Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thursday 10.31.13


1.  "Grace"
30 Clean and Jerks for time, 135/95 - don't scale up.  get a true "grace" score.  be sure to stand up the jerks.

2.  Snatch Skills
Snatch Dead + High Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance + Snatch - work to a moderate weight that you can still move fast and with total confidence.

3. Clean and Jerk 
A.  Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean +  Jerk - work to a moderate to heavy weight.
B.  3 x 2 Power Clean + Jerk - at the same weight as above.  These should be pretty.

4.  Squats
A.  Back Squat 10 x 1 across.
B.  Front Squat 2x3

1.  Gymnastic Skills
OTM x 30
Odd:  3-6 Strict C2B Pull ups
Even:  15 Cals on Airdyne

2.  Accessory Work
100 Face Pulls
100 Band Pull aparts

1.  Metcon
30 Clean and Jerks for time, 135/95

2.  Snatch Skills
Snatch Dead + High Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance + Snatch - work to a moderate weight that you can still move fast and with total confidence.

3.   Strength
A.  Back Squat 10 x 1 across.
B.  Front Squat 2x3


  1. What % of your 1rpm should the FS and BS be?

    1. A few ways to look at this. You could reference Prilepin's Table for guidance on percentages you "should" be able to hit for a given rep scheme. However, this can pigeon hole you and doesn't account for days you feel run down or like superman.


      You can work up based on how you feel.
      The 10 singles should be a weight high percentage of 1 RM
      The Front Squat 2x3 will also be a higher percentage. Try working up to a heavy set of 3 that you are 100% sure you can get and then make challenging jumps from there.

    2. i like the way hobart thinks! :)

  2. Open
    Did this on 10/30 Schedule is a little messed up due to drill this weekend
    1) 1:48 All Singles, singles are way better and faster for me than holding onto the bar for any length of time. Hope my lockouts were legit, going this hard and fast may have been suspect, but felt like the standards were met. Next time I'll be a little more deliberate
    2) Worked up to 155, felt good, didnt want to get to that sloppy point
    3) Did Hatch Squats instead

  3. The power of positive thought FTW, when I woke up my legs were still beat up from WB's. Went in there determined to have a good session.

    1. "Grace"- 1:31, this is a PR but it was nice in retrospect to see where an improvement could be made. First 22 unbroken looked at the clock and it was 48 seconds, went follow the bar singles for the rest but that shows how much slower singles can be. If I'd taped my thumbs I think we are looking at 1:10-1:20

    2. Snatch Skills- Worked up to 155, felt solid and fast.

    3. Clean and Jerk
    A. Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Jerk - work to a moderate to heavy weight- up to 225, it felt pretty moderate.
    B. 3 x 2 Power Clean + Jerk - at the same weight as above- 225

    4. Squats
    A. Back Squat 10 x 1 across- 345 for the first two, felt like I was cheating and upped it to 365 for the last 8
    B. Front Squat 2x3- 315, 295 is my old 3RM so to hit 315 for 2 sets of 3 was cool, I sounded like Devon on the front squats.

    1. Back in the PM for the second session.

    2. Well when I checked right before I worked out it was still 5 Muscle ups and 15 calls on air dyne, so I did as many unbroken MU's as I could in the minute (averaged 3-5) and did 15 cals on the rower for 20 min. I knew the mu's would start to degrade after that point and they did. Got some good work in.

  4. In 4. A. back squat 10 x 1 across. what does the across mean?

    1. 10 sets of a 1 rep. Try and hold the same weight for all reps.

      Goal is to maintain a high percentage of your 1 rep max across all attempts.

    2. Great thanks. That's what I thought just making sure.

  5. Same weight, have you read the FAQ?

  6. Open:
    Grace- 3:00 slower than my previous PR of 2:40, talk about humbling.

    Snatch Complex- Worked up to 145. Failed the first time at the squat snatch, but nailed it on the second attempt. felt very good.

    Back Squat- Had 325 for 8 and failed on my ninth attempt. hit 315 for the last two.
    Forgot to front squat.

  7. grace 1:45 that's a 45 sec pr. will do the rest this afternoon in one session. train hard. better everyday. boom.

    1. Boom is right, 45 second PR?!

  8. Open/Masters 43

    Grace: 2:53, first time doing this, goal was 3:00, so happy with that
    Snatch work: worked up to 135

    Strength: will join local crossfit class for a strength workout

  9. Open:
    1. 1:41- pr- jeremy and the rest of you, Thank You for the motivation, its tough getting up @ 5am and hitting wods solo on certain days, but as soon as i log on and see jeremy smashing wods and putting up 365# on b.sqt, game on!

    2. Didnt have time and left shoulder is funky
    3. 315#
    275#! - missed last one but still happy w am session

    1. Hey man, glad my early posts can provide some motivation, usually I am looking to Stas for mine since he is the only one who usually posts before me.


    1. "Grace"
    30 Clean and Jerks for time, 135/95 - don't scale up. get a true "grace" score. be sure to stand up the jerks.-2:40. PR by over a minute!

    2. Snatch Skills
    Snatch Dead + High Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance + Snatch - work to a moderate weight that you can still move fast and with total confidence.-105lbs. My snatch balance sucksssssssss.

    3. Clean and Jerk
    A. Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Jerk - work to a moderate to heavy weight.-205lbs.
    B. 3 x 2 Power Clean + Jerk - at the same weight as above. These should be pretty.-205lbs.

    4. Squats
    A. Back Squat 10 x 1 across.-285lbs. Started with 300, but I was just exhausted after everything else.
    B. Front Squat 2x3-225lbs

  11. Reg:

    1. 2:11, haven't done this one in a long time, but pretty sure I was in the 3 or 4 range before. Went 10,5,5,3,singles, thought I had a sub 2 in me.... I still think I do even though that was all I had today.

    2. 135, stayed fast, still tricky getting the speed in a snatch balance.

    3 worked up to and used 225, still settling in to solid form on Jerks, but some felt really good.

    4. 10x1 275 high bar
    2x3 only 225, started to feel all the work from above, didn't push too hard.

    PM 1. Skipped for time, and it would have been rowing (no airdyne) and I didn't have it in me to do two days in a row of that.

    PM 2. Done, ouch again

  12. Regionals.

    1) 2.18. Not a pr but a good showing. I'll take it.

    2) 132.

    3a) 187
    3b) 176

    4a) 330 across
    4b) 264. Totally didn't even think about trying to go up. May of been able to put up 280 or so.

    1. Regionals.

      Session 2.

      4) done. 88 strict c2b. Didn't have a air dyne so did 60m shuttle sprints. Averaged 18sec.

  13. Open:

    1. 2:30 - Now I'm in the business trip, so had to visit usual non-crossfit gym. Couldn't throw barbell from the top. The 135-barbell still doesn't feel light for me. Have to work harder.

    2. Came to 155 (feared to drop barbell to the floor because it's forbidden in that gym)

    3. a 285
    b 245

    1. Nice work Stas. I always read your posts in my head with a Russian accent. Please tell me you really do have one.. :)

      You're killin it man, keep up the good work!

  14. Good day!
    Grace - 3:31, never did this before so I set a goal of 3:30... one sec off not bad. I have a better plan to attck this next time.

    Snatch comp - 136, I failed twice at 141. Still have some shoulder trouble, subbed ohs for balance (wasn't going to lower that bar) so my weak spot became the high hang.

    BS - 285/ 295, did these OTM. First 5 felt strong so went up to 295.

    FS - 215, felt strong... good day!

  15. Open
    1. Grace - 3:08 Rx (0:26 PR)
    2. Snatch Compex - 145#
    3. BS 10x1 (OT2M) @ 335#
    FS 2x3 (OT2M) 245#/255#

  16. Masters Open. Female, age 48, 142 lbs., 5'8", @CFNE. My first post!
    Grace 3:12 (+:09 from PR)
    Snatch Complex: skipped because I did similar yesterday @75#
    BS: 11x1 195#
    FS: 2x3 @ 155#

  17. Open:
    1. 3:11
    2. Not Done Yet
    3A. 185#
    3B. 1 at 155#, 1 at 165#

  18. Regionals - M/36/175/5'10"
    1. "Grace" - 1:43. :40PR. Happy with that!
    2. Snatch Skills- worked up to 115# on that. Getting better bottom position.
    3. Clean and Jerk
    A. Worked up to 230#
    B. 230# Felt good.
    4. Squats
    A. 315#
    B. 265#
    5. Accessory work done. No time for OTM. Gotta work.

  19. So many PRs--awesome work everyone!!! Congrats! Today was a GREAT day for me

    1. Snatch work--done at 75%

    2. Grace: 51 sec PR, 2:05. Was hoping for sub-2, now I really have something to drive for next time we do this. Ever since Open WOD 13.4, (which was an absolute disaster for me), this movement at this weight has messed with my head. Went 15, 5, 5, 5...and shoulder felt pretty good afterwards. Have been going overhead for a week or so now with a month off, strength is coming back and I know where I can cut time. Good benchmark on progress made following this programming!

    3. Back squat. First time I've back squatted in almost 3 YEARS. Before CrossFit, I had such bad sciatic pain, I walked with a limp. I did the globo thing, and never thought I would squat or touch a barbell again. Today, went 10x1 at 275# pain free, light weight for you guys, but for me a HUGE victory.

    4. Front squat 2x3 @ 275#, (approx. 85% of 1 rep max from last week, 325#).

  20. Regionals
    AM session

    1. Grace- 2:10. 3 second PR. Should have warmed up more, but was running late this morning. Started with 3, 2, then the rest singles. Hamstrings were on fire.
    2.Up to 135. 115 felt great, but 135 was pretty rough after Grace.
    3. Both at 225. Push jerk was difficult. Definitely need to work on that movement.

    4. Started with 295, felt awesome half way through, so I went up to 325.
    5. 265

  21. Open:

    1) 5:23 RX, wasn't ok with my time today, had wrist issues locking out the Jerk. Worked on some mobility. Then made a 2nd attempt and PR'd at 4:06!!!! Fuel the fire!!! 3:00 is my goal.

    2) 125lbs

    3) B.SQ = 265lbs
    F.SQ = 255 lbs

  22. Do you guys incorporate Deadlifts into your programming?

    1. Yes. They have been programmed quite a lot recently. Check out the programming philosophy. Lots of good stuff in there.

  23. Open Master: Grace: 3:42 rx (1:14 pr from 4/13)
    BS 10 x 1: 160#
    FS 2 x 3: 140#

  24. Open:
    1. 2:35 thats a 1:02 pr for me but still not great. i could have gone faster but ive had a hard time lately cycling through clean and jerks fast, rhythm just feels off. but cant be mad at a pr.
    2. worked up to 165
    3.BS did 2 sets at 295 then moved up to 315 for the rest of them.
    FS 275#

  25. Open:
    1. 4:20 - this is a 1:09 PR in just 6 weeks! This just so happens to be the only 6 weeks I have followed this program! I couldn't be happier. I definitely needed a reminder that hard work does pay off. Ben, thanks for continuing to make us better on a daily basis.
    2. Worked up to 95#
    3a. Skipped - ran out of time
    3b. FS - 155# - probably should have gone a bit heavier...

    Congrats to everyone on setting their new PR's...and congrats to the World Champion BOSTON RED SOX (sorry, I couldn't resist)

  26. 1. Grace 2:35RX/PR
    2. BS 6x1@ 165, 4x1@175 FS 2x3@145

  27. Reg:

    Crossfit.com just put up a video of Khalipa and his track coach. About 2 weeks before the games the coach had Khalipa run 10x800m with 1:1 rest at a sub 2:58 pace. Watching the "Bear" push through that got me pretty pumped. So my day instead looked like this. (did hill sprints last night too)

    1-8x800m with two true bros at 1:1 rest, fastest was 2:42, slowest was 3:03. Track team kicked us off after 8, not sure I would've survived the next two though!

    2-Snatch Complex - 155, hammy's were fried from the runs! Couldnt pull the high hang

    3-Power Clean + HSclean (didnt see jerk) - 285. Did a 10min EMOM starting at 185
    - 3x2 at 225, kept em pretty.

    4- Grace - 1:49. Went 16, 7x2. 0:03 short of PR, but considering how I felt by this time, Ill take It!

    Gonna try to get the other stuff in tonight, I gotta recover in the meantime.

    Keep goin HAM everyone!

    1. Male master, age 57. Finished "Grace" in 2:57 @ 95lbs. Would this be poor, fair, average......Comments and advice welcomed

    2. I think it's a pretty good time! Anything under 3 is fairly good. Firebreathers will get it under 2. The fact that your 57 and did that ups the value, too.

  28. Open
    1) 1:51 (first time ever doing this for time, pretty pumped) went 16/6/4/4, will try more UB off the start next time.

    2) Tried too soon, was fried. Just used 135

    3) 405/315 (FS- paused for 3 at the bottom of each)

    1. Strong squats Brooks! And fast metcon too damn!

  29. reg
    1.1:52 10 second higher from my PR
    2.snatch complex 225
    3 A 265 B 265,275,285
    4 A 335 B 275

  30. Open:

    1.) 2:38 (:32 PR!!)

    2.) Worked up to 125#

    3.) BS: 5x205, 5x225
    FS: 205#

  31. 1. metcon 2:29...a little disappointed with this one bc I felt like I had more in the tank

    2. Snatch Skills @ 100#

    3. Clean and Jerk A + B @ 140#

    4. Squats
    A. Back Squat 10 x 1 across@ 200# ...I'm happy with this
    B. Front Squat 2x3 @ 155, 165

    Gymnastics skills
    1) I subbed the 30 mus today, since I won't have access to rings tomorrow. didn't really do these for time, since I am pretty bad at them - but it took me about 25 min
    2) done

  32. Open
    1)2:32 felt rough as a badgers arse today.
    2) 70kg
    3) a)140 across
    B) 110-120 tried for 125 but failed on 3rd rep

  33. am:
    1. "Grace"- 1:44 rx 32sec PR went 20-5-5
    2. snatch complex: 225#- I was feelin myself after grace and felt fast with this so. why not.
    2. clean complex: 300#, felt good.
    3x2 with 300# also
    3. back squat: 405# across
    front squat: 345# across
    emom: done. got down to 4 strict c2b around half way
    took about 30 secs to airdyne 15 cals each time.
    accessory work: done.

  34. Any suggestions for someone who is just kind of jumping into the open WODs and still feeling pretty weak..?

    1. My calorie intake has jumped a solid 1000 cal/day since starting the regional program back in June. Some days there is just not enough food in my house though.

    2. Hey Ewing K,

      The eat more sleep more advice is simple and effective. 8 hours a night if you can hack that, don't have new borns keeping you up, or don't work shift hours.

      Also give yourself an extended warmup. Nothing for weight or for time but most poeple do a little bit better when they hae spent 5-10 min moving, warming up and prepping the body to take loading and a slightly higher heart rate.

    3. Just to chime in again, James is so right. The warm up is key. Something I really like to do is Set the clock for 12-16 mins, and odd mins I'll do a 10-15 cal row, even mins I'll just do something. GHDSU, burpees, double unders, slow and deliberate air squats, and progressivly move into pull-ups, maybe some handstand stuff, maybe even some kettle bell stuff. Light reps, low reps, just something to take the body through full range of motion, get the heart rate up, and get some sweat going. That works out great for me. Plus, it doubles as a skill session.

    4. Hey thank you all for the replies, honestly I'm kind of lacking on all of those things. Not getting a constant amount of sleep, eating decent but not always great or enough and not really much of a warm up. Great advice guys!

  35. Snatch 155
    clean complex 245
    power clean. + jerk 255
    Back squat 355
    Front squat 300
    out of time for rest. trick or treat time with the fam. happy Halloween everyone.

  36. OPEN:
    1) Grace: 1:33 Rx. Old PR was 1:46. Bar slipped out of my hands on rep 30. First 29 were unbroken. Pretty pumped. My box owner was videoing me and I think that helped mentally.

    2) Snatch skills: 95, 105, 105, 115, 115, 135, 135. Overhead position is still sub-par.

    3a) Back squat 10 x 1: 335 across
    3b) Front squat 2 x 3: 275

  37. 1) 2:27. 20 second PR. Went 5-5-5-5-5-5. Could have gone more unbroken but wanted to experiment with this, worked out well.

    2) Knee started acting up. Did Sn Dead+Power Shrug+Hang Squat Snatch. Worked up to 165 and hit that a few times.

    3) Changed to P. Clean + hang p. clean+Jerk. Worked up to 245. I was feeling a little torched so I backed it off to 225 for the 2nd part and made em' pretty.

    4) 305 Across on the BS. FS sucked. I felt really wrecked. 205/225, I think my 3RM is in the 275 range right now, then since I didn't do any full cleans, I did a 245x3x1.

    5) Done. Exhausting, not super hard, but exhausting. 3-5 C2B. The last 10 mins it was 3. I was missing on the 4th every time.

    6) Done. Spicy.

  38. Open
    2:11 for Grace ... 11 sec slower than my PR
    Snatch complex #85
    Back Squat#215
    Front Squat 175

  39. Open
    1. 2:37
    2. 155#
    3. A. 295#
    B. 245/255

  40. Open.

    1. First time doing Grace was last month and this was my second time. 7:31 Rx today and a new PR. I shaved off 1:53. Progress.

  41. Open

    1. "Grace" 2:15. PR by 10 sec. Wanted sub 2 min but just not quite. It was fast and furious!

    2. Worked up to 155# snatch complex. Snatches feeling better this week.

    3. 365 across on back squat. Front squat did 295 and failed the 3rd rep, I think from fatigue, then did 275 and that felt easy.

  42. Regionals

    1. Grace: 1:49 @ RX

    2. Snatch Skills: Used #125

    3. A. Worked up to: #170
    B. Used #170

    No time for the Squats or Afternoon Session today

  43. Open:

    "Grace"- 1:57 rx'd (12 sec PR). Really happy to go sub-2

  44. Open

    1.) 1:51...26 sec PR!

    2.) #145...catch felt shaky so left it there

    3.) Back squat #355 across
    Front squat #315 PR!

  45. Open
    1. 3:25 Rx
    2. & 3. Didn't have enough time..will do tomorrow

  46. Open
    1) 3:08
    2) worked up to 115#
    3) BS @ 255# / FS @ 205#

  47. Open
    1) 1:57 18 Second PR sub 2 baby
    2) 155
    3) Back Squat 315
    Front Squat 265,280

  48. 1. 2:07 Rx
    2. 155
    3. 215
    4. a) 300 b) 250
    1. Done all c2b 6 UB
    2. Done

  49. OPEN

    1) 1:48 rx
    Could've easily trim a couple seconds off this time, but for a 1st Grace, not a bad time..

    2) 185#

    3) Back squat: 325# Front squat: 2653 - 275#

  50. Open/Masters 47

    1) 2:13 @ 95#.

    2) worked up to 85#

    3) Back squat used 245#
    front squat used 205#

  51. 1) 1:59 (16 sec pr!)

    2) worked up to 155

    3) a) went to 225 and felt pain in shoulder again on the jerks so went down to 195 for b and could only do 2 sets before it hurt too bad and called it.

    4) a) 365 across, made all 10

    B) ran out of tine and had to get to work

    No evening session, took my little man trick or treating for halloween

  52. Open
    1. Done not close to my pr. Really disappointed. I think too much about form
    2. Done at 75#. Then worked in snatch and got 90# for first time since I got injured in April
    3. Back squat 155#
    Front squat 115 and then 125

  53. Open:
    Grace 2:02 (:20 sec pr)
    Snatches @ 175 should have gone heavier
    B.s. @ 355
    Squata felt great coming off of a back injury!

  54. Grace: 1:57 was slower than PR. Should've hit more unbroken.

    Snatch skills: worked up to 165. Felt good.

    C&J: 225 all way around.

    BS: 355 should've went up was lil easy.
    FS: 315/335

  55. played a game of rowling for a warm up..good fun, highly recomended if you have not tried.

    1) 2:20...I think my previous PR is in the 3:30 area. Super pumped!
    2) worked up to 135...need to work on my second pull
    3) Back Squat-275...should have done 285 or 295
    Front Squat...225/245

    1. What is Rowling? I tried to look it up and only get Harry Potter stuff.

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yvx1Ri9pFc

  56. Regionals
    1. 3:25min (terrible)
    2. Worked up to 105#
    3. Worked up to 165#
    4. Back Squat: 235# across
    Front Squat: 185#
    5. Complete (Started with 5 DHCTB, quickly switched to 4)
    6. 75 each
    Wow that was a long one!

  57. M/29/5"6/160#

    Grace -2:19 Rx. First time doing Grace since tearing my hamstring after regionals in 2012. This is a PR for me so Im stoked with that. Not happy with my struggle to hold the bar longer. Grace is a huge mental WOD for me. Sub 2 will def be in the books next time. Lee Peoples and I did this together and that 1:33 he put up was fast! Wow!!

    Snatch Complex
    I worked up to 145#. Could have went a little heavier, but its only Thursday and my heavy lifting days are the next 2 days.

    Back squat
    335# could have went heavier but didn't.

    Front Squat
    275# could put 10# more on the bar

    Bring on Diane!!!

  58. Regional
    1. 1:51
    2. 155#
    3. A. 255#
    4. A. 325#
    B.255#, 275#
    Didnt have time for afternoon stuff.

  59. 1. 2:41, 1st grace time. Only did heavy grace before. Lungs felt great but jerks got weak and forced me to go to singles for last 12 or so reps.
    2. 155#
    3. 205#
    4. a. 335#x5 345#x5 b. 275# (old 1rm from months ago)

    1. 5. couldn't do strict overhand c2bs 90 days ago. Now did 3-5 stricts per round.
      6. done

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  61. 1) 2:41 axle bar @ 140#
    2) Worked up to 195#
    3) A: Worked up to 260#
    B: 260# (ugly)
    4) A: Back Squat 375# across
    B: Front Squat: 315#

  62. Open
    Grace -2:13 rx pr by 6 seconds
    Back Squat - 10 x 1 @ 315#
    Front Squat 2 x 3 @ 275#

  63. Open Program
    1) 2:44 - pr by 13 sec, might have done 31 reps, lost count early on. Started with 9-4-2, then singles. Legs were burning earlier than I'd hoped.
    2) 145

    Did #3 with Fridays workout. Did things out of order due to schedule.

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  65. I typed in wrong!
    1.Grace PR- 2:14!!
    2. Up to 100 for snatch
    3. 220 Back Squat; 175 Front Squat

  66. Open
    1. Grace 1:50 (11 sec PR)
    2. Complex @135
    3. Bsquat 315

  67. Open
    1. "Grace" - 4:25. 54 sec PR, pretty happy.
    2. complex at 75/85/95/105
    3. BS 215, FS 185.

  68. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./Age 43

    1. Grace: 2:41 Rx 0:39 PR; not really happy about it, thought I would do better.
    2. Snatch complex. Bad day. Worked up to 121 lbs. and kept missing. Walked away.
    3.a. Worked up to 210 lbs.
    3.b. Done at 210 lbs.
    4.a. 315 lbs. (OTM)
    4.b. 225 lbs./245 lbs. Missed 255 lbs. Again, not a good day.
    5. & 6. Real life got in the way.

  69. Grace 1:49
    Snatch 80kg
    Clean n jerks 110kg
    Back squats 140kg
    Front squats 105kg
    6x c2b
    15 calories on rower

  70. Grace: 1:44 (6sec PR)
    Snatch: 75kg
    C&J: 115
    BS: 150kg (7x1)
    FS: 110kg
    WOD: 6xC2B/15burpees
    Band extras completed

  71. M/29/5'6"/165 - Regionals
    Had to do everything in one session
    1. Grace - 2:32 (first time doing this!)
    2. SN Complex 185
    3. Clean Complex Pt. A 245, Pt. B 225
    4. BS - Increased by 10s to 385 then FS 295 & 300 for 3reps
    5. Did 20:00 OTM 6 Strict C2B & 10 Weighted Situps 75# DB. No airdyne at my box...