the bar during TTB today.
    4.) 6x 300m

  60. Open
    1- 6:03 This was a hard one to do alone in the barn. Too much resting between movements.
    2- 30-45-55-65-95