Monday, October 21, 2013

Tuesday 10.22.13

Jon Pera.

1.  Agility
Pro Agility Shuffle
5 attempts to establish best time - demo video

2.  Pull
1x2 Deads, no TnG - dead stop between reps
8x3 Speed Deads at 70% of 2RM, rest 60 seconds between sets.

3.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 Double KB Overhead Squats - see Hobart's demo video below.

1.  Metcon
5 RFT:
15 Pull ups
20 KBS, 53/35
25 Wall Balls

4.  Row
3 x 1000m at 2k Pace, 2 min rest between efforts.

1.  Metcon
5 RFT:
15 Pull ups
20 KBS, 53/35
25 Wall Balls

2.  Skills
10x2  Double KB Overhead Squats - if you have difficulty with this movement bring greater attention to your squat therapy.


  1. on the first Dead section, are we to do one set of two reps? Is this one set supposed to be establishing a 2RM?

  2. Open

    Metcon: 16:30
    OHS- 10 X 2 used 24k KB, def need to work on my squat therapy. first couple of sets were wobbly, but then sets 4-10 were more stable. I did this EMOM trying to hold the squat for 2 seconds each time..

  3. Open:
    Mecon - 15:17
    Kettlebel OHS - used 35lbs KBs, was rather stable but still have to work on my shoulder's mobility. Will do squat therapy tomorrow on recovery day.

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  5. Open:METCOM - 16:14.. Phew!
    OHS - 35lb... tough to maintain stability after 16 min of shoulder smoke!

  6. 1) done. Didn't time
    2) 2RM-435, 315x3x8
    3) 1.5x20, 2p x 15
    4) 13:50
    5) 4:13/3:56/dnf - kicked off rowers by the class

  7. Open
    1. 15:54
    2. No kb's for me, sqt therapy on the wall

  8. Regionals
    1.Pro Agility-No accurate way to time. All around 4 seconds
    2.Deads-2RM-345lbs, 245lbs 8x3
    3.Double KB O.H. Squats-35lbs. Had no idea where to start. Got this easy but needed to move on to fit the metcon in.
    4.Metcon-16:02. Had to do the wall balls outside in 28 degrees. COLD! haha
    5.Will do tomorrow

  9. 1. Agility- Did it once on the concrete, slipped and fell and moved on.

    2. Pull
    1x2 Deads- Worked up to 435 because that was all that would fit on the bar.
    8x3 Speed Deads- Focused on staying tight and trying to rip the bar off the floor, 31

    3. 20 Rep Benchmark
    20 Double KB Overhead Squats - did it with 30 lb KB's then realized I suck and did squat therapy.

    1. Metcon- Did a training partners metcon

    4. Row
    3 x 1000m at 2k Pace- 3:41, 3:33, 3:31

  10. Regionals.

    1) done

    2a) 418
    2b) done at 298#

    3) 35# kb. really highlighted my shoulder mobility issues.

    4) 16.38.

    Good wod today but could really feel the impact of being gone for the past month with no working out, little sleep and food. But still excited to be back in it, and looking forward to hitting these wods consistently again.

    1. Good to see you back on here! You missed a lot of good work, but I'm sure there is plenty of good stuff coming soon.

    2. Drew! Where the F were you........Afghanistan?

    3. Yea seriously.. Wanted to ask the same thing myself

  11. Open
    1) 18:19 - alternate rounds of 20# & 14# WB, 44# KBS. Not happy with this looking at other times.
    2) worked up to 35# KB

  12. Reg:

    1. no time, did not do.

    2. a)Only got to 365....still protecting my shin that I bashed last week.
    b) 70% of above was really too light, I think on some of this my % work doesn't work as weel bacause my mid-range tends to be better than my max (comparatively).

    3. 13 reps @ 1.25 PD....reset my stance, 20 reps @ 1 PD, tough stuff!

    PM 1. 13:05, only broke WB on round 4 and 5 all else unbroken, liked this one.

    PM 2.

    3:30.4, grr, wanted to stay under 3:30 for all, lost it in the middle.

    Good training day today, took 2 hours, but it all went well, even though I wanted more on DL...Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

  13. Had to go one session. busy work day.
    1. done
    2. 2rm @ 435
    3. Speed deads @ 315
    4. Kb ohs 13# each arm. yes that's not a typo thank you Ben for giving the opportunity to expose a huge deficiency and humble myself.
    5. Metcon 15:34 paced all the way through as not to go to failure. felt solid moving same speed whole time.
    Rough one to do in one session. happy to recovery tomm. yall get after it today. better everyday

  14. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 13:22 Rx
    2. 10x2 KB OHS - 1p x 7 / 1.25p x 3
    ... first time doing these - great test of form ... super impressive James you're a beast.

    1. Wow that is a fast time. Nice work. You are one of the ones I chase, but you are much more of a ninja than I am...

  15. Open
    1. 17:29
    2. Worked up to 18# KB

  16. Open:
    Metcon: 12:12 stayed smooth and unbroken for everything.
    KB Squats: stayed with 1 pood. Knees are aching pretty bad.

  17. 1)no tim
    2) 2reps 450lbs, speed work @315
    3) skip
    4) 15:02, went unbroken for everything, happy about that:)

    1. Hey fellow Canada East competitor!
      This is Lucas Proulx, we were in a lot of heats together at Regionals this year. Good to see you're doing Competitor's WOD man.
      You got me by 10 sec. on the met-con today! Good job, I was stoked to go unbroken too!

  18. Open:

    1) 13:37 Rx
    - went 5/5/5 for pull-ups, went 10/10 for KBS, went unbroken on WBs (mini rests everywhere. CRUSHED from yesterday...)

    2) 10 x 2 @ 1.5 pood (was very tempted to try the 20 UB and try to match Hobart once I loosened up, but man am I impressed with that! In Nano's too!)

  19. Reg:

    1. Skipped for time

    2. a. 385 could have pulled 405 but would have also slipped a disk. Decided to stay away from that.
    b. 275. Pretty solid weight for the work.

    3. 20 rep double kb OHS- 1 pood

    4. Metcon- 16:08. Went really hard today on this and felt great. Pretty fatigued but well worth it.

    5. Only got one 1000 before I had to leave for work. 3:43.

    Awesome couple of days. Went all the way up until I had to leave for work both days and I definitely feel like it. Looking forward to this rest day.

  20. 1. 11:14--with chest to bar pullups, 2 pood russian swings. C2B Pullups were broken after first round--first pullups in about a month nursing shoulder issue. Everything else unbroken. First three round in 5 min--then slowed considerably due to broken pullups. Love wallballs!

    2. Squat therapy + 3x12 squatting, band face-pulls w/overhead press + squat therapy retest.

  21. Open:
    1. 19:16 (substituted elevated ring rows for pull-ups and I'm not sure if it was any easier - or if it helped my elbow - also 45# KB because it's all I own)
    2. 35# KB OHS - also did some squat therapy where I was able to successfully complete a few reps with my toes against the wall.

    One step (or squat) at a time! Enjoy the rest day everyone.

  22. Open
    1) 14:59
    2) Yeah right.....did OHS pause squats and will do some more wall squat therapy later
    Bro down with Jon, fun as usual!

  23. 1.20:00rx with all butterfly pull-up, exciting day for me.
    2. 30# each hand

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  25. Open/Masters 43

    1) Metcon: 15:59, did the first set unbroken, which still took 2:16, so anyone doing in 12 minute range is sooo fast!
    2) 10 x 2 OHS, this was way harder than it looks, started with 45 lb dumbells for first few, had to drop to 35's for rest.

    Enjoy the rest day!

  26. after it with Burnes again!

    1.) 13:33...not completely satisfied with this but wall balls are a goat and they felt improved so will take it.

    2.) Tried a few sets with #18 kbs, shoulder mobity is junk...did some O.H.S as well

  27. Open
    1. 5 RFT: 5 Pull ups, 10 KBS, 15 Wall Balls -->8:50
    2. Done @ 10#

  28. Regional AM
    1. Agility-worked on skill. No time
    2. Deads 2RM (350), Speeds 280. Had to go a bit light bc of comp. this upcoming weekend
    3. 20 Double KB OVH Squats (45lbs)-first time trying. I would do more mob before
    4. 3x1000 Times: 4:16/4:06/3:56

    Doing Metcon Tonight

  29. 1) 6.32 best time
    2) 2RM - 345. 8x3 @ 245
    3) KB OHS - Done with 25 lb KBs. Could've maybe done 35s. Tough.
    4) Metcon - 15:41
    5) Row - 4:09.2 - 4:05.3 - 3:58.2

  30. Open:
    1. 15:12 (unbroken, but lots of transition rest)
    2. 1.5 poods (10x2 OTM)

  31. 1. 4.17 was my best shuttle or:3.91 in college
    2. 2rm: 455
    3. 53# KB for the 20rm. This sucked haha I did 72# KB for 2. MAN TEST.
    4.metcon: 14:35
    5. Row: 3:28,3:32,3:18

  32. Open/Masters (47)

    1) 14:41 scaled to 10 pullups per round, 35#kb and 14# wb as I'm trying to keep the intensity to build the engine.

    2) 10# kb and had to put my heals up on 10# metal plates.

  33. Had to hit it all in 1 marathon of a session.

    1. 5.35 was the best time.

    2. 405 for the double, 285 for the speed triples.

    3. Got the 12k's then got the 16k's. Tough, really challenges your overhead position.

    4. 15:24. I think that was the time, forgot to write it down, but I am almost sure that is it. I know it was sub 15:30, but barely. This one was tough, my quads are in shambles after the thrusters yesterday then the wall balls today. Ouch.

    5. Done. 3:40.2, 3:41.0, 3:40.0. Legs were shot, just couldn't get to that 1:45 split, was mostly around 1:50.

  34. Open
    Metcon - 13:34rx
    Kb Ohs - Worked up to 25# followed by Squat Therapy
    Made up muscle OTM & Pause squats w/275#

  35. Metcon-17:58... Wall ball is a real goat for me :(
    KB OHS -#20

  36. 1. Skipped
    2. 425# 2rm, 70% @ 295#. Did not feel fast.
    3. Only have one KB of each weight. Used 25# plates balanced in each hand instead.
    4. 15:07, Pullups felt more smooth than in weeks, but still broken. Multiple wallball misses on target each round.

  37. Open Program
    1) 15:39 - these grip-intensive workouts tend to crush me, and today was no exception. Any tips for improving grip endurance, other than just continuing to work these type of metcons?
    2) 8 sets with 26-lb. KBs, 2 sets with 35-lb. KBs. Did not look like Hobart's but actually better than I expected.

  38. Open

    1. 16:10. Unbroken wall balls on the 1st and last round. Really pushed hard at the end. Should've paced better I think, 1st round was sub 2 min then fell apart. Wanted sub 15. Lungs holding me back. Always impressed by all the beasts on here, you guys drive me to be better. Thank you!

    2. Don't have two of any one size KB at home.. So did two sets of 10 with a 55lb in one hand and 35 in the other. Thought about trying 20 reps but don't think I would've made it past 15. Props to Mr. Hobart on that!

  39. OPEN

    1) 14:57 rx
    My medball felt like an egg. Improving on pullups. Happy.

    2) Done with 24kg KB.
    Easy, tried with 32kg but couldn't get it up.

  40. Open:
    Done at slow pace.... Have to be careful of knee on wall balls... Hopefully the pain goes away this week.
    Squat therapy

  41. Morning Session

    1) 5.0 was my best, was slipping a bit, was hoping to dip in the 4's.

    2) Shitty morning dl's 405 x 2 and 285 x 8 x 3

    3) Couldn't do these, shoulder flexibility issues I didn't know I had

    Evening Session

    4) 18:07, pullups sucked after i ripped in rd 2



  42. 1. Done
    2. Worked up to 2RM @ 265# (felt good considering my current 1RM is 285# hoping to hit a new PR!)
    Then OTM D/L 8 x 3 @ 70% = 185#
    3. Tried the 25#, only got to 12. Then did the 15# for 20. Wow this is an awkward movement.
    4. Metcon: 17:10min threw to 10ft target. Wall balls nearly killed me
    5. 1 x 1000m (didn't have anything left in me to do the final two sets)

  43. Open
    1) 14:38. broke pretty much everything but short rests
    2) 10x2 @40# kettlebell. petty ugly

  44. 1)5.16 sec was best
    2)1x2 275,8x3@195 (5secs each )
    3)wow made 8kg but only 12 reps at 12 kg- need squat therapy
    4) metcon 15:15
    5)rows 4:32,4:33,4:28

  45. 1.Skipped
    2.405/275 speed
    3. 8lbs. New level of embarrassing.
    4. 17:03 rx
    5. 3:41/ 3:51/ 3:41

  46. Metcon
    Time - 13:49 RX
    Row - 1X 1000M - 3:58 (exhausted)

    Deadlift 2RM = 160kg
    6x 3 @ 112kg

    20RM Overhead Squat at 16KG KB

  47. Open

    1) 18:42

    2) Didn't have a second KB, so worked a bit on mobility

  48. Open:
    1.) 18:54 Rx

    2.) Did wall therapy instead

  49. Metcon
    It's all I had time for today.

  50. Reg:

    Alot of midterms this week, trying to fit things in when i get time

    1. Warmed up with some basketball instead
    2. 455x2
    3. 45'x2 for 20 rep max. I hope I wasnt the only idiot who tried 2pood at first...

    1. Metcon about ~14:55. Didnt look at clock right away. Wasnt to worried about time, goal was to do everything unbroken. That was my victory
    2. Gonna do some hill runs later instead

  51. Open
    1. 18:00
    2. Don't have matching KBs, so did 8 sets with 26#/35#, and 2 sets with 35#/53#

  52. Open
    1- 14:04
    2- done one handed with 40 lbs

  53. open
    10 pullups
    15 53lb
    20 20lb ball