Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Saturday 10.12.13

Rachel, 80" burpee box climbs.

1. Track Session
20 x 200m, OTM
The goal is equal splits for all 20 intervals.  If you don't finish a run inside the 1 minute mark, rest the following minute and begin again.  

2.  Barbell 
"Macho Man"
On the minute for as long as possible:
3 Power Cleans, 185/135
3 Front Squats, 185/135
3 Jerks, 185/135
If you fail to make 5 full rounds, you must lower the weight and restart.
If you successfully reach 10 rounds, add 1 rep per movement each minute.  
For example, minute 11 becomes 4 PC + 4 FS + 4 Jerks.  Minute 12 becomes 5 reps of each...

3.  Gymnastics
10 RFT:
7 C2B
7 Ring Dips

1.    Metcon
"Team 10K Row"
Teams of 3 row 10,000m for time, switching every 250m.


  1. A day early. Schedule issues.


    1. 15x 15sec sprint air dyne.
    (Mod bc knee is acting up)

    2. 12rds Rxd.

    3. 8:59 Rxd.

  2. Sat WOD

    20 x 200m, OTM
    The goal is equal splits for all 20 intervals. If you don't finish a run inside the 1 minute mark, rest the following minute and begin again.

    20-24 sec a round. Area was just under 200m

    On the minute for as long as possible:
    3 Power Cleans, 185/135
    3 Front Squats, 185/135
    3 Jerks, 185/135
    If you fail to make 5 full rounds, you must lower the weight and restart.
    If you successfully reach 10 rounds, add 1 rep per movement each minute.
    For example, minute 11 becomes 4 PC + 4 FS + 4 Jerks. Minute 12 becomes 5 reps of each...

    Got 7 rounds the track wod crushed me!!!!

    10 RFT:
    7 C2B
    7 Ring Dips

    7:14 rx

    1. Good to see you posting Eric.
      Those runs are impressive!!

    2. Thanks! Gotta give credit to the military for the runs, it's part of life.

  3. Open

    No partners so I modified on my own:

    Did 3 x 1101 with exactly one minute rest in between each set
    1st- 4:00
    2nd- 4:06
    3rd- 4:15

  4. Macho Man - 9 rnds (scaled to 155)
    C2Bs + ring dips - 6:47 rx

  5. Open
    1) 38:48 - did this with Frank S and Julia M.
    2) did C2B/Ring Dip workout. Per Wags, if we dropped off C2B the workout was over. Finished 10 rounds in 12:45

    1. I should have done this too! I think I could have hung on, but I broke a few of them for lack of willingness.... Good Idea (Wags)!

  6. Open/masters 47

    1) 34:29 rowed with Austin and Tyler. Everybody kept it at 1:27 to 1:37.

    Also did 10 rounds of 7 pullups and 5 ring dips not sure of tome necause Wags told us pullups must be unbroken so I was Taking a little extra rest.

  7. Reg:
    Not the best day today, but they can't all be as fun as the rest of this week.

    1. did 18 of 20 before I got afraid of my knee acting up. All at 41 and 42 seconds.
    calves are telling me it's been a while.

    2. Macho Man....missed the last jerk on round 5 @ 185. I know by the rules I should have restarted for missing that one rep, but I drove myself right to the edge to get there....couldn't do it. I guess next time I will do this @ 165.

    3. 7:31, pullups went pretty well mixing butterfly with kip in no particular order. Dips were rough, down to singles by round 6.

    Still good training day, just not a satisfying as the rest of the week was.

    Have a good weekend everyone, see you next week.

  8. Open

    Only had one partner. Partnered with Keith bussom did the 10K in 34:06

  9. open
    1. Partner Alex Zimnock
    34:06 Rower Clock
    34:20 Wall clock
    Winner earned a free coffee!
    2. 10 Rds
    7 C2B- we weren't allowed to break pu's
    7 Dips(bar- shoulder wasn't feeling the rings today)
    Much Needed rest....Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Open:
    1) Wall clock: 37:04
    One partner, we rested whatever our average split time was. Rowing distance was set to 6,600m so we both hit the same working distance as if we had a third partner.

  11. Open:

    No partners so did 250m with 1.5 mins rest between sets for 3500 meters.


  12. Regional (except track session):

    1) Macho Man: 5 rounds + 6 reps @ 185#. Thought I would do better.

    2) Gymnastics: 7:28. The ring dips were harder than the c2b. Wasn't expecting that.

  13. Open
    No rower and no team :(
    So ran a 5K instead. 26:40. Gorgeous fall morning in Connecticut!!

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  15. Reg:

    1.) So since I ran instead rowed yesterday, I figured it good a good idea to row instead of run today to make up for it.
    15x200m row OTM, don't know exact times but maintained a 1:36-1:40/500m. My hammy's are gonna be stuck in my butt all day

    2.) 11 rounds,
    Legs were fried from row but definitely adding this to my list of favorites. Shooting for 13R next time this pops up!

    3.) Gym-nasty:
    6:49 (5R split was about 2:30ish). UnBroken till R6, ripped callus on R7 :(

  16. Reg.
    1. OTM 200 intervals done. Running 100m down and back really slows down momentum. Fastest-:40 slowest 55
    2. Macho man- 5 rds RX with 5 secs to spare. Lowered to 165 and completed 5 more rounds.
    3.10rft- 10:15, 1st 5 rounds done in 4min then ring dips went to crap.

  17. Did regionals with the 978 Crew, great box with super friendly competitive athletes!
    1) Done Average was 50 seconds
    2) 5 Rounds, although the last jerk may not have got my feet back together on the jerk. Could have pushed and done more, but mentally didn't have it.
    3) used as skill session. Wanted to be able to keep butterfly C2B. Looking back my ring dips lockout may have been questionable. I will have to video and see. 11:26 I think was the final time.
    Thanks again to the 978 Crew, you guys are awesome!

    1. I left Jon out somehow ,my bad Amigo! He killed it!

    2. Yeah, that is your bad. Good save!

  18. Regionals:
    1. Completed all rounds inside the minute
    2. Got 5 rounds with 135lb; felt pretty week cuz i did 1RM of clean and jerk yesterday
    3. 7:21

  19. Did the regionals today with Burnes at 978 with Angela and the rest of their comp team, was an awesome time. Great place and people!

    1.) Kept a good steady pace for all runs..avg was around 45-50 sec

    2.) 6rds + 8 reps RX @ #185...we did this less then a year ago and I barely did 3 RDS with #165... WIN

    3.) 5:58 RX

  20. No partner so did a version of Regionals programming.
    1) 3 cleans 3 front squats 3 jerks @185. wouldn't have lasted long on the minute so rested 60 seconds between rounds instead of on the minute. got 10 rounds

    2) 10 RFT: 7 C2B, 7 Ring dips- 7:45. all pull-ups unbroken but lost my butterfly about round 6.

  21. 1) completed all, averaged 50ish sec per run

    2) completed 7 rounds and thought i was gonna die!!! Clean and front squat were still there, but jerk was gone!

    3). The ring dips were horrible, but my c2b were actually really good today 12:17!

  22. 1) completed sprints at 37 secs last two at 35 secs.
    2) macho man: 10 rounds comoletely destroyed by sprints.
    3) 9:20 switched from strict c2b to butterfly pullups.

  23. 38:48 w Clayton and frank.
    Followed by Lurong Wod 5 level II at 11:33

  24. no runs today.
    "Macho man"
    made it through 5 rounds and couldnt jerk anymore. arms were fried.

    2-gymnastics wod
    this is exactly the wod i needed bc chest to bar is my biggest goat.

  25. Knocked it out early just now getting to post great work today everyone. special athlete to train on Saturday's. eyes on the prize.
    runs at 38 sec.
    6 full rounds plus 3 cleans.
    8:35 c2b continues to hold me back. frustrating.
    see yall Monday.

  26. 1. def second guessing my intensity on these... but my run is a 100m turn around which makes it suck! I was determined to make it through all 20 min so I paced the runs! looking at these times ... maybe I should have pushed harder! did u guys all make it the entire 20 min? or did u have to rest at all?
    2. made it through the 10 rounds all under :25 sec... so had I kept going wit that rep scheme I think I would have made it pretty far... which would have been a pr! I think I made it 13 rounds back in December... or whenever we dd this ... made it through 2 more rounds plus 4 pc/4front squats/ 1 jerk
    3. 8:50 ... trying to stop Kipping which is a default for c2b.. but butterfly c2b kill my hands! all pull ups unbroken ring dips unbroken until round 7

    1. I got only 17 Cheryl.
      I pushed the runs...Started at 30sec and finished with around 45sec for last ones...
      Figured its about intensity and went at it. Maybe should have paced it and completed all 20

  27. Well, the writing was on the wall for an extra rest day after the 1 hour suck fest I did last saturday with the guy who is probably going to win our region. I never felt like my recovery caught up with how I felt. Powered through thursday and friday. Woke up saturday and knew I needed an extra rest day, would rather take a rest day by choice than being forced to take a rest day or not be able to do the work on one of the sessions. See you guys monday.

  28. 1. 42-46 sec/round. Had to turn at 100 m which added an element of challenge (as did the 30 degree Fahrenheit weather).
    2. Knee was bothering me, so I did 165. Got through 11 rounds and did 5 power cleans. It was such a mental grind.
    3. 6:42 ... I think the 'drop off the bar and you're done' thing was creative, but added a lot of challenge. Thanks for the idea.

  29. Open

    It is only me working out in a local health club (that is extremely conducive to my training and a great place) -- so I took one of the classes they offer yesterday because I don't have a team of three. Holy cow...I am sore this morning! :) Definitely a good workout.

    One of the things that has always bothered me about CrossFit is the "crapping" on other fitness programs or regular gyms. I need to get stronger (my competition last Saturday opened my eyes to what "Elite" really means) - so I am going to be incorporating more traditional lifting in my workouts.There are many competitive bodybuilders (women and men) who work out at my gym - and I am going to be taking some advice from them. I know that I am competing for the "Open" - but right now, it is not my cardio that is getting me - it's my strength. Big time.

  30. 1) Runs - avg about :48 per run. Rough
    2) Macho Man - not so macho. Had nothing in me. Didn't make first round, did two rounds at 165, then 6 at 145. Felt exhausted.
    3) Gym - didn't really time, about 9:30ish

  31. OPEN -
    1 male + 1 female partner
    We finished in 36:43
    I held under 1:40 at all times, often dipping below 1:35 500 pace and my fastest was a sub 1:30 for 125 meters

  32. Had to do this Sunday due to working Sat day and Sat night.

    1. Done at track. Happy with consistency and pace. Can tell from times when I was running into the wind. 44.2 47.7 46.4 47.5 46.5 48.1 46.0 48.5 47.1 48.1 46.6 47.2 47.8 48.3 47.8 48.5 48.2 48.7 47.6 49.2
    2. 5+7 Rx. Jerks died on cue end of 5th round.
    3. 11:46 Rx. Ring Dips unbroken. C2B not so much. Actually, not even remotely close to unbroken.

  33. 1. Done - Running is not my forte so I was happy to only miss 1. Next time I'll definitely do this with a partner for that extra push.
    2. 3 @ 135# & 4+ at 115# - This was fun! Under a time crunch so only took a short break after runs. Would really like to do this fresh sometime.
    3. NA due to time

  34. Open
    Did 7k row with my mom
    300m - me
    200m- her


  35. Open

    My wife and MIL declined to row with me...

    13 intervals
    250m row, 1:45 rest
    mostly between 46.8 and 47.8 (a 44.8 in round 2)

  36. 1.) done.
    2.) done at 105#... made it to the 12th minute (sets of 5) and got through 3 jerks. played it safe this time. next time going heavier.
    3.) 9:36 (5 C2Bs, 3 ring dips/round)